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Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Even in Gujarat, an uneducated person can easily get driving license for heavy and transport vehicles like rickshaws, buses, trucks, trailers.

When you are buying used vehicle, app will help you to find our current owner of the vehicle and how old the vehicle is.

This app will provide vehicle registration details like owner name, fuel type, registration date, and much more like chassis number and engine number.

Verify your vehicle registration details. If owner details are not accurate then change it immediately with vahan RTO india.

This application will help a traveller or passenger in many ways and even in the case of police investigation of an accident or vehicle-related crime, witnesses usually remember the initial area code letters it is then quite simple to narrow down suspect vehicles to a much smaller number by checking the app without having to know the full number.

rto registration number verification is also required during the sale of a vehicle and transfer of its ownership.

Also this application usefull as Vehicle info tracker to find your own city, state vehicle registration details in a picnic or a tour spot.

Provides Transport Service access to citizens through a mobile based application.

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Other Details Driving Licence

Procedure: Procedure to Get a Licence On the official website of the Road Transport & Highways Ministry called Sarathi, you can click on the option 'New Driving licence' under the column 'Sarathi Services'. You will be taken to the form for applying for a driving licence online - it will ask for a few details and documents.

✔️How do I get a driving licence?
✔️How long is the driving licence valid?
✔️What is the driving licence number?

This app empowers citizen with instant access to various information, services and utilities related to the Transport Sector. Aimed to bring convenience to citizen and transparency in the system.

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