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Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Gujarat Home Guard Department Recruitment Process Official Paripatra.

Gujarat Home Guard Department Recruitment Process Official Paripatra.

After the Indo-Pakistan war of 1971, the border guard of Homeguards was established to guard the country's borders. One battalion has been operating in Bhuj (Kutch) and Palanpur (Banaskantha) since 1979 and Nalia (Kutch) for outposts in the coastal areas of Gujarat and one battalion in Jamnagar since 1997. Homeguard personnel join forces with BSF and army to perform duty for the country.  

The Home Guards Organisation was reorganised in India in 1962 after the Sino-Indian War with the People’s Republic of China, though it existed in smaller units individually in some places. Home Guards are recruited from various cross sections of the civil society such as professionals, college students, agricultural and industrial workers etc who give their spare time for betterment of the community. All citizens of India, in the age group of 18–50, are eligible. Normal tenure of membership in Home Guards is three to five years.

Recruitment Committee: A Committee Of The Following Officers Is Constituted At District Level For Recruitment Process.  Chairman - District Commandant.  Member: - Representative Of Head Office: - Senior Hon. Officer Of Second Inkmanda District Member: - Staff Officer Medical.  Member: - Staff Officer Training.  Member Secretary: - Sub Inspector Inspector Of The District. 


૩.  (A) The Qualification Of A Male Candidate To Be Enrolled In A Homeguard Force (A) Must Be A Citizen Of India.  (B) Must Have A Standard - 10 Pass Or More Educational Qualification.  (C) Age Should Be From 18 To 50 Years.  (1) The Weight Should Be At Least 50 Kg. (F) The Height Should Be At Least 162 Centimeters, The Chest Should Be At Least 39 Centimeters, The Chest Should Be Able To Inflate As Much As 3 Centimeters. (Six) The Applicant Has Not Committed Any Criminal Act.  (A) The Applicant Should Not Be Affiliated With Any Communal Institution And Had No Communal Background.  (B) Eligibility Of Female Candidate To Be Enrolled In Homeguard Force: (A) In Case Of Female Candidate, The Weight Should Be - 40 Kg. (B) The Height Of The Female Candidates Should Be 150 Cm.  The Qualifications As Prescribed In C, C, VI And J Shall Remain The Same.


       General Chat Chat Lounge  N.  C.  C.  Candidates Having Examination Certificate Will Be Eligible For An Additional 5 (Five) Marks.  State Level / National Level / University Level, If Any Certification / Medal Is Received In Any Sports Competition, An Additional 5 (Five) Marks Will Be Eligible.  If Holding A Heavy Motor Vehicle Or Light Motor Vehicle License, An Additional 5 (Five) Marks Will Be Eligible.  Additional 5 (Five) Marks Will Be Attainable If A Passenger With Knowledge Of The Commuter And A Government Approved Institution Passes The CCC Exam.  (V) Diploma Of Yoga, Mechanical, Electrical, Office Automation, Auto Mobiles And Nursing Trade / I.  T.  I.  If You Hold A Certificate Of 'Additional 5' Marks Will Be Eligible.  (A) Candidates Selected In The Above Physical Examination Have To Submit To The Recruitment Board The Medical Fitness Certificate On Which They Are Physically Capable Of Training.  (B) After Obtaining Medical Fitness, One Such Daily (2) Parade Of 2% (Two And A Half Hours) Will Be Completed In Training Day - 2 Of The Total - 6 (Thirty-Six) Parades.  (C) Candidates Must Receive The Recruitment Training At Self And Risk And It Shall Be Submitted To The Recruitment Board.  There Will Be No Allowance During Recruitment Training.  () Turn Out After Completing Training, P.  T  And A Recruitment Test Along With The Topics Of The Position Exercise Will Have To Be Taken By The Recruitment Board.  (2) The Recruitment Of Pass Candidates In The Recruitment Test Shall Be Proposed In The Prescribed Sample. 
Certificates For Submission Of Proposal: (2) After The Completion Of The Procedure Of Medical And Police Verification Of Qualified Candidates For Taking The Above Test, The Proposal Of Recruitment In The Prescribed Sample Will Be Sent To The Headquarters For Approval.  The Following Certificates Will Have To Be Issued From The Commandant To The Next  The Candidates' Applications Have Been Obtained By Filing, Which Has Been Verified By The Responsible Officer, And Is Correct.  A Certified Xerox Copy Of The Letter Of The Competent Police Officer Of The Matter Is Included.  Recruit Test Has Been Taken And Qualified For Recruitment.

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