Google Detected 7 Virus-Infected App, As Soon As The Uninstall

There are reports of fake apps coming to Google Play Store every other day. Now it has detected a dangerous virus from 7 Android apps present on it. Researchers at a security company called Wandera have discovered seven such apps on the Play Store that were used to control a user's phone. These seven apps are made by 3 different developers, but they work one way.

Of the 7 apps that have been found to be malware, the Super Bright LED Flashlight is a Magnifying Glass app, made by PumpApp Developer. It has three developer-created applications - Magnifier, Magnifying Glass with Flashlight, Super-bright Flashlight, as well as developer-made Alarm Clock, Calculator, Free Magnifying Glass apps.

Although reported on the Android Headline, upon confirmation from Google, they found that they were removed from the Play Store, but users who downloaded it advised them to delete these apps.

Once these apps were installed she was installing malware applications on the phone. The malware they install is not visible to the user and proves to be very dangerous for the phone. They also quickly drain the battery, and these apps work suspiciously with the help of data.

In addition, a warning has been issued for yet another dangerous application for Android users. One such app has been found on the Play Store, which can empty a user's account. New research done by Secure-D team called 'IITP' An app has been found that can buy premium digital services without the user's permission. Because of this, the user is not even aware that he has purchased a premium content service and his money is deducted.