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Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Fact check: what is the fact of pradhanmantri Nari shakti yojna

Fact check: what is the fact of pradhanmantri Nari shakti yojna

A video is currently going viral on YouTube. It is claimed that the central government is depositing Rs 2.20 lakh in the bank accounts of all women under the 'Pradhan Mantri Nari Shakti Yojana'. You need to be careful if you get such a message. The official Twitter handle of the central government, PIB Fact Check, came up with the truth when it investigated the claim and the viral video.

"This viral message is fake," PIAB Fact Check said. The truth has come out in the PIAB fact check. "If you receive such a viral message, you should not click on any link in it," PIAB said. First of all, judge the authenticity of the message and don't believe it. Regarding the viral message, the PIB said that the message was fake and no such scheme was being run by the government.

Notably, the PIB Fact Check works to curb the spread of misinformation about central government policy-schemes, departments, ministries. Any information linked to the government is true that PIB fact check can be used to find out if it is false. You can send a screenshot of any PIB fact check suspicious news, tweet, Facebook post or URL to WhatsApp number 918799711259. Or you can mail to

A video is currently going viral on YouTube. it's claimed that the video provided information a few new scheme of the central government. consistent with the video, the central government will now deposit Rs 2 lakh 20,000 altogether women's bank accounts under the 'Pradhan Mantri Nari Shakti Yojana'. Such messages also are going viral on social networks. But if you've got received such a message, take care in time, because this message is fake . The Department of Corrections (PIB), which has the official Twitter account of the central government, has confirmed during a fact make sure the video and therefore the information in it are false.

This message has gone viral on WhatsApp. False news and rumors are often seen going viral on social media across the country during the Corona lockdown period. However, the PIB Fact Check Twitter handle has been launched to verify the authenticity of such viral messages and supply information during this regard. This account has been started for the aim of making awareness among the people about online rumors. within the same fact check, it's come to light that the middle has no such plan.

During the Corona period many false news are seen going viral. The Department of Correspondence of the govt of India has made revelations regarding this viral news from time to time for the last several weeks. Government agencies try to stop such rumors from spreading digitally. However, the amount of those rumors doesn't seem to be decreasing

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How To get New PVC Adhar card Get full detail

How To get New PVC Adhar card Get full detail

UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) has recently introduced the release of PVC based Aadhaar card. This card is easy to carry and is durable. It will have a digitally signed secure QR code with photographs and demographic details equipped with many security features. UIDAI says that even if your mobile number is not registered with the Aadhaar card, you can order this card.

Will it be mandatory to use the same Aadhaar card now? No it's not. UIDAI has clarified that many types of cards will be issued from time to time for the convenience of the general public. Such as e-support, support letter m-support and support PVC card. You can use any of these types of cards as per your convenience and availability. It is wrong to say that the old base is no longer valid. All cards are the same and can be used as a government document for identification.

How to get support PVC card?

It can be ordered from UIDAI's website or It will require Aadhaar number, Virtual ID or Enrollment ID. However, he will have to pay Rs 50 for it. Aadhar card will be delivered to the registered address through speed post

Learn in 10 Points How to order Aadhaar PVC Card?

1. First visit or

2. Click on ‘Order Aadhaar Card’ service.

3. Enter your 10-digit Aadhaar number (UID) or 16-digit Virtual Identification Number (VID) or 28-digit enrollment ID.

4. Note the security code.

5. Select the option of registered number to get OTP. If the mobile number is not registered, fill in the optional number if available.

6. Click ‘Send OTP’.

7. Tick ‘Terms and Conditions’ after approval. (Note: Click on the hyperlink and see the details)

8. After completing the ‘OTP’ verification process, click Submit.

9. After clicking on ‘Make payment’ you will reach the payment gateway, where you will get the option of Credit / Debit Card, Net Banking and UPI.

10. Receipt of successful payment will be received, it will have digital signature on it. You will get the service request number on SMS. You can use this number to track the process until the card is delivered.

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Monday, October 19, 2020

Navratri ambaji Temple  Darsahan day 2

Navratri ambaji Temple  Darsahan day 2

Ambaji mandir  Darshan : Shri Arasuri Ambaji Mata Mandir, famous all over India as a pilgrimage site, is located in Data taluka of Banaskantha district in the state of Gujarat. Which is known as a legendary Shakti Peetha. Millions of devotees come to Ambaji Tirtha to pay their respects. In order to maintain their happiness and facilities as well as to get peace of mind and strength, the state government has made a concerted effort to renovate the temple and complete the work of the summit and have honored the golden kalsho. It is the only Shakti Peeth in India with 358 golden kalash. Among the 51 Shakti Peethas, Hridayasamu Ambaji is the center of faith for millions of devotees.

NAvaratri Darshan 2020 : Shri Arasuri Ambaji Mata Mandir, known as a pilgrimage destination all over India, is located in Danta taluka of Banaskantha. Which is known as a legendary Shakti Peetha. Apart from Shaivism, Ambaji is also famous in the Lakulish sect as a special place for deadly sadhana due to its prominence.

No idol is worshiped in Ambaji, but Visayantra is worshiped. This machine, made of pure gold, is said to have 51 characters. Since it is forbidden to look at the place of Mataji's yantra, the priest worships with blindfolds. This machine is considered similar to kalpavriksha.

Darshan can be done in Ambaji temple but Chachar Chowk will be absolutely golden

Shardiya Navratri is starting from October 17. Although the sailors are eagerly waiting for Navratri, this time Corona has spoiled the fun of the sailors. Due to Kovid-19, no Garba will be organized this year. While some temples are also to be closed during Navratri to prevent the spread of Corona, the temple at Gujarat's famous Shakti Peeth Ambaji has been kept open for visitors.

Full preparations have been completed by the temple trust to ensure that the transition of corona does not increase during Navratri at the Ambaji temple. Tomorrow Mangala Aarti will be performed at Ambaji Temple at 7.30 am followed by Mataji's Ghat installation ceremony. However, three Aartis will be performed at the Ambaji Temple during Navratri. In which the second Aarti of Mangala Aarti will be performed in the morning and the third Aarti in the evening will be performed at 6.30 pm. However, pilgrims will not be allowed to enter the temple during Aarti. After completion of Aarti, devotees will be able to take advantage of Darshan.

However, the impact of the Corona epidemic this year has been felt in many areas. The Ambaji temple has been kept open during Navratri despite its impact on religious places. Where pilgrims have to go through a system of masked sanitizers. Also be able to take advantage of Mataji's Darshan with Social Distance. Two health teams will also be deployed at Ambaji temple. Which will constantly monitor the temperature and the affected. In the Ambaji temple, the devotees will not be able to take advantage of Garba this year, but the devotees will definitely be able to take advantage of Mataji's darshan. Where the prasad will also be given in a box packet as per the guideline of the government. Although the government has closed the Garba Corona epidemic during Navratri, devotees are happy to keep the temple open for visitors.

Puranic Mahatmya: According to the Bhagavata Purana, Prajapati Daksha Raja performed a yajna called Brihaspatishka. Dakshe invited all the gods. But did not invite his son-in-law Lord Shankara.

Ambaji, the only famous pilgrimage site of Gujarat in India, is located in the Danta taluka of Banaskantha district, near Abu Road, on the border of Gujarat and Rajasthan, on the hills of Arasur mountain, north of the famous Vedic virgin Saraswati river. The Ambika forest, about 40 m high, south-west, towards the old hills of Arvalli, is about 1500 ft above sea level, the main center of spiritual power is 7.5 sq. Km. (5 sq.m. area) There are (21) ancient Shakti Peeths in India.

નવરાત્રી આરતી દર્શન લાઇવ કરવા અહિં ક્લીક કરો


 Hearing the news that her father was having a yajna there, Sati Parvati reached her father's house despite Lord Shankar's opposition. At that time, saying insulting words about Shankar in the south, Parvati fell into the altar and died.

It is one of the 51 Shakti Peethas. The Ambaji Mata Temple is the backbone of India. It is located about 65 km from Palanpur, 45 km from Mount Abu and 20 km from Abu Road and 185 km from Ahmedabad, 50 km from Kadiadra near the Gujarat and Rajasthan border.

In the holy temple of "Arasuri Ambaji", there is no image or idol of the Goddess. The sacred "Shri Visa Yantra" is worshiped as the chief deity. No one can see the machine with open eyes. Machine photography is prohibited.

Ambaji Mata's original seat is located on the Gabbar range in the town. A large number of devotees visit the temple especially on the days of Purnima. A big fair is organized on Bhadarvi Purnima (full moon day). People from all over the country come for worship in September every year. The entire city of Ambaji is lit up as the nation celebrates Diwali.

Then Lord Shiva lifted Parvati's body on his shoulder and started dancing Tandava. When the whole creation became frightened by Shiva's wrath, Lord Vishnu started dismembering Sati's body with a wheel to eradicate Shiva's attachment in Parvati.

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LPG cylinder home delivery rules to change

LPG cylinder home delivery rules to change

The home delivery facility of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) cylinders will undergo a major change across India from November 1 onwards.

Oil companies are implementing a new system which will be known as Delivery Authentication Code (DAC).

Consumers will need to submit a ‘One Time Password’ (OTP) to get their Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) cylinder home delivered from November 1. The new system will act as an additional layer of security and help in better distribution of LPG.

This will first be implemented in 100 smart cities after a pilot project was first run in Jaipur in Rajasthan.

All oil and gas companies that deliver LPG cylinders to customers will implement the system from November 1. The aim of implementing the OTP-based delivery system for cooking gas cylinders is to check theft and identification of right customer.

When a customer books a cylinder, they will be provided with an OTP which needs to be provided to the delivery person.

What you need to know about home delivery of LPG from November 1

Oil and gas companies will implement the Delivery Authentication Code (DAC) system from November 1 for home delivery of gas.

Under the new system, a code will be sent to the customer’s registered mobile number. The delivery will only be completed once the customer shows the code to the delivery person.

LPG connection under PMUY scheme will no longer be free

Under the Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana (PMUY), the process of availing a gas connection for free is coming to an end on 30 September.

The Union government had in March announced three 14.2-kg LPG cylinders free of cost to about 8 crore Ujjwala beneficiaries from April to June to help them cope with the economic pain due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

અહીથી વાંચો ન્યુઝ રિપોર્ટ ગુજરાતીમાં 

From today the Bharat Gas LPG customers across the country would be able to book LPG cylinders on WhatsApp. Bharat Petroleum with more than 7.1 crores customers across the country today takes this transformational journey by introducing WhatsApp Business channel to facilitate the Bharatgas cylinder booking for all its customers.

This application was launched by Shri Arun Singh, Director (M) digitally from BPCL Corporate Office at Mumbai. While launching this application, ShriArun Singh, said “This is a great initiative. Provision to book LPG from WhatsApp will make it even simpler for the customers to book. WhatsApp is the one of the most commonly used app, for the younger and older generation alike. Being there on WhatsApp will bring BPCL closer to the customers.”. “Technology should be implemented in such a way that it makes life simpler for the customer.” he said while complementing the LPG team for this initiative.

ED( LPG), Shri T. Peethambaran, explained “ After booking thru WhatsApp, customer will immediately get a confirmation message for LPG booking. Customer will also get a link to make a prepaid online payment for the refill. We are providing all digital channels to Pay for their refills like Credit card, Debit card, UPI, Amazon etc. We encourage our customers to use digital payment channels in the current situation. “

Adopting an agile methodology to develop the conversational platform, BPCL will introduce many other features like LPG delivery tracking, creating safety awareness and taking feedback from customers in the days to come.

BPCL Smartline No. 1800224344

BPCL alrady allows customer to book LPG refill thru other channels like IVRS, Missed Call, App, Website and many other digital channels. BPCL distributes cylinders to its customer through 6111 large distributor network. BPCL aims to build conversations with all its stakeholders i.e customers, channel partners, etc across its business units through deployment of chatbots using NLP capabilities and AI.

The Process of booking Bharatagas thru WhatsApp is a simple three step process –

Save the BPCL Smartline number – 1800224344 on your Bharatgas registered mobile number

Say Hi on WhatsApp to BPCL Smartline Number

Send “Book” or “1”

Get Booking confirmation

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How to identify fake smartphone charger and USB data cables ?

How to identify fake smartphone charger and USB data cables ?

 It is often observed that the data cable that comes out of the box whenever a new mobile is purchased from the market.  The length of that data cable is very limited.  As a result users face many problems and are forced to buy new cable from the market.  Now, one of the biggest difficulties when it comes to getting a new data cable in the market is how to identify the original cable?  Sometimes a similar problem is encountered with regard to the charging adapter.  When the charging adapter breaks down for some reason or is forced to take a high-wattage charging adapter to charge faster, the problem comes back to how to identify the original charging adapter.

Most of the time users use two types of medium to buy charging adapter as well as data cable.  Order online or go to a local store to buy.  Then how to tell if the charging adapter or data cable provided by the shopkeeper or sent by the website is original?  How can anyone be trusted just by telling someone.

The main four points for identifying the regional adapter and cable

 Where the USB data cable is inserted into the charging socket, the edge finishing at the place if it seems inappropriate, as well as the cable does not go completely into the socket, some part of the cable stays outside the charging socket, it is not original.

 When you connect the data cable to the mobile, the original data cable fits completely inside the socket of the mobile.  But when the duplicate data cable is connected to the mobile, there will be some space between the socket of the mobile and the data cable and as a result sometimes problems like cable not connected also arise while transferring data.

 The original charger is the weight of the adapter of the charger is slightly more than the adapter of the duplicate charger.  From which it is easy to know whether the adapter of the charger is original or duplicate.  It is also very important to check the quality of the data cable or the material of the cable.  The original cable is a bit hard and if it is twisted, it instantly assumes its original form.  The quality of the duplicate data cable is low and the material is a bit soft so even if it is twisted as a result, it will not be able to regain its original freeware.

 You can see the USB embossed logo on the charging point and adapter point on both ends of the original data cable, while the embossed logo is not visible on the duplicate cable.  However, charging data cables are made by some mobile manufacturers at the time of manufacturing the mobile.  As a result, if the cable is damaged or lost for any reason, then all the data cables are universal.  Only the name of the company changes

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Sunday, October 18, 2020

Kirtidan GAdhvi Tahukar 8 Launch

Kirtidan GAdhvi Tahukar 8 Launch

Gadhvi was born and raised in Valvod, Anand district, Gujarat. Kirtidan received his BPA and a MPA in music from the school of humanistic discipline , M. S. University, Vadodara under B. I. Mahant and Rajesh Kelkar.

He debuted at a cow protection rally in Jamnagar, Gujarat, in 2015 that raised Rs 45 million. He sang the song "Laadki" on the television program MTV Coke Studio along side Sachin–Jigar, Tanishka, and Rekha Bhardwaj in April 2015.

He is known for the dayras, folk songs and classical nuances.

He moved to Bhavnagar and have become a teacher at the Bhavnagar University. "Laadki", "Nagar Me Jogi Aaya" and "Gori Radha Ne Kaalo Kaan" are among his popular songs.

Prime Mnister Narendra Modi has appealed to the countrymen to come forward and help in the fight against Koro. For this, PM Modi has given information about the account details by tweeting from the Twitter handle. The state government, on the other hand, has also appealed for donations. An appeal has been made by the state government to make its voluntary contribution to the Chief Minister's Relief Fund. It has since been donated by artists, storytellers and temples in the state.

The Corona virus has hit all industries, large and small. Many people have come forward to help these people when the worst hit are the poor. Chief Minister Vijay Rupani has appealed to donate to the Chief Minister's Relief Fund to help those affected by the Corona virus. As a part of which many people from all over Gujarat including various donors, organizations, artists have contributed generously to this relief fund.

Folk singer Kirtidan Gadhvi has donated Rs 11 lakh for the fight against Korona. One Gujarati writer after another is coming forward to help the government. Kirtidan Gadhvi has donated Rs 11 lakh and he has appealed to the people of Gujarat to follow the orders of the government and stay at home.

Comedian Hakabha Gadhvi has made a big announcement to fight the Corona epidemic. He has announced to donate all the amount by keeping Rs 50,000 from the money in his bank. He has announced to donate all the money in his three accounts. He has announced to donate another Rs. 30,000 for household needs. Mayabhai Ahir and Ramabhai Kamalia have donated Rs 11 lakh on behalf of Mangal Dham Charitable Trust Bhaguda. Along with this, Maya Ahir has also donated Rs 1,11,111 to the Chief Minister's Relief Fund.

It is a diary held in Ganadevi taluka of Navsari where rupee rained on Geeta Rabari and dollars also bounced along with it. Dior said that if District Panchayat President Amita Patel showered rupee, another person would throw dollars at her. It is to be mentioned that this diarrhea was organized for the benefit of orphans and for the benefit of ambulance. Ganadevi-Navsari MLAs including BJP leaders were also present in the diarrhea. The people present in the diarrhea were zoomed.

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Gujarat Housing Board Surat Recruitment 2020 for 100 Apprentices Post

Gujarat Housing Board Surat Recruitment 2020 for 100 Apprentices Post

GHB Surat Recruitment 2020 :Gujarat Housing Board Surat Apprentices recruitment Act - 1961 National Apprentice Promotion Scheme / CM Appoints 100 Apprentices to the Gujarat Housing Board Surat. Hence the candidates with the required qualifications within 10 days of the publication of the advertisement.

Gujarat Housing Board Surat Recruitment 2020 for 100 Apprentices Post

Posts Name

Data entry operator : 50

COPA (Computer Operator & Programming Assistant : 50

Type of trade

Data entry operator : Optional

COPA (Computer Operator & Programming Assistant : Designated

Total Posts : 100


Data entry operator : 6000

COPA (Computer Operator & Programming Assistant : 6000 & 7000

Address to Place of sending application

Office of the Executive Engineer
Gujarat Housing Board,
First Floor,
Katodra, Surat - 395002

Important Link

👉Register online

Important Note : Following the necessary instructions on web site, go to the Register menu and click on Candidate to register Then the registration number on the main ID of the applicant is given below Active The form has to be filled by clicking on the button and the application has to be sent along with the print of the registration form along with the certified copies of the required qualification proof. For more information contact the office of Gujarat Housing Board

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Gujarat Housing Board Rajkot Recruitment Details

Gujarat Housing Board Rajkot Recruitment Details

Post Name: Apprentice

Data Entry Operator: 45 Posts
Copa (Computer Operator & Programming Assistant): 45 Posts

Total Posts: 90
Educational Qualification

Data Entry Operator: 10th Pass
Copa (Computer Operator & Programming Assistant): 10th Pass and ITI Pass

Total Posts: 100
Educational Qualification

Data Entry Operator: 10th Pass
Copa (Computer Operator & Programming Assistant): 10th Pass and ITI Pass

Selection process

Final Selection will be based on personal interview.

How to apply

Interested and Eligible Candidates can apply online by below mentioned link. Following the required instructions on the website, go to the register menu and click on the Candidate to register. Then fill up the form by clicking on the active button given below the registration number on the mail id of the applicant. Send the application along with the certified copies of the required qualification proof along with the print of the registration form to the following address.

Gujarat Housing Board, Third Floor, Pandit Deen Dayal Nagar, New 150 feet Ring Road-2, Rajkot - 360005

Official Advertisement: Click here

Apply Online: Click here

Last date for application: Within 10 days from publish an official advertisement.

(Advertisement Published Date: 15/10/2020)

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Gujarat Housing Board Apprentice Posts Recruitment 2020

Gujarat Housing Board Recruitment 2020 | Apprentice Posts Recruitment

Gujarat Housing Board

Gujarat Housing Board came into existence on 1st May 1960 as a result of bifurcation of Bombay State and Bombay Housing Board and inclusion of Saurashtra Housing Board.

The villages are rapidly are being urbanized after independence and development as well as expansion of the cities have also accelerated extensively. With a view to focusing for redressal to the issues relating to accommodation and organized development in the cities timely and properly. Department of Urban Development and Urban Housing has geared up its working since 1st July, 1983. This Department makes policy making decision in the matters related to urban development and urban housing and also monitoring its implementation, procures guidance and issues orders related to it.

Gujarat Housing Board Recruitment 2020

Gujarat Housing Board (GHB) published an official notification for Recruitment of Apprentice posts You can view more details about this recruitment like Educational qualification, Age limit, Selection process, How to apply in this post.

Apprentice RecruitmentThe Apprenticeship Portal is a website of the Central Government for exchange of information on Apprenticeship. The public view gives you access to information on Apprenticeship Opportunities Posted by Companies, Registered Candidates, and Apprenticeship Guidelines.

The Candidates can access to information such as available Apprenticeship Opportunities basis the Search Parameters like State, District, Sector and Trade, Organization and so on. To apply against available apprenticeship opportunities, it is mandatory for you register on the portal..

How to apply::

Interested and Eligible Candidates can apply online by below mentioned link. Following the required instructions on the website, go to the register menu and click on the Candidate to register. Then fill up the form by clicking on the active button given below the registration number on the mail id of the applicant. Send the application along with the certified copies of the required qualification proof along with the print of the registration form to the following address.

Gujarat Housing Board Vadodara Recruitment Details

Post Name: Apprentice

Data Entry Operator: 50 Posts
Copa (Computer Operator & Programming Assistant): 50 Posts

Official Advertisement: Click here

Apply Online: Click here

Office of Executive Engineer, Opp. Dominos Pizza, Gujarat Housing Board, Subhan Road, Vadodara - 390023

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Saturday, October 17, 2020



Garba Gujarat, popular folklore in Ranging and Malwa regions, has its original inauguration Gujarat. Nowadays it has found a place in modern dance art all over the country. Some refinements made in this way are again statistics of the element of folklore.

Initially, it became a dance in order to take the lamp to the pictorial level near the goddess. This type is called a beacon. Does these words from the alphabet. Nowadays, during the Navratri days in Gujarat, there are flower arrangements decorated with earthen lambs of Kutcha and all around there are dance places.

Krishna waits for good fortune and prays in the Navratna Deva Nritya Tvotsav of the month of Ashvin. Navaranato Night is being set up. Then those four castes belong to the caste of Prajavit. Again, it's all about budget applause.

Krishna Nari suggests that Tali, Chutki, Khanjari, Dunda, Manira etc. can be used and they are of different types in four groups and Krishnalila is engaged like a goddess. The concept of songs of Shat-Shav Samaj and the description of Vaishnava Man Radha Krishna.

Create a greeting card with your name in just one minute

Greetings to all your friends and relatives in a different way

Chaitra Navratri, Asha had Navratri, Maha month Navratri and Navratri which are considered to be the biggest of the four Navratri are this month's Navratri. The festival of adoration of Navdurga is starting from the Aso Sud unit of Navratri.

Mataji's temples are decorated with lights on Navratri. Garba is played in Mataji's Chowk till Navratri.

The nine days of Navratri are the days of worship of the nine forms of Jagdamba, Shailaputri, Brahmacharini, Chandraghanta, Kushmand, Skandamata, Katyayani, Kalratri, Mahagauri and Siddhidatri.

Among the three main forms of Mataji, Mahakali, Mahalakshmi and Mahasaraswati are the three forms of Adhyashakti Bhagwati Durga. Mataji's Ghat is established in the north auspicious moment in Navali Navrat starting from Aso Sud unit.

Modern diba / dandiya raas are effectively given by a traditional parashah and result. The duality of these two dances has created a high level of energy today, that is what we are seeing today. Usually aged and women follow the colorful vashesh-Bhushan and are the display of mother and dandiya. The movement is wearing a chANIYA-choli and maybe a medal-type shelter step, and the boy Gujaratis wear a turban on the Karan seer. People of the lunar period used to clap once or twice, but today new styles have been used in modern behavior. The dancer performed two claps, six claps, eight claps, ten claps, twelve claps, sixteen pieces of training. It is not a wedding in the fictional orange Navashree festival, but it is another wedding festival.

For those of us who are still naive in the art of glittering garba and dandiya beats, only colors and elegant costumes can tempt us to try again. Because, that is the time of year when we have the opportunity to reconnect with our family, friends, acquaintances and most importantly, our playful side!

Why Garba and Dandiya are done during Navratri

If you look at the history of these two dances - Garba and Dandiya, both originated in Gujarat, and are performed during Navratri. Why during Navratri, you may ask. The reason is that these dance forms are a dramatization (like a mock-fight) of a nine-day battle between Goddess Durga and the demon king Mahishasura, in which the goddess emerges victorious.

This is what also symbolizes Navratri - the victory of good over evil, even if that evil arises from our own messy and vague minds. These nine days give us the opportunity to purify negative thoughts and make a fresh start.

Garba dance

Traditionally, the Garba is surrounded by an earthen vessel (Garbo) with a lamp inside, which is called 'Garbha Deep'. This presentation is symbolic. The lantern is a symbol of life - the fetus in the womb, in particular. The pot itself is a symbol of the body, within which the divinity resides.

The dancers move around in circles, making circular movements with their hands and feet around this earthen vessel. This gesture symbolizes the circle of life, moving from life to death and rebirth, leaving only Mother Divine uncertain, unchanged and invincible.

The Garba costume consists of three pieces - a bodice or blouse, a chania or long skirt, and a decorative scarf. Embroidery and mirrorwork can be found on multihomed attire, making the atmosphere vibrant and vibrant. These men wear kadu (full-sleeved kurta that is tight at the chest and flared like a fringe at the waist), Kafi pajamas (a multi-plated pants that tap to the bottom), and turbans or turbans.

Dandiya dance

In this dance, both men and women dance with colorful and decorated bamboo sticks, attracting them to the beat of instruments like dholak and tabla.

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Worship of mother Shailaputri gives strength and Goddess Siddhidatri fulfills desires, nine day worship ritual

Different goddesses are worshiped in Navratri.

The 9 forms of Mother Durga are mentioned in the Markandeya Purana.

Navratri has a tradition of worshiping nine forms of Goddess. The Markandeya Purana mentions 9 goddesses from Shailaputri to Siddhidatri. Special worship of these goddesses in Navratri removes all kinds of troubles and sorrows. Kashi's astrologer Pt. According to Ganesh Mishra, the name of each goddess is according to her special form and the form of the goddess is according to her power. That is why a special day is fixed for the worship of each Goddess in Navratri. Which gives a different fruit to the special worship of each goddess.

Pt. According to Mishra, worship of Goddess Shailaputri gives strength. There, worship of Brahmacharini Devi brings fame, worship of Chandraghanta brings concentration, worship of Kushmanda brings kindness, success of Skandamata and worship of Katyayani removes obstacles. At the same time, worship of Goddess Kalaratri brings victory over enemies, worship of Goddess Kalagratri brings prosperity, happiness, prosperity and fulfillment of desires.


Verse of nine goddesses in Markandeya Purana::

The first is Shailaputri and the second is Brahmacharini. Third Chandraghanteti Kushmandeti Chaturthakam.

Fifth Skandamateti Sixth Katyayaniti. 

सप्तमं कालरात्रि महागौरीति चाष्टमम् ।।

Navam Siddhidatri Cha Navdurga: Prakirtita :. Uktanyetani Namani Brahmanaiva Mahatmana.

Goddess Shailaputri: -


The first form of mother Durga is famous by the name of Shailaputri. He gave birth to the mountain king Shri Himalaya there. Hence her name Shailaputri. His vehicle is Taurus i.e. ox, he is holding a trident in his right hand and Padma i.e. lotus in his left hand.

Goddess Brahmacharini: -

Goddess Brahmacharini is worshiped in the second form of Mother Durga. According to the Markandeya Purana, he destroyed the demons with his hard penance and his own powers for many years. This goddess is the idol of grace and mercy. He has a garland in his right hand and a mandala in his left hand.

Goddess Chandraghanta: -

The third form of mother power is known as Chandraghanta. This goddess is the one who gives blessings to her devotees and is the supreme benefactor. It protects religion by destroying evil forces. Above his head is a half moon in the form of a bell. So that it is known as the lunar hour. He is holding a sword in his ten hands and is riding on a lion. They slay enemies and demons just by the sound of horrible bells.

Goddess Kushmanda: -

 Goddess Kushmanda is worshiped in the fourth form of Durgaji. They live in the sun and their brightness is very high. She is called Kushmanda because she is the mother of the entire universe. They have eight arms. There are mandala, bow, arrow, lotus, flower, nectar kalash, chakra and mace for the protection of devotees. His riding is a lion and he removes the enemy, disease, sorrow and fear of his devotees.

Goddess Skandamata: -

The fifth form of Goddess Jagdamba is Skandamata. She is the mother of Lord Kartikeya i.e. Skanda. He is seated in the lower right hand holding Lord Skanda in his lap. He has a lotus flower in his hand and he is in a blessing posture and bears the catchy fruit of the devotees.

Goddess Katyayani: -

The sixth form of Goddess Durga is Katyayani. He is the crusher of Mahishasur. This form is manifested from the elements of Tridevo i.e. Brahma, Vishnu and Shivaji. Goddess Katyayani was first worshiped by Maharshi Katyayani and has been known as Katyayani ever since. They have four arms. His hands are in Abhay Mudra and Varamudra. In their arms are swords and lotus flowers. His riding is a tiger and he gives religion, meaning, work and salvation to his devotees.

Goddess Kalaratri: -


Goddess Kalaratri is the seventh form of Bhagwati. Goddess Durga appeared in the form of a terrifying black night to protect the devotees. He has four arms and three eyes. Their color is black. It is in terrible and fierce form. Fire appears from their noses. They ride donkeys. Worshiping them removes all kinds of suffering.

Goddess Mahagauri: -

 The eighth form of Mother Shakti is worshiped in the form of Mahagauri. She is as white as the moon and the flower of Kunda. That is why she is called Mahagauri. He has four arms. Their ride is an ox. They hold Abhayamudra, Varamudra, Trishul and Damru in their hands. He attained Lord Shankara with harsh heat. Their worship yields the desired fruit.

Goddess Siddhidatri: -


The ninth form of Jagdamba Durga is Goddess Siddhidatri. He is the giver of all achievements. 

Goddess Siddhidatri has four arms. He is seated on a lotus seat and holds a wheel, a mace, a conch and a lotus in his hand. This is omnipotent and removes pain

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Patients rushed to get Aayushman card due to rumors that Maa Amrutam card has been closed

There were long lines of patients with Maa Amrutam cards outside hospitals across the state after word spread that Maa Amrutam cards had been discontinued. Patients lined up to transfer the Maa card to the Ayushman card. Representations of the controversy that arose due to the misunderstanding that the card was being closed during the day reached Gandhinagar. Regarding which, it was informed by the health commissioner that Maa Amrutam card has not been closed.

The same facility will be available as before: Health Commissioner

After the misunderstanding, state health commissioner Jayaprakash Shivahar said that the Maa Amrittam card scheme will not be stopped. The message that 'Maa Amrutam Card' is closed through social media has gone viral. This message is completely different from the truth. That is why the citizens have been requested by the state government not to be misled regarding this message.

The patient was instructed not to delay treatment

He added that as the software upgradation of 'Maa Amrutam' / 'Maa Vatsalya' scheme is in progress, the beneficiaries of this scheme may face minor or major problems or delays for today. Is broken. As well as the team is working to resolve any difficulty or delay in getting the approval so that the citizens do not have to worry about it at all.

Due to misunderstanding, people rushed to get Ayushman card

After word spread about the closure of Maa Amrutam card and by calling patients from hospitals including dialysis, it was said that you will not get facilities including free dialysis in Maa Amrutam card as Maa Amrutam card is closed. Your data has to be transferred to Ayushman card. Due to which Ayushman rushed to take the card among the patients. The whole controversy was reported in Gandhinagar and it was alleged that the hospital had stopped the Maa card facility in the name of the government. So finally the health department of the state government has to clarify.

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How to set whatsapp status seen privacy in Whatsapp

How to set whatsapp status seen privacy in Whatsapp

People are currently very active on social media due to Kovid-19. People connect with their family and friends on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. We also check the profile and status of others. The person whose WhatsApp status we check will know who has checked their WhatsApp status. Many times we want to do a status check but we also want the person in front not to know about it. So today we are telling you about the same trick of WhatsApp by which you can see the WhatsApp status of anyone and the person in front does not even know it.

You will need to use the Read receipt feature to use this trick on your WhatsApp. Which lets us know if the message has reached the receiver or not. After reading the message, this tick mark turns blue. If the Read receipt feature is disabled, only the tick mark will be visible on the sender of the message. He does not know if the message has been read. Also if you want to read your WhatsApp status in a way that no one knows, you will have to disable this feature. By doing this you will not be able to see someone's status but they will also not be able to know who has seen your status. Let us know how to disable this read recipes feature.


1– To disable the read receipt feature, first open the WhatsApp setting.

2- In the settings, go to your account section and click on privacy.

3- Here you will see the Read receipt option which you have to disable.

4- After disabling the read receipt feature, you will not know the WhatsApp status of any person.

5- However you may not even know who has seen your status.

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Languages 40 in Drops Application

Languages 40 in Drops Application

Learn Spanish and 40 other languages in 5 minutes per day!

Drops takes “boring” out of language learning: useful vocabulary is beamed into your memory via gorgeous minimalist illustrations and fast paced micro-games. 

The fun part? It only takes 5 minutes a day. In fact that’s all the time you get! Insane? Yes. Works? Absolutely! 

“The overall design and gamification elements make Drops one of the most unique language learning apps I’ve tried so far.” — CNET 

Pick up the essential words of 37 languages!

Cornerstones of Drops:

 Drops is 100% visual: We use pictures to directly connect the meaning to –  not to your native language! No middleman. Quicker, better and more fun in learning 36 languages! 

 5 minute session limit: limiting learning time may sound counterintuitive but it makes Drops incredibly addictive, which is not a bad thing when we talk about language learning. The barrier of entry is nonexistent. No excuses: you ALWAYS have 5 minutes! 

 Effortless practice: We took a good look at why games are so fun and addictive and injected the essence into Drops to create an app that is freakishly immersive but in this case you don’t waste your time playing instead you build a valuable asset: knowledge of a new language.

Rapid pace: We believe in quick pace and typing on your phone’s keyboard is nothing but fast. Say hello to rapid swipes and taps! You’ll need those extra seconds to get the most out of your 5 minutes 

 Vocabulary focus: No grammar, only curated words with high practical value. Drops focuses on one thing and it does it extremely well. Drops also teaches “alphabet” courses for beginners.

Forge learning habit: Drops wants to convert you into a language learning addict. No matter how effective your learning tool is, if you don’t use it on a daily basis, it doesn’t really matter. Drops tricks your mind and you’ll be better for it!

Languages in Drops

We are proud of the wide range of languages that you can learn with Drops and we are adding new ones nearly every month. Besides the usual suspects – plenty of exotic ones are available too!

We are extremely proud to our beautiful word pronunciations recorded by voice actresses and actors!

Planning to visit Estonia soon? Pick our vocabulary, that is designed especially for tourists.

Drops offer a complete package for free for casual learners: 5 minutes of blazingly fast and epic fun learning per day, more than 2400 words in 99+ topics. More dedicated language learners can subscribe for premium features to achieve much faster progress and of course provides unlimited learning time. 

 Our mission at Drops is to empower people of the world with the gift of language knowledge via a special tool that uses the universal language we all speak: images.

Interested in learning a new language? How about Serbian? Our latest updates includes the Serbian language. Get ready to play your way to learning Serbian with memorable illustrations and audio recorded by native speakers.

Happy learning!

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Friday, October 16, 2020

This video went viral on social media

This video went viral on social media

Home Videos Featured Videos Biloni's extensive video turns into a web sensation via web-based media, one WWE reviews in a steady progression 

Bilank's keep going video became a web sensation via online media, recollecting WWE at a youthful age

Online media spaces are unique. Online media is a cup stage where rushes run over new recordings. It is so wonderful to observe a few recordings via online media. Here are some wonderful recordings from web-based media ... 

Ever needed to see a feline burden? Individuals investigated when one of the two sites became a web sensation via online media. Attack pays 50 million a larger number of perspectives than video posting. Compose accompanies likes. Some of the time a video of a feline case is gotten when you come to Asho while strolling. This is the thing that you appreciate about recordings. 

Watch the video A bizarre mishap is becoming famous online 

Around 5 lakh street mishaps happen each year, one of the most noteworthy on the planet, in which about 1.5 lakh individuals bite the dust and another 3 lakh become crippled. Priest of State for Road Transport and Highways V.K. Singh said that in the year 2019, 4.4949 lakh street mishaps in India expanded by 711% because of fast. 

Realities about worldwide street traffic wounds and passings 

Everywhere on the world, streets are shared via vehicles, transports, trucks, cruisers, mopeds, people on foot, creatures, taxis and different travelers. Conceivable travel by engine vehicles underpins monetary and social advancement in numerous nations. However, consistently, vehicles are engaged with crashes that are liable for the passings and wounds of millions of individuals. 

Key realities 

About 1.35 million individuals kick the bucket every year because of street car accidents. 

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development has define an aggressive objective of splitting the worldwide number of passings and wounds brought about by street car accidents by 2020. 

Most nations burn through 3% of their GDP on street car accidents. 

The greater part of street traffic passings are among street clients: walkers, cyclists and motorcyclists.

Although% of the world's losses on streets happen in low-and center pay nations, these nations represent about 60% of the world's vehicles. 

Street traffic wounds are the main source of death for kids matured 5-29 and youthful grown-ups. 

Street Traffic Injuries and Deaths 

Picture of the Los Angeles Freeway at heavy traffic 

Street car accidents are the main source of death for individuals matured 1-54 in the United States and solid U.S. It is the main source of regular demise for residents voyaging abroad or for residents voyaging abroad. 

At that point whether you are out and about at home or abroad, know about the threats and find a way to ensure your wellbeing and security. 

Consistently, 1.35 million individuals are executed on streets around the globe 

Consistently, around 3,700 individuals are executed internationally in street car accidents, including vehicles, transports, bikes, bikes, trucks or walkers. The greater part of those slaughtered were people on foot, motorcyclists and cyclists. 

Street traffic wounds are viewed as the eighth driving reason for death all around the world for all age gatherings and the main source of death for youngsters and youngsters at the age of 3-4 years. Multiple individuals living with HIV/AIDS currently pass on in street car accidents

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Navratri video status app. mataji garba,dandiya status video in all language

Navratri video status app. mataji garba,dandiya status video in all language

Navratri video status application 

Navratri is a most pleasant celebration which celebrates in India. in this celebration, individuals love the nine unique types of the Goddess Durga who represents immaculateness, force and eternality. The word 'Navratri 'signifies 'Nine evenings'. traversing more than nine evenings and ten days. it's the longest Hindu celebration of the year 

Searching for navratri video status for all social stage in hindi,gujarati and all language.

key feature:

  1. - mataji video status in gujarati
  2. - navratri video status
  3. - navratri garba video status
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  5. - navratri whatsapp video download
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  8. - navratri greeting video
  9. - navratri special whatsapp video download
  10. - jai mata di status for facebook
  11. - navratri status in sanskrit
  12. - navratri funny video
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  16. - navratri status for whatsapp in marathi
  17. - navratri video songs download free
  18. - navratri status for whatsapp in gujarati
  19. - chaitra navratri status
  20. - navratri status download
  21. - navratri status for fb
  22. - dandiya celebration video status
  23. - happy navratri wishes video
  24. - durga puja video
  25. - navratri status video download
  26. - happy navratri photos videos

Disclaimer: All logos/pictures/names are copyright of their point of view proprietors. All pictures in the application are accessible on open areas. This picture isn't supported by any of the point of view proprietors, and the pictures are utilized basically for stylish purposes. No copyright encroachment is proposed, and any solicitation to eliminate one of the pictures/logos/names will be regarded.

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RTE admission THIRD Round NEWS

RTE admission THIRD Round NEWS

Decisions in the best interests of students for reasons that are likely to affect teaching work.

R.T.E. The deadline for filling up the online form for admission will not be extended.

The first round of RTE admission process will be announced on 11/06/2020.

Out of total 2,09,50 applications received from across the state, 1,13,8 applications were approved, 2,09 applications were rejected.

31,8 applications canceled by parents: Verification process of 12,50 applications continues

If the deadline is extended, the first round of admissions under RTE may not be announced in time, which is likely to affect the teaching work of the students.


RTE Gujarat Admission 2020-21 @ The right to education has been developed by the concerned authorities of our government to provide educational opportunities to all of the students and children who are relatively poor and cannot afford to pay the fees of schools and college. In this article, we will share step by step procedure through which you can fill the admission form in Gujarat. we will share important details about eligibility an important dates of admission. 

RTE cell has been developed in the Gujarat state to provide important educational facilities to all the children who are not able to pay their fees. The RTE quota is available in almost all of the schools of the Gujarat districts. The students can fill up the admission form at for RTE and then can submit the application form in their respective schools to avail of the benefit of less fee and also all of the other financial incentives. 

RTE school admission Gujarat government will invite online applications for RTE Gujarat Admission 2020. Subsequently, all the selected students will get 25% reservation in admission in various schools of RTE Gujarat Admission 2020 RTE Online school admission Form RTE Online school admission Form. 

RTE Gujarat Admission 2020 Application Form

RTE Gujarat Admission 2020 RTE Online school admission Form. Candidates have to fill the application form online through the official website To have an idea of application form, see the application form format (FORM A – Sample):- 

RTE Gujarat Online Application for Compulsory (Necessary) Documents

1. BPL Card/Income Certificate.2. Residence Proof (Ration Card in the name of parents, with child’s name on the ration card or Aadhar Card or Voter ID Card or Electricity Bill (Bhade Rehta hoy) or Tax Receipt of the house or any other document issued by the government which has the parents name and the address)
3. Birth Certificate.
4. Bank Pass Book (Father or Child)
5. Cast Certificate (if OBC / SC / ST) 

Important Dates for the admissions in RTE Gujarat 2020

Procedures Expected Dates: 
Instructions Release date: 07th August 2020 
RTE Gujarat Official Notice Date: 06 August 2020 
Online form filling period: 19 August 2020 to 29 August 2020 
First Round of Admission Process: 11 September 2020 



State Education Minister Shri Bhupendrasinh Chudasama said regarding the demand to extend the deadline for filling up the online form for RTE admission, the deadline for filling up the online form for RTE admission will not be extended as it is likely to affect the education work of the students. 

When the online education work has been started by private schools in the state, if the deadline for online application for RTE admission is extended or the deadline for correction of the rejected form is given, the first round of admission under RTE cannot be announced in time. So, it is likely to affect the teaching work of the students.

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Thursday, October 15, 2020



Beware of the youth of Gujarat ... Thugs are looking for ways to earn in the Koro epidemic.  Thugs are playing with the unemployed youth of Gujarat.  Advertisements have been printed for 2500 posts in Gujarati newspapers.  There is a scam going on in the name of government positions.  The game of thugs has been exposed by VTV News.

 In the Corona epidemic, thugs are looking for ways to make money

 Thugs playing with the unemployed youth of Gujarat

 False advertisements have been printed in Gujarati newspapers for 2500 posts

 Gujarat youth beware of government job advertisements.  The youth of the state should not fall prey to such enticing advertisements.  In order to deceive the youth, false recruitment has been issued under the names of Business Development Officer, Customer Service Officer, District Officer, Computer Operator (Work From Home), Data Entry Operator (Work From Home), Rider (Work From Home).  A big ploy is being hatched by the thugs to deceive the standard 10 and 12 pass youths.  An advertisement has been placed in the newspapers in the name of Gujarat Employment Service.  The advertisement says to pay Rs 300 per application form.

 What fraudulent advertisements did the swindlers give in the news?

In an advertisement published in a Gujarati newspaper, it has been stated that the jobs that can be done sitting at home without the help of Kovid-19.  All the cities, talukas and districts of Gujarat state are invited to apply for the following vacancies based on 11 months contract.  We are working with the staff of Kovid-19 with less staff so that all the interviews will be conducted by phone, all the forms and fees will have to be filled online as well as all the correspondence will be done through e-mail of which special note should be taken.

We have no complaints: Revenue Department

 However, VTV NEWS asked the government revenue about the advertisement.  The revenue department says we will take our side if anyone complains.  We have not received any complaints.  However, VTV NEWS appealed to the government and the police to immediately investigate and take action.

 Police in action following VTV NEWS report

 Police have come into action after a campaign launched by VTV in the interest of the youth.  An investigation has been launched into the advertisement circulating on social media.  In this regard, DySP M.  That.  Rana said that all police stations in Gandhinagar, LBC and SOG have been notified.  No complaint has been received in this regard yet.  An investigation has been launched based on the information we have received.  Check the address given in the advertisement.  Further action is guaranteed on the basis of the plaintiff's complaint.  The deceived people have been instructed to contact the police.  Advertisement fraud case should be filed.

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Government is determined to open schools in December, not Diwali in Gujarat: Sutra

Government is determined to open schools in December, not Diwali in Gujarat: Sutra

Due to the coronavirus, the Gujarat government has decided that schools will not be open in Gujarat till Diwali.  Corona's condition will be reviewed after Diwali and then the government will make a decision. 

But according to sources, the government is adamant not to open schools till December

According to experts, the transmission of Kovid 19 is expected to increase in winter.  So according to the information received from the sources, winter will start now.  In the current scenario, when the transition to Corona is largely declining, the government will review the situation after Diwali and only then can it take a definite decision.

Information is also being received that an attempt will be made to know the opinion of parents and administrators in this regard.  It is also possible that a vaccine may be available to fight the corona virus by December.  Therefore, according to the sources, an atmosphere is being created in Gujarat where schools will open in December.

આ પણ વાંચો:: લેટેસ્ટ BPL યાદી 2020 માં તમારું નામ ચેક કરો

The school has been closed since March 16

Due to the Koro epidemic in Gujarat, it was decided to close all schools, colleges, educational institutions in Gujarat from March 15 for two weeks from March 16, i.e. till March 29.  However the board examinations were kept intact.


Read news saurce in gujarati

The school-vacation was then extended as Corona became uncontrollable.  Thus, schools have been closed for about 7 months.  Kids are learning about the new academic year online.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2020


How many employees will retire in Gujarat Government?

Gujarat government's huge army is on the verge of retirement.  In the last five years, on an average, more than 15,000 to 17,000 employees have retired every year.  The highest retirement rate in 2019 was 19,700, compared to around 17,500 in 2020.  The number of retirees has been increasing since 2005 in the Gujarat government with a strength of more than eight lakh.  

Thousands of employees, especially those who entered the job in June, retire in the same month.  These retired employees include employees of various government offices, teachers, professors, employees of grant-in-aid organizations, employees of boards and corporations as well as employees of various panchayats.  Ten times as many employees retire as the state government hires each year.  With a large army of skilled and senior most officers in the administration of the Gujarat government on the verge of retirement, government departments are finding it difficult to find an experienced department head.  The same is the case with senior officers of Gujarat Administrative Service. A large team is on the way to retirement.  On the other hand, the retirement rate of Class-I to Class-III employees in the government has gone up to more than 18,000 every year, which is a matter of concern for the government.

According to the Pension and Provident Fund office, 3,000 to 5,000 government teachers are retiring every year, just like government employees.  The state government is appointing education assistants in education against the retiring teachers but not so much against the retirement of the staff of the secretariat as well as other government offices.  Over the next two years, the retirement rate will be more than 34,000.  Vishrubhai Patel, a leader of the Gujarat State Employees Coordinating Committee, says that despite thousands of employees retiring every year, new employees are not being hired, resulting in a fragmented administrative structure.  The government is facing a huge shortage of engineers, legal experts and officials with technical skills.  Against a retirement rate of 17,000 per year, the government recruits only 15 to 20 per cent new employees a year, which ultimately increases the workload on existing employees.

How many employees will retire in Gujarat Government?



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Rains will break in Gujarat between October 15 and 17, find out which areas will receive heavy rains

Rains will break in Gujarat between October 15 and 17, find out which areas will receive heavy rains

Gujarat has received 44.18 inches of rainfall so far this season.  More than 135 percent of the season's rainfall has fallen.

Ahmedabad: The meteorological department has forecast light to moderate rains in some parts of Central Gujarat, South Gujarat and Saurashtra from October 15 to 17 in Gujarat.  Amreli, Bhavnagar in Saurashtra and South Gujarat are likely to receive heavy rains between October 16 and 17.

The state may once again get a round of rains.  Heavy rains have been forecast by the Meteorological Department.  The meteorological department has once again forecast heavy rains in Gujarat between October 15 and 17.  The state is likely to receive rains in Saurashtra and some parts of South Gujarat on October 16 and 17.  Apart from Amreli and Bhavnagar in Saurashtra, it may rain in South Gujarat.

Heavy rains may fall in Saurashtra and South Gujarat on this date, know

Rainfall forecast in Gujarat from 15th to 17th October, know where heavy rains can fall?

Heavy rains are likely in Amreli and Bhavnagar in Saurashtra.  Gujarat has received 44.18 inches of rainfall so far this season.  More than 135 percent of the season's rainfall has fallen.


As on October 12 this year, an estimated 87.24 lakh hectares of kharif crops have been planted.  86.77 lakh hectares were planted during the same period last year.  This year, 102.76 per cent of the area has been planted against the average area under the last three years.

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