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Monday, August 2, 2021

Weight Loss Tips Diet Chart Plan at Home in Hindi Meaning

Weight loss Health tips: Hello friends, how are you?  fine... !

Yes, that's right you can now become known as a Lord of the Rings.  That means you will be overweight, or you want to maintain your fitness.

Weight loss tips at home: Ok so friends, here we have provided information on some of these home remedies for weight loss.  Which will be very useful to you.

Weight loss At Home Application: This application has become very popular.  It will also be very useful.  It is very easy to use.  See the details below to get more information about this application and go to the link given below to download

 About this application

 Application name: Lose Weight at Home - Home Workout in 30 Days

 Developer: Simple Design Ltd. Health & Fitness

 Usage: This app is really helpfull, other apps get charged for the diet plan but they are giving it for free and exercises are also good and helpful. 

 Size: 18 mb

 Total downloads: 50 M+

 Rating: 3+

Download Lose Weight at Home - Home Workout in 30 Days Mobile Apk

 The mobile app is becoming very popular right now.  Its use is increasing.  With it the creation of the app has also increased so much.

 Even some small similar applications are becoming so popular that its users have crossed the million mark.  The cost of such an application is in the tens of millions to billions of rupees.

 From small shops to large companies, malls, websites, news channels, TV channels as well as similar accounts, banks create and maintain their own personal applications.  Companies or banks run such applications for the convenience of their users.

 Many applications are also used for stock market trending.  So even a good application is used to make a lot of big money.

 Video Creator app for fun - Tik tok, Moj, share Chat, MX Takatak, Josh, Kili, Likely - such app has gained a lot of popularity.

 Apps for games: Many applications are used for games ranging from games for young children to adults.  Among them - Candy Crush Saga, Bubble, Shooter, Solitiere, Ludo, Pagle.

 Application for study: Application for learning for young children such as - BY JU'S, Kids Learning, Coding, English Learning - useful application.

 Here is one such useful application.  You can use it by downloading.  Use the link below to download.

Lose Weight at Home - Home Workout in 30 Days Android App


Weight loss at home Video: How To Lose Weight At Home You Can Lose Weight By Following Exercise And Diet Plan  This video will be useful for you.  Watch this video and get the full information.

 Click here to watch the video

Weight loss Tips in Hindi,Weight loss meaning,Weight loss exercise,Weight loss diet,Weight loss diet chart,Weight loss diet plan

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Sunday, August 1, 2021

Online courses, Std 8 Daily Online Education

Grow your skills with LinkedIn Learning. Explore over 16,000 expert-led courses, available both for free and with a subscription.

Learn on the go with the LinkedIn Learning Android app.
Get the skills you need to succeed by watching bite-sized video courses anytime, anywhere.

Whether you want to learn leadership skills, build a mobile app, or how to use software, LinkedIn Learning has something for you. Take marketing classes, get management training, learn graphic design, take photography courses, watch web and interactive design tutorials, and much more. Watch expert-taught courses in leadership, programming, IT, 3D animation, and much more.

‘Speak English Online - Practice English Speaking’ app helps user to improve English Speaking skill by letting them talk to the real people anonymously. Talk to the people across the world and improve your English Speaking skill. ‘Speak English Online - Practice English Speaking’ app let you practice English conversation with people from different part of world. You can practice English Speaking with Native Speaker and Non-Native to improve your English Speaking skill.

If you are not confident enough to talk in English with your friends, colleague or relatives, then this app is designed for you. “Speak English Online - Practice English Speaking” app helps to overcome your fear or shyness of speaking in English by making you talk with the real people all around the world without disclosing your identity and its completely free.

This app tries to cover the basic TIPS for English Speaking :-

- Practice speaking English whenever you get a chance
- Get native English-speaking friends and practice speaking with them
- Do not be afraid of making mistakes
- Learn some English tongue twisters
- Listen to English-language music
- Try learning some new words every day
- Try thinking in English
- Learn to listen better
- Record yourself speaking and have friends listen and comment on the recording
- Practice speaking English in front of a mirror
- Master some specific phrases and English Idioms
- Listen and try to sing along to rap music
- Speak the English you know

Main Features Include:

1. Speak in English Online: Talk to the Real People anonymously without disclosing your identity & practice English Conversation safely
2. Tongue Twister: Practice English Tongue Twister to improve your pronunciation and make your communication clear
3. Recall your favorite Caller: You can recall the caller from your app call history
4. Basic English Grammar : Lear Basic of Grammar like Tense, Speech...
5. Listening Skill: Listen to the Native Speaker narrating the Conversation and Improve your Listening Skill
6. Basic Conversation Skill : Read most commonly used Conversation and try to implement it in your daily life
7. Record Your Audio & Improvise Yourself : Record your sound while you speak in English and find the area of improvement and start working on it
8. A Word a Day (Vocabulary) : Strengthen your Vocabulary by learning only One Word a Day. You can also see few examples using the same word.
9. Bookmark Word: Bookmark any word as your favorite for future reference
10. Popular Idioms : Use popular Idioms in your conversation to make your communication more effective
11. Pronunciation : Listen to the pronunciation of Vocabulary or Enter any words for correct Pronunciation

The LinkedIn Learning app is free to download, with courses you can watch for free right away. With a subscription, you can access our full library across technology, creative and business topics.

ધોરણ ૮  સ્વઅધ્યયનપોથી ડાઉનલોડ કરવા માટે

For Monthly Premium: $29.99 monthly USD

For Annual Premium: $299.88 annual USD

If you choose to subscribe, your subscription will automatically renew until cancelled and will charge your credit card. You can turn off auto-renew at any time through your LinkedIn account.

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Teachmint Online classes, Std 7 Daily Online Education

Teachmint Online classes, Std 7 Daily Online Education

online coaching app for teachers - teach your students online, live classes

Teachmint is India's best all-in-one app for teachers, tutors and coaching institutes . It includes features like live online classes, lecture recordings, real-time notes sharing, whiteboard functionality, online tests, chats, announcements & more. This free online coaching app can be used by teachers, home tutors, coaching centres & other educational institutes to manage all their online tuitions & digital coaching classes in one place.

It is easy-to-use free mobile app for teachers to conduct unlimited live video classes. With Teachmint, teachers can go live anytime, anywhere and with any device (mobile/laptop/computer).

Teachmint is a teaching app that combines live online teaching, student class management & coaching management. It helps teachers to conduct live classes from home and teach students across India.

In a nutshell, with Teachmint you can:

🎦 Conduct and record live classes
📱 Effective teaching with screen-share & whiteboard
💸 Manage fee
📖 Distribute recorded lectures, study materials and notes
💬Chat with students
⏰ Send reminders, assignments and MCQ tests
🗒 Automatic attendance
✔️ And more!

Teachmint helps teachers in taking live online class plus it has many additional features to make job of a teacher simple and easy. With Teachmint, you can do everything with just a single app for free from your mobile without any costly set-up or high installation fees. Not to mention, it helps you save both time and money.

Benefits of Teachmint - India's #1 Teaching App:

✔️ Simple – Teachmint is very easy to set up. Teachers can add students by sharing a Classroom ID and start their live online teaching in just 2 minutes.

✔️ Free App- Teachmint App is free tool for teachers as well as students in India. We want to promote education and AtmaNirbhar Bharat through our #MadeinIndia App.

✔️ Secure – Teachmint is 100% secure and safe. Unlike many other apps that zoom into the lives of the users, we never use your or student data for any kind of ads.

✔️ Ads Free - Teachmint contains no ads so that you can get the best teaching experience.

✔️ Saves Money - Teachmint consume very little data as compared to other video teaching app and still provide high quality live online video. It saves you money on internet data packs. You can also share notes online(pdf, word, excel, youtube videos) and conduct live online tests saving money on printing.

✔️ Saves Time - Teachmint helps you manage tuition batches, conduct live classes and tests, send notification & reminders, and take attendance automatically.

✔️ Improves organization – Students can see all assignments on the assignment page and all study materials (e.g., notes, documents, photos, and videos) are automatically saved on the app.

✔️ Easy communication – App provides a simple two-way video tool for teachers to conduct doubt sessions with students. You can also do live chat with students while teaching and solve student doubts.

In the given situation, it is important for teachers to take their classes online.
Choosing Teachmint App (also available on desktop) is the wise decision for any teacher or coaching centre.

ધોરણ ૭  સ્વઅધ્યયનપોથી ડાઉનલોડ કરવા માટે

ગણિત સ્વઅધ્યયનપોથી PDF

વિજ્ઞાન સ્વઅધ્યયનપોથી PDF

સામાજિક વિજ્ઞાન સ્વઅધ્યયનપોથી PDF

હિન્દી સેમ.-1 સ્વઅધ્યયનપોથી PDF

હિન્દી સેમ.-2 સ્વઅધ્યયનપોથી PDF 

ગુજરાતી સેમ.-1 સ્વઅધ્યયનપોથી PDF

ગુજરાતી સેમ.-2 સ્વઅધ્યયનપોથી PDF

 અંગ્રેજી સ્વઅધ્યયનપોથી PDF

Features like class recording, screen-share and whiteboard, automatic attendance, timetable management, live classes, etc. make Teachmint India’s #1 online teaching app for any teacher who wants to take online classes and teach students.

Teachmint App helps you to expand your coaching beyond the classroom and reach more students- not only in your city but across India. You can add students, promote your coaching or tuition and get more students with our social media integration.

Teachmint is made in India 🇮🇳. The App is taking India closer to the Atmanirbhar Bharat vision. Make India Proud 🙏🏻 by using digital Bharat ka digital coaching app. 

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Online education Std 6 Daily Online Education video and course

Unlimited Live English Classes for Kids. Penguin & Engage Readers Club.

Learning to speak English confidently and fluently is all about practice. With Enguru Kids, you can improve your English through our live online group or personal classes. Everyone gets 1 day of FREE classes to try! 

With upto 8 students per class, our courses are highly interactive - because English fluency is all about speaking practice! So whether you are practicing for school, to speak with your friends and family, or to win a competition, here’s how Enguru Kids can help you:


• Unlimited Classes: We run classes through the day, and our subscription plan allows you to book as many classes as you like - anytime, anywhere. 

• Cambridge qualified teachers: Learn from the best! Expert teachers make our classes engaging and filled with speaking activities. 

• Small groups: With upto 8 students per class, you get enough time to practice speaking with the teacher and your classmates.

• Classes for all levels: Whether you are a beginner, medium or hard level speaker, we have classes customised for your ability level.   

• Penguin Readers Subscription – Access some of the world’s best-selling fiction and non-fiction titles, all specially designed for young learners of English.

• Engage Readers Subscription – Learn science & social studies through fun stories & photos, written at different reading levels. Tied to your school curriculum!

• Practise and improve your English with our FREE self-learning course. 375 levels of vocabulary and grammar.

• No ads! – we don’t want to waste your time with any ads, enguru Live Spoken English App is only about learning English!

ધોરણ ૬  સ્વઅધ્યયનપોથી ડાઉનલોડ કરવા માટે

Introducing enguru Kids - the most fun and interactive way to improve your English! You can take online live classes with expert teachers, together with a group of learners just like you. You can take personal 1-on-1 classes. You can read special versions of bestselling fiction and non-fiction books from Penguin & Engage. You can play fun games and activities with our FREE self-learning course!

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Online education Std 5 Daily Online Education and speaking english course

English sikhna ab hogaya hai aur bhi asaan aur sirf English hi nahi ab sikhe aur bahut kuch sirf Josh Skills app par. Yehi hai sahi waqt, sudhare apni angrezi aur sikhe nayi cheeze aur chale waqt k sath kadam se kadam mila kar. Download kare apne mobile par aur abhi shuru kare online courses.

Choose from numerous courses we have on our app. Pick the best one and begin now without any language barrier, ab Hindi main bhi sikhiye aapni mann pasand cheeze. Download kare aur padhna shuru kare apne mobile phone se

Online Learning Courses:

Make learning go digital, now learn to talk english, learn to use a computer, learn about content writing, learn many different languages right on your phone, within just a few clicks by Using the Josh Skills app. Learn new skills & improve your skills at the same time. Zindagi mein aage badho Josh ke saath!

Key Features:

● You get a total of 90 days to practice and learn English online with us
● Each day one lesson is sent to you which will include audios and videos for your better understanding
● You have to give only 15 minutes of practice each day to become better
● Our content begins from level 1 and goes to level 10 step by step
● Regular assignments are given with each lesson, to check your progress
● We focus on reducing your hesitation to speak English. You give answers by recording audio and video

Types of Courses:📚

● Advanced English Practice Course
● Bangla, Punjabi & Marathi Basic Computer Skills
● Bangla, Punjabi & Marathi Public Speaking Course
● Bangla, Punjabi & Marathi Spoken English Course
● Bangla & Marathi Personality Development Course
● Online Business Marathi with Anand Dixit
● Master the Skill of Mobile Photography
● Global General Knowledge Course
● Online Blogging se Paise Kaise Kamaye?
● Graphic Designing
● How to get a Job?
● Learn Video Editing Professionally!
● Content Writer Kaise Bane?
● Time Management

Spoken English:

Ab English bolna sikhe bina kisi jhanjat ke, ghar baitey sikhe english. Sudhare aapni angrezi bina koi class mein admission liye, english sikho aapne mobile se kissi bhi umar mein. Top english sikhne ka app

Personal Finance:

Ghar baithe paise kamaye, sikhe stock market aur personal finance k bare main. Learn about investing, growing your money, paise banane ke nuskhe, sikhe taxe k bare main and every other complicated finance factor from the comfort of your homes

Personality Development:
Learn about personality development, how to make yourself dynamic when it comes to creating a professional impression. Learn speaking english course and make an impact

Public speaking:

A very common lesson that most people find difficult is public speaking, learn how to grow your confidence when speaking in front of a group of people, sikhe bolne ke aur apni pehchan banane ke tarike

Digital Marketing:

This is the age of digitalization, learn digital marketing and the skills around every digital aspecting. As the markets are getting digital, this is the best time to take this up and enter the digital market

Computer Skills:

Iss naye daur mein waqt ke saath kadma se kadam mila ke chale, aapne ghar baithe computer chalana sikhe. Use this as a computer learning app & master basic as well as advanced computer skills to create a huge impact

Content Writing:

You know that you have the ability to write but you want to master it on a professional level, this is the right place for you. Opt for the best content writing courses and leave a lasting impression

ધોરણ ૫ સ્વઅધ્યયનપોથી ડાઉનલોડ કરવા માટે

ગણિત સ્વઅધ્યયનપોથી PDF

પર્યાવરણ સ્વઅધ્યયનપોથી PDF

હિન્દી સેમ.-1 સ્વઅધ્યયનપોથી PDF

હિન્દી સેમ.-2 સ્વઅધ્યયનપોથી PDF 

ગુજરાતી સેમ.-1 સ્વઅધ્યયનપોથી PDF

ગુજરાતી સેમ.-2 સ્વઅધ્યયનપોથી PDF

 અંગ્રેજી સ્વઅધ્યયનપોથી PDF

About this subscription:
Enroll in all the courses with one subscription - Paaiye access to 25+ current courses & 200+ future courses for 1 year, without paying anything extra. No conditions apply. Introductory offer only

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Online english classed and Std 4 Daily Online Education video

Online english classed and Std 4 Daily Online Education video

Free live activity classes & premium content for kids

Yellow class is an online platform for kids to learn, explore and discover through various live hobby classes such as dance, storytelling, story writing, vocabulary, painting, drawing, art and craft,  flameless cooking, and many more. Get these classes free from top mentors.  

Why join Yellow Class? 

- Free live hobby classes: Attend daily free live classes from this app. Material required, timings, etc will be updated in the calender atleast 48 hours before to the Class. 

Various Programs to explore: 

With over 30+ unique hobby class which includes dance, calligraphy, yoga, phonics, flameless cooking, and many more. Kids can choose their favourites by taking all these class for free. 

Highly Certified and experienced mentors: Teachers at Yellow class are very engaging and interactive making  the environment joyous and learning. They keep up with our notion of 'fun and learn'.

ધોરણ ૪ સ્વઅધ્યયનપોથી ડાઉનલોડ કરવા માટે

ગણિત સ્વઅધ્યયનપોથી PDF

પર્યાવરણ સ્વઅધ્યયનપોથી PDF

હિન્દી સેમ.-2 સ્વઅધ્યયનપોથી PDF 

Classes with Polls/Quiz: In-between the classes answer some topic related questions to test your learnings.

Doubts get answered right away : During the live session our coaches will clear all your doubts immediately.

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Online speaking english class and Std 3 Daily Online Education videos

Learn to speak English fluently with English grammar and spoken English app.

Are language impediments standing in your way of success? Will you like to speak fluent English and learn English grammar effortlessly? It is time to change things and learn to speak English fluently with this amazing English learning app. With Hello Shraa – Spoken English Practice Platform, you will receive AI powered real time speaking practice, spoken English course picks and expert-curated lessons geared towards teaching you to become fluent English speaker. We help people to improve your English Communication instantly with Hello Shraa! Best Spoken English App It is specifically designed by renowned instructors to suit all age groups and is a fun way to learn to speak English.

Take Real Time Speaking Practice Test 

Hello Shraa Practicing Platform is the perfect choice for English Language Test takers with a pool of 10,000+ words and 5000+ sentences to learn from. The app offers English speaking practice test along with English grammar lessons, so you can write and speak fluent English. Now, you can find the smartest and shortest way to ace the actual English test by taking a English speaking practice test series. 

AI Supported English Learning App

As a well-researched "Artificial intelligence" based English practicing platform, Hello Shraa is geared towards delivering smart communication skills that become a part of your cognition and intelligence. It learns by user's behavior and learning ability and designs best optimum learning path to improve his/her speaking skills. If you are struggling with your accent, the app offers a HUMAN voice based learning experience. Develop a fluent English accent and learn to speak English effortless by reducing MTI, Improving pronunciation and Intonation.

English Grammar and Speaking Practice Sessions 

A few important learning sessions include:

★ Word Sentence Practice

★ Revision Sessions

★ Relax Mouth Muscles

★ Sentence Building

★ Audio Listening

★ Paragraph Reading

★ Grammar sessions

🚀Various English Language learning app modes

Streamline your English grammar learning process by switching between different learning modes, like:

✔️Auto Mode

✔️Fast Mode

✔️Manual Mode

ધોરણ ૩ સ્વઅધ્યયનપોથી ડાઉનલોડ કરવા માટે

| Multiple Spoken English Course Options |

Our amazing selection of Written and Spoken English course picks is curated to assist your A-Z learning experience. Whether you are a housewife, a student, a job applicant or a business person, our courses will cover customized levels of learning for you. 

These courses include:

★ Standard English Learning

★ Group Talk Discussion

★ Advance Grammar

★ Business English

★ American Accent

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Shikshak Sajjata Survey 2021 : Teacher readiness is a very important factor for quality education. Also in NEP 2020 Emphasis is placed on teacher readiness for quality education For teachers for quality education Training programs are organized at the state or district level. All teachers under this.

Shikshak Sajjata Survey 2021

It is very important to provide educational help as per the need Every teacher’s education so that the teachers get the training and onsite support as per their need The need to know For that the teacher’s own teaching subjects, classroom behavior assessment. It is important to know how to understand new trends in education.

Shikshak Sajjata Survey 2021

In addition, the teacher’s classroom It is necessary to get information of observation as well as information of educational achievement of the children of their class-subject. This Of the three, information on classroom observation and students’ academic achievement is available. But of the teacher An educational survey covering all teachers to get information on various educational matters is done.

શિક્ષક સજ્જતા સર્વેક્ષણ માટેનું સ્ટડી મટેરિયલ. 

(અહી દરરોજ નવું મટેરિયલ મુકાશે માટે રોજ મુલાકાત લેતા રહેવું)

ગુણોત્સવ 2.0 માર્ગદર્શન અને માહિતી બુકલેટ ડાઉનલોડ કરો


પર્યાવરણ ધો. ૩ થી ૫ ના પ્રશ્નો ની PDF અહિંથી ડાઉનલોડ કરો

ગણિત ધો. ૩ થી ૫ ના પ્રશ્નો ની PDF અહિંથી ડાઉનલોડ કરો

ધોરણ વાઇઝ અદયયન નિષ્પતી ફાઇલ

HTAT મોડ્યુલ અહીથી વાંચો

અત્યાર સુધી લેવાયેલ એકમ કસોટી પ્રશ્નપત્રો

ભાષાદીપ બુક અહીંથી વાંચો

શિક્ષક આવૃત્તિ અહીંથી વાંચો 1 અને 2 માટે

શિક્ષણ પ્રશિક્ષણ સાહિત્ય


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GPSC dyso Nayab mamlatdar Question paper date 01-08-2021

Hello applicants !! Are you in search of the GPSC DYSO Previous Papers? Then you were in the correct place. Here, We have uploaded the Previous Exam Papers for the Gujarat PSC Deputy Section Officer Exam 2019. Applicants can follow below sections to get the pdf link for GPSC DYSO Previous Papers. Also, Practice the GPSC DYSO Syllabus topics to score best marks. Applicants those who had registered for the GPSC DYSO Recruitment 2019 can download the Asst Director Model Papers along with the Syllabus and Asst Director Test Pattern. The Gujarat PSC Officials are going to conduct the written examination on October 2019. So, Applicants willing to crack test should download & practice the Deputy Section Officer Question Papers for best results.

Gujarat PSC Deputy Section Officer Exam Pattern

The Gujarat PSC invites online applications for various Deputy Section Officer posts. Latest Jobs seekers can apply from 16th August 2019 to 31st August 2019. Applicants can follow below sections to download the pdf links for GPSC DYSO Previous Papers. Also, Practice the GPSC DYSO Syllabus topics to score best marks. .


Download DYSO prelim exam paper  - Click Here

For more details, Kindly visit the Gujarat PSC official website In this page, we have uploaded the GPSC DYSOs Previous Exam Papers for the of the applicants. Contenders who are intended to crack the GPSC DYSO exam are suggested to download and Practice well before attending for the GPSC DYSO exam.
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Scrap policy: If there is a vehicle before 2005, Gujaratis should be careful, the government is going to take an important decision

Scrap policy: If there is a vehicle before 2005, Gujaratis should be careful, the government is going to take an important decision

According to the new rules, vehicles before the year 2005 will be scrapped, two-wheelers and four-wheelers in Gujarat will be given a limit of 15 years.

The Center has implemented a scrap policy

The state government will amend the scrap policy

The state government will make partial changes to the rules

The state is considering a policy to scrap vehicles after 20 years.  At present there is a scrap policy in which the government will make a partial amendment and later the central government can implement a scrap policy.

The central government has implemented a scrap policy

Importantly, after the scrap policy was announced in the budget session in the Lok Sabha, the state government has started discussing the policy rules of the scrap policy.  In Gujarat too, the policy can be implemented as per the rules of the Center, though it may be amended.

The state government will amend the scrap policy

It is to be mentioned that there are scrap vehicle parks at Alang and Kutch in Gujarat.  After 20 years in the state, scrap policy is now being discussed.  The Gujarat government will discuss the police in the assembly by amending the policy.  It is prohibited that the new rules will scrap vehicles prior to 2005, giving two-wheelers and four-wheelers a 15-year limit.

How many vehicles before 2005 in the state?

વર્ષ 2000-2001 દરમિયાન...


Details ન્યુજ વાંચો ગુજરાતીમા

More Letest Update keep visiting Yashdodiya official website..

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Create  festival banner, all wishes & greeting cards, & social media banners

Create  festival banner, all wishes & greeting cards, & social media banners

“How Do I Make Banner Images on my Phone just within no time ?”
Making a banner for Social Media Marketing or your business purpose is no more a challenge. With quick and simple features, you can create an Ad offer, Poster, Pamphlet, or a promotional post for your WhatsApp Business App.

Friendship Day Greetings, Cards, Wishes, Stickers or Messages to your pals.

Wishing you a very "Happy Friendship day ".

Best Friends Forever.

 “A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.”  Friendship Day is here... If your friend is far away, reach out to him/ her with our friendship day e-cards and bridge the miles with these warm and cute wishes. 

It's Friendship Day... The perfect day to reach out to all your friends with our warm and cute happy friendship day e-cards.

Friendship Day is enthusiastically celebrated every year by many countries. 

The traditional celebrations include meeting with friends and exchanging of cards, flowers and gifts.

Latest & new friendship greeting E-cards to impress your friend.

A true friendship is one, where the individuals do not have to be formal and that the comfort level which each share with each other is of enormous quality.

Celebrate the special bond you share with your best friend with these cute and loving friendship greetings.

Send one of our greeting cards, stickers, quotes/messages  on friendship day to wish them.

Design your own friendship cards with friendship wishes. Personalize your message and add a photo for a personal touch. 

Friendship day greetings to make friendship day greeting cards using photo effects, wishes, stickers and messages. 

You can share greetings, stickers, wishes or messages with friends and family on social apps like Whatsapp, Twitter, G+, Facebook, Hike, Line, WeChat and others.

It works without internet too.

You can save or share the final photo.

Friendship day Greetings Cards has unique features:

1. All work in single screen.

2. Full view canvas.

3. Share Stickers to social apps.

4. Share Quotes to social apps.

5. Set Greeting as wallpaper.

6. Quotes to choose from.

7. Landscape and Portrait support.

8. Photo effects.

So, download the Digital Banner app, and start exploring your creativity by editing, cropping, adding effects and mixing it with the high quality picture. Yes, you can add wonderful stickers and customize the theme that would transform your regular post into a finely tuned professional post.

A few of the most popular features of Festival greeting card maker App are-
⦁ Customize the text, logo and theme – Crop and Rotate
⦁ Easy to download and easy to share
⦁ Over 100+ Categories are available like
⦁ Festivals
⦁ Greetings
⦁ Motivational
⦁ Business ethics
⦁ Devotional
⦁ Inspirational thoughts
⦁ Good Morning & Good Night
⦁ Happy Birthday and Anniversaries, Death Anniversaries Wishes and many more.
⦁ Full support on the editing tools – Redo/Undo Changes
⦁ Free graphical app with personalized offers and discounts

Days & Festival's celebration like as Republic, Independence, April Fool, Blood Donor, Earth, Eid Milad, Fathers, Mothers, Women's, Friendship, Gujarat, Labor, Teachers, Technology, Valentine, Water, Cancer, Environment, Health, Wildlife, Nontobacco, AIDS, Doctors, Youth Day, Lohri, Makar Sankranti, Pongal, Holi, Basant Panchami, Shivaratri, Baisakhi, Rama Navami, Ramadan, Raksha Bandhan, Janmashtami, Ganesh Chaturthi, Navratri, Durga Ashtami, Karwa Chauth, Narak Chaturdashi, Diwali, Gudi Padwa, Pateti, Onam and many more. and also we provide Gods and Freedom fighters Birth Anniversaries

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We know, Hiring a Graphic Designer for brochure and post, could be a costly affair. And therefore, we have designed this Best greeting card maker app especially for your designing requirement where you don’t require any specific skills or knowledge. Starting editing in our pre-built templates. Believe it or not you will love it, DEFINITELY!

Friendship Day Greeting Card Maker - Friendship Day Wishes 2021 Maker

Welcome to Friendship Day Greetings Card Maker For Beautiful Friendship Day Wishes Images.

Try our new and trendy collections of Friendship Day Cards with special messages and you can send these personalized greetings cards anywhere with social media sharing.

Friendship Day is a day in several countries for celebrating friendship. It was first proposed in 1958 in Paraguay as the "International Friendship Day".

Here, You will find Friendship Day Wishes in Hindi ,English and in Gujarati Language.

By using our app, you can make the best Friendship Day greetings online. Greeting cards make people happy in any part of the world.

★ All wishes and cards are in multiple languages (Hindi, English,Gujarati).
★ Professionally designed, user-friendly and intuitive interface with a touch of Indian culture.
★ Better and easily readable Hindi,Gujarati and English fonts
★ Huge categorized collection of greeting card and latest messages
★ Share and put stories of any message on social sites like WhatsApp, facebook, twitter & instagram.

You can consider our app to be a free Friendship Day 2021 reeting maker that is available online.

Categories included in the app:
+ Friendship Day wishes in Hindi ,English and Gujarati
+ Friendship Day Images
+ Friendship Day Messages in Hindi,Gujarati & English

Beautiful Friendship Day Sayings in Hindi,Gujarati and English.

It's Completely free app !!!! Just try this app, sure it will not disappoint you.

The purpose of app is to provide entertainment/general information to user. All the images and text contained in the app are collected or taken from different internet sources or website. All the images are readily available in various places on the internet and are believed to be in the public domain. However, we do not claim ownership/copyright of material/media used in the app. We acknowledge that the respective copyright owners of the contents own the rights. If you own the right to any content in the app, please write to us with the copyright details of the original source, and the stated content will be removed immediately. No infringement intended.

In fact, people called it the Best WhatsApp business app because you can create n number of posters just within a second and easily download WhatsApp status video and photo.

So, both for Digital marketing or a new product launch, download this app and get started. It is ideally perfect for making festival images, festival photo poster maker, festival banner maker with photo and text, festival video status maker, business festival posters & digital poster maker.

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Friendship Day Photo Frames, Greetings, SMS Message, GIF Quotes, Photo Editor

 Friendship Day Photo Frames, Greetings, SMS Message, GIF Quotes, Photo Editor

Happy Friendship Day Greetings mobile application provides below a list of featured valued latest contents:

🎁️  Friendship Day Photo Frame Greetings
🎁️  Animated GIF Friendship Day Greeting Cardst
🎁️  SMS Quotes and Messages of Friendship Day 
🎁️  Friendship Day Greeting Card Images 
🎁️  Custom Friendship Day Greetings Editor

App Features:
👉 Happy Friendship Day Greetings Editor Tools:
    🧩  Stickers
    🧩  Text with Color and Stylish Fonts
    🧩  Colorful and Beautiful Overlays
    🧩  Emoji Collection
    🧩  Image Filters
    🧩  Colorful Drawing on Image
    🧩  Background Image Changer
    🧩  Image Background Eraiser
    🧩  Drawing Sharp Eraser
    🧩  Undo and Redo of Image Edits

👉  Local Gallery: Local Gallery for your Photo Frame Creations, Designs and edited Images.

👉  Latest/Updated Collection: Happy Friendship Day Greetings mobile application provides you the latest collection of beautiful Photo Frames. We keep you updated, Time to time we keep on adding new Cards/Messages to deliver you best app experience with the nice and updated collection.

👉  Offline Support Feature: Once you open a Card/Message then you can check out the same later without using your internet connection.

👉  Photoframes Greetings: Personalized Greeting quotes with beautiful Photo Frames and Editing tools.

👉  Favorite Collection Feature: Provide you with a personalized experience, App allows you to like Cards or Messages that will be added in your "Favorite Collection" and access them directly with ease any time without searching.

👉  Share Option: You can easily share edited, saved Cards/Messages with ease just by tapping one button.

👉  Download Option: All Cards/Messages can be download and share with the help of handy download option.

Friendship Day Wishes Images App 2021 is a very used application. A lot of people are using it. Is a space-saving and easy-to-run app for your mobile device. It is designed in a sleek design. As well as mobile software it can be made easy to run.

This app is also very easy to install. Just type the name of this application in Google Playstore and search, you will find it on the first number. Install it and run it. Now you can easily use this mobile software.

Friendship Day Wishes Images App 2021

Application name: Friendship Day Images

Usage: This Friendship Day Quotes app is specially designed for all the friends and love birds of your life who do not want to miss any opportunity to make it memorable, send special greetings to all your dear friends.

Size: 5 MB

Download : On Play Store
Download App

Software for computers may be much less available. But there are currently a myriad of applications and small software available for mobile devices. You can use any application you want by searching from Google Play Store and downloading it for free.

There are millions of applications available for Android mobile. You will also find many apps for iPhone and tablet. Installing an app for iPhone requires permission. You cannot use all the applications in it as it does not support Android application

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Friendship Day Wishes Images App 2021

Download App

Important link

Download Friendship Day Photo Frames, Greetings, SMS Message, GIF Quotes, Photo Editor App

👉  Zoom Feature: App provides you user-friendly pinch zoom to see minute details and easily select best greeting card or quotes message that you like most.

👉  Search Option: App provides you best search feature for quick access the latest collection of Cards/Messages and saves your time.

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Saturday, July 31, 2021

Gujarat Seva Setu Program 2021 on Sanvedana Day

22 services were made online of The rural people of Gujarat

The rural people of Gujarat do not have to go to government offices frequently, 22 services were made online

An affidavit regarding this service can be made to Talati. You no longer need to go to a notary for that. The state government has decided to give Talati the power of affidavit for these services

The Gujarat government is going to launch a digital service bridge in the program. The aim is to simplify government work in this direction. Digital service bridge program will be started in 2700 villages out of 3500 villages of Gujarat and in 167 talukas. The service, which will start on October 8, will cover 8000 villages by December and will make 22 services digitally available. These 22 services include ration card, widow certificate, proof of temporary residence, proof of income.

List of Services in Seva Setu Program 

The 57 services are offered initially to villagers under the Seva Setu Programe  which includes the following in Below Images:

List of Services in Seva Setu Program 

The 57 services are offered initially to villagers under the Seva Setu Programe  which includes the following in Below Images:

The 57 services are offered initially to villagers under the Seva Setu Programe  which includes the following:-

Gujarat Seva Setu Program 2021 on Sanvedana Day Official Notification

22 services were made online ::

Regarding this, Chief Minister Vijay Rupani said that an affidavit regarding this service can be made to Talati. You no longer need to go to a notary for that. The state government has decided to give the power of affidavit to Talati for these services. 3500 villages are to be placed on this platform, though 2700 villages have been included due to by-election work. Gujarat will be the only and first state in India to provide such service. 14000 gram panchayats will be phased out. All gram panchayats will be covered by next year. This is a total project of Rs 2,000 crore, in which 90 per cent of the cost is borne by the central government, and 10 per cent by the state government.

At the time of making this announcement, Chief Minister Vijay Rupani has claimed that the least corruption is in Gujarat. He said that while Gujarat has got a weapon like digital service bridge to reduce corruption, corruption will be reduced in the coming days.

In remote rural areas of the state, it has been decided to start an innovative experiment of digital service bridge in the state using modern technology so that the public interest services of various departments of the government are available from the village level to the gram panchayat itself. Rural citizens do not have to rush to the taluka-district headquarters for day-to-day services or certificates, for example, time and round-trip vehicle rental costs are saved as well as a variety of services at the primary stage with prices that do not go wrong. It has been decided to start in 2 thousand gram panchayats from next 5th October by covering Sevasetu. It is decided to cover more than 6000 gram panchayats in this digital service bridge by December 2020.

The most important thing in the digital service bridge is that connections will be provided through optical fiber network so that high speed internet of 100 MBPS is easily available in the villages of the state.

So far, 42 km panchayats of 27 districts have been covered by 31 km underground optical fiber network.

Not only that, every gram panchayat is connected to the state data center. Thus, the innovative concept of making the villages of Gujarat a mini secretariat has been adopted in this digital service bridge.

From now on, services like registration, enrollment or correction or getting duplicate ration card, income proof, senior citizen sample, criminal certificate, caste certificate only from the service center of gram panchayat service from gram panchayat office. You will get a nominal fee of Rs.



It has also made a radical decision that rural citizens do not have to go to the taluka level or town notary in the town for affidavits for such instances.

Powers will be given to the Gram Panchayat Talati cum Minister at the village level to affidavit the affidavit to be done as per the provisions of Section 3 of the Oaths Act, 1969. So that affidavits can be made available to the rural citizens from the village itself in the gram panchayat.

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COVID-19 Travel Insurance for Coronavirus Coverage

The COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic has shaken the world and severely disrupted travel.

Everyone has one question: "Will my travel insurance cover COVID-19?"

Are you tired of having to keep up with warnings from the CDC, the U.S. Department of State, various countries, the World Health Organization, and so on? It is very difficult to understand when and under what circumstances you are really covered.

Before answering that, it is very important to understand that there are primarily two types of travel insurance plans on the market:

Trip Cancellation Insurance

Provides coverage for prepaid trip costs in case you have to cancel your trip due to specified reasons.

When you are on your trip, it also covers situations like trip interruption, emergency medical evacuation, emergency medical, repatriation of remains, lost baggage, and more.

Travel Medical Insurance

Provides short-term medical insurance while you are traveling outside your home country. Other travel-related benefits such as emergency medical evacuation, repatriation of mortal remains, etc., are also covered.

COVID-19 Travel Medical Insurance for Travel to U.S.A and Travel Outside U.S.A

Whether you are traveling to the U.S.A or you are traveling outside the U.S.A., you can be covered if you get sick from coronavirus as long as you are infected after the effective date of the policy. No need to track travel warnings.

Buy COVID-19 Travel Medical Insurance

International Medical Insurance for Students and Exchange Visitors

International Medical Insurance for Students and Exchange Visitors

If you are an F visa student or J visa exchange visitor traveling to the U.S.A, you can be covered if you get sick from coronavirus as long as you are infected after the effective date of the policy. No need to track travel warnings.

Buy F Visa Insurance

Buy J Visa Exchange Visitor Insurance

Please be aware that political evacuation benefits offered in some plans would not be covered in the event of an epidemic or pandemic.

Trip Cancellation Insurance

There are primarily two types of trip cancellation insurance:

If you need to cancel your trip due to covered reasons such as sickness, a death in family, your house catching on fire, etc., you will be covered under regular trip cancellation insurance.

You will not be covered under regular trip cancellation insurance if you are simply afraid to travel because of the coronavirus epidemic.

However, if you get sick from coronavirus and can’t take your trip, you can be covered.

Buy Travel Insurance

Cancel For Any Reason:

Cancel For Any Reason:

You can cancel your trip for any reason: That means if you just decide to change your mind, if you are too anxious to travel, etc., you will be covered.

It will cover 75% of your trip cost. You must purchase within 10 days (or 21 days, depending upon the plan) of your initial trip deposit date, and you must cancel at least 48 hours in advance of your departure date

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Gunotsav 2.O Online Course Join Link On Diksha App | ગુણોત્સવ 2.0 ઓનલાઇન કોર્સ (દીક્ષા)

Gunotsav 2.O Online Course Join Link On Diksha App | ગુણોત્સવ 2.0 ઓનલાઇન કોર્સ (દીક્ષા)
Gunotsav 2.O Online Course Join Link :Gunotsav 2.O Online Course Join Link On Diksha App | ગુણોત્સવ 2.0 ઓનલાઇન કોર્સ (દીક્ષા) Join Link Available Here.Gunotsav 2.O Online Course Part-1, 2 and 3 The course can be opened and viewed from this link.Send this link to all the school teachers in the red, dark and yellow zone of your cluster so that all the teachers who are deprived of physical training can do this course.This ગુણોત્સવ 2.0 ઓનલાઇન કોર્સ (દીક્ષા) is compulsory for all the teachers of Red, Dark and Yellow Zone schools.

Gunotsav 2.O Online Course Join Link On Diksha App

The DIKSHA stage offers educators, understudies and guardians drawing in learning material applicable to the recommended school educational program. Educators approach helps like exercise plans, worksheets and exercises, to make agreeable study hall encounters. Understudies get ideas, amend exercises and do rehearse works out. Guardians can follow homeroom exercises and clear questions outside school hours.

Gunotsav 2.O Online Course Join Link On Diksha App : Gunotsav 2.0 is an online instructive course. It is made accessible by the Gujarat School Quality Accreditation Council (GSQAC). Essential educators, auxiliary instructors, directors and all people associated with training can join this course.

ગુણોત્સવ 2.0 ઓનલાઇન કોર્સ (દીક્ષા)

The Gunotsav program for quality education in Gujarat primary schools was started in 2009. The GSQAC was then established in 2010. A School Inspector (SI) has also been appointed for quality evaluation of primary schools.

Application features
• Explore intuitive material made by educators and the best Indian substance makers for instructors and understudies in India. By India, for India!
• Scan QR codes from course books and discover extra learning material related with the point
• Store and offer substance disconnected, even without Internet availability
• Find exercises and worksheets pertinent to what in particular is instructed in the school study hall
• Experience the application in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Kannada, Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Urdu with extra Indian dialects not far off!
• Supports numerous substance designs like Video, PDF, HTML, ePub, H5P, Quizzes - and more configurations not far off!

Part 1 Course modules

1800- 2.0 multiplier

1801 Chapter - 1 Introduction to School Accreditation Procedure and Framework

1802 Chapter - 2 Study and Teaching

Part 2 Course modules

Chapter-3 School and Attendance

Chapter - 4 Co-educational activities

Part 3 Course modules

Resources and their use

School library

Use of technology

Lunch plan

Water and toilet

Chapter 5 TEST

Introduction to evaluation framework

Advantages for teachers

• Find interactive and engaging teaching material to make your class interesting
• See and share best practices with other teachers to explain difficult concepts to students
• Join courses to further your professional development and earn badges and certificates on completion
• View your teaching history across your career as a school teacher
• Receive official announcements from the state department
• Conduct digital assessments to check your students’ understanding of a topic that you have taught

Advantages for students and parents

• Scan QR codes in your textbook for easy access to the associated lessons on the platform
• Revise lessons that you learnt in class
• Find additional material around topics that are difficult to understand
• Practice solving problems and get immediate feedback on whether the answer is correct or not.

ગુણોત્સવ 2.0 ઓનલાઇન કોર્સ (દીક્ષા) જોઇન કરવાની લિંક:

ગુણોત્સવ 2.0 ઓનલાઇન કોર્સ (દીક્ષા) વિભાગ -1
ગુણોત્સવ 2.0 ઓનલાઇન કોર્સ (દીક્ષા) વિભાગ -2
ગુણોત્સવ 2.0 ઓનલાઇન કોર્સ (દીક્ષા) વિભાગ -3

Want to create content for DIKSHA?
• Help teachers deliver concepts in an easy and engaging manner
• Help students learn better in and outside class.
• Get involved in providing students with high quality learning material, irrespective of where they study
• If you wish to be a part of this movement, visit the VidyaDaan portal using

This initiative is supported by the Ministry of Human Resources Development (MHRD) and led by the National Council Of Educational Research And Training (NCERT) in India.

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Such great news about the Binsachivalay clerk's examination

The Cow Service Selection Board also started a survey on conducting examinations in schools across the state

Hital Parekh / Gandhinagar: There have been major updates for the non-secretariat clerk's exam, which was canceled due to a paper leak. The information that the examination can be held by next November-December has been given by the Gujarat Secondary Service Selection Board. Preparations have been started by the Mandal for conducting the examination. The Cow Service Selection Board has also started a survey on conducting examinations in schools across the state. Preparations are being made to conduct binsachivalay clerk exam on a large scale between the Coronations.

The recruitment examination for non-secretariat clerk-3 conducted by Gujarat Secondary Service Selection Board on November 17 was canceled by the state government on December 16. However several people involved in the case were arrested. The students fought a long battle for the examination of the non-secretariat clerk, which was stuck after the paper leak. There were protests across the state to cancel the exam after reports of paper leaks. Protests were held in Gandhinagar for this. Students across the state protested. The students took a stand against the government. Many leaders were also involved in this movement.

The paper was circulating in WhatsApp 54 minutes before the exam

Such great news about the non-secretariat clerk's examination

Experts from the Forensic Science Laboratory examined the CCTV footage of the non-secretariat clerk's examination and came across shocking facts. The question paper for the recruitment of non-secretariat clerk was circulated in WhatsApp on November 17, 54 minutes before the examination started. In the mobile presented by the student leaders, it was clear that the paper came out of the class at 11.06 am.

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Bank of Baroda (BOB) has Vacancy a Notification for the Business Correspondent Posts: 2021

Bank of Baroda (BOB) has Vacancy a Notification for the Business Correspondent Posts: 2021

Before Apply online check job criteria like age limit, last date, salary, educational qualification Etc..So who need this exam feel from online below given link. Thanks for visit our educational blog.

BOB Vacancy detail: 2021 :-

Name of the Posts BOB India 2021 :-

Business Correspondent Posts

Educational Qualification for BOB India 2021 :-

Dear candidates, you have intrest in this bank job so please Kindly Visit Real Advt.

How to Apply BOB India 2021 :-

Interested & Eligible applicants can apply offline by sending the application form and necessary documents to the below-mentioned address.

Selection Procedure :-

Final Selection will be based on an personal interview.


BOB Official Advt./ Official Notification :- Download Advt.

Last Days :-

Various date for various regions

About Bank of Baroda (BOB) :-

The government of India announced the merger of Bank of Baroda, Vijaya Bank and Dena Bank on September 17, 2018, to create the country's second largest lender.

 The amalgamation is the first-ever three-way consolidation of banks in the country, with a combined business of Rs14.82 trillion, making it the third largest bank after State Bank of India (SBI) and ICICI Bank. Thanks for Visit our blog.

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