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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Employees Rejoice ... Likely To Get Positive Pay Increases This Year

Employees Rejoice ... Likely To Get Positive Pay Increases This Year
Employees rejoice ... likely to get positive pay increases this year
VTV Gujarati
New Delhi: There is a news of happiness for the employees. This year they are expected to pay salaries of 9 to 12 percent. There is a possibility to increase the salaries of well performing employees. There will be no impact of the GST, the ban on the increase in salary. Human resources experts believe that the salary of good employees can increase by 15%.
What is the whole issue?
Employees' salaries are expected to increase by 9-12% this year. According to experts, the companies will increase employee wages, which showcased well. In sub-sectors such as FMCG, CDs, retail, media and advertisements, there has been a possibility of a positive increase in salary based sectors this year. The Global Hunt Managing Director said that salary increases will be given at around 12 percent this year.
This is more than the last year. Minimum post employees will be benefitted a lot as employees of high level employees. The MD of Entel International India said that this year is better than 2016-17. This year there will be no effect of the non-ban or GST.
Employees suffered a slump due to GST and note-breaks last year. But there is no negative impact on the market this year, due to which the employees are likely to benefit. Compared to 2016-17, the economy has grown in 2018-19, and the benefits will be seen in all sectors.
Apart from this, he said that salaries will be better in Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad and Kolkata compared to Bangalore and Delhi. This is going to look like this year for employees.

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