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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Kelavani Nirikshak na Niyamo babat

Kelavani Nirikshak na Niyamo babat

We are compelled to take out insurance policies because we worry about what might happen in the future. We want peace of mind that if the worst should happen we will be financially protected. Insurance providers recognise this, and subsequently they offer a number of different insurance policies designed to appease our fears. However, many of these policies are simply not worth having.
The first of these is flight insurance which protects you in the event that you are involved in a plane crash. Statistically, you are highly unlikely to be involved in a plane crash as these types of incident are relatively rare, and, if you already have life insurance you should already be financially protected. Similarly, some insurers offer accidental-death insurance which covers you in the event that a major catastrophe should occur; which again is statistically unlikely and which would also fall within the remit of a standard life insurance policy.
There are a number of different car insurance policies that you can buy in addition to your standard motoring policy. Rental car insurance is designed to cover the cost of renting a car should yours be involved in an accident and is off the road whilst undergoing repairs. Rental insurance is usually quite cheap, but over a period of a number of years you are likely to spend far more than you will be reimbursed as the majority of people do not rent a car in these circumstances, and if they do it is relatively inexpensive. Car rental damage insurance is another policy that you may not need. Designed to cover your rental car against damage, you will probably find that your current car insurance policy also covers rental vehicles; check the small print.  Automobile collision insurance is often required by loan providers, and is designed to cover the cost of repairs should your vehicle be involved in an accident. However, if you have paid for your car in full, and have enough money put away to cover the cost of repairs this sort of policy may not be cost effective.
Most retailers offer extended warranties, and they are notorious for offering poor value for money. If you buy from a reputable brand you can be reasonably confident that your electrical appliance or electronic item will work as advertised, and statistics show that it is unlikely that you will need to make a claim on an extended warranty policy, particularly on smaller items such as radios and CD players.
Some insurance providers offer life insurance policies for children which is not the best idea as the purpose of life insurance is to provide a financial safety net for dependents and heirs, of which, of course, children do not have. The premiums that parents pay into life insurance policies for their children would be better spent on an education plan or similar policy.
Htat na niyamo babat gr
Htat uchctar pagar dhoran babat gr


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