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Thursday, November 14, 2019

How to Eat a Heart Attack Never Eat the Leaves of This Tree Immediately When Heart Attack Comes

How to Eat a Heart Attack Never Eat the Leaves of This Tree Immediately When Heart Attack Comes

Friends today we are going to present to you the very important information that is needed today in today's world.  The changing lifestyles of friends and the increasing mental health of men.  For this reason, the problem of heart attack is increasing.  Often you may even have seen premature death due to a heart attack.  Not only that, but young people have problems like heart attack.  It is said that if heart attack is normal, the person survives the proper treatment.  But then he has to be very careful all his life.  But today we come up with an accurate home remedy.

Friends today we will tell you a tree that if a person has had a heart attack once he has only consumed his leaves, he will never have a heart attack in his entire life.  Because these leaves fix 8% heart blockage.  Friends have been worshiping the tree we've been talking about for years.  Yes friends, the ginger tree is the best and the best source of oxygen for us.

In your village or city, you will find a cypress tree very easily.  So let us know that if we want to avoid heart attack after one heart attack, then we have to conserve the leaves of the leaves.

Friends take fifteen leaves of copper.  The leaves should be fairly green and well developed.  Cut off the upper part of each leaf and the bottom, that is, cut off both ends using scissors.  Wipe the center of the leaves with water.  Now take a glass of water, put these leaves in it and put them on the gas to heat slowly.  When the water is boiling 1/3 of the time, turn off the gas and then soak the water with a clean cloth.

After spending it in a cool place.  For example, if we have a cool place in our house, that is where we keep the soil filled with water.  Now you have to divide the mixture into three parts and then incubate it for three hours during the day.  You need to start taking this drug shortly after your heart attack and continue with this for fifteen days.  It is not possible to have a heart attack after doing so.

Friends There are a few things to keep in mind when taking this medicine.  You have to take this medicine at 8 in the morning, then at 11 in the morning and then at two in the afternoon.  This medicine should not be taken on an empty stomach, but only after consuming this medicine after consuming diarrhea or a light snack.  Fifteen days you are doing this experiment, friends, you should avoid eating fried foods and rice.  Also if you are doing salt water rinse etc then do not do it during these fifteen days.

Apart from this, avoid intake of papaya, fenugreek seeds, bamboo, peanuts, black chickpeas, raisins, yogurt, rice etc. in the night.


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