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Friday, November 1, 2019

Now preparing for 'surgical strike' over gold: important News Report

Now preparing for 'surgical strike' over gold: important News Report

In preparation for the government taking another big step after the ban: If you have a fixed amount of unpaid gold then you have to inform the Kennedy Lacquer Government: Black gold deposit holders: If there is more gold than Limit, Income Tax will have to be filled. Amnesty Scheme Comes to Acquila: Government Will Determine Limit of 3 or 4 Gram: Lim The project will be more gold will have to pay tax at 33 per cent Tax.

Black money holders in the form of gold no longer care. According to sources, the government is going to take the second biggest step after the ban. If there is more than a certain amount of gold without a fixed bill, then the information will have to be reported to the government and the cost will be reported to the government. Simultaneously he has to be taxed and a huge fine Aquila will have to pay on Konidai Laki. The government will also set a limit on how much gold can be kept in the house without receipts or bills, which will be up to 8 or 4 grams. According to sources, this may be a big step for Black Money to rein in because it has bought a large amount of Sonu Kinidai Lucky for black money consumption. This information was received by the government during the notation.

On November 7, Prime Minister Narendra Modi canceled the then-Rs. 1 and Rs. 1 notes to bring out black money in the nationalist speech. The announcement after the Kannada Kali Diwali revealed that the people of the entire country were standing in line for 3 days to change the old note on their hands or deposit it in the bank. Now after Diwali 7, the government is coming out with a new scheme to bring out black money again.

Gold strike News:: 
Although no official announcement has been made by the government on this matter, according to sources based on the information available this time, the eyes of the government are on gold in the house of the people. Indians are known for their love of buying and storing kanidai lakiye gold. Indians are estimated to have about 5 tonnes of gold and except those official, the value of gold, which is known as kanidai lakiye, inherited akila sonu and smuggling, is equal to 5 tonnes. At the current price, it will cost around $ 1.8 trillion Canadian millions of dollars or 2 million crore!

According to the information available, the central government can declare the Amnesty scheme to declare it to the people. According to this scheme, income tax will be levied on any person who has a certain amount of gold. No information is available on the exact amount or the amount of income tax.

The source, who is under the Ministry of Revenue and Economic Affairs of Aquila Finance, is preparing the scheme, which will be submitted to the Cabinet and it may be announced later, sources added. According to further details, anyone having access to the purchase of Aquila gold will have to give the same as proof of Kannada. The amnesty scheme will be of a fixed term. After this, the government is considering levy of heavy tax and heavy penalties from them if more than a certain amount of gold is available.

Sources say that at the time of the blockade, the government had failed to bring out black money in cash. At that time it was argued that the nation's people hold very little black money in cash, and their form is high in gold and in real estate. That is why, with the cancellation of Rs 1.8 lakh crore notes, Kannidai Lakiyi had deposited 8.5 percent of the notes into Aquila banks. After this, the government changed the purpose of its banning process to promote digital transactions, which was Kannada.

It should be noted here that in the country, the amount of cash on the hands of the people has now increased to Rs 1.5 lakh crore, which is more than the announcement of the ban. It should also be noted that immediately after the blockade, a Kannidai Lakhia Amnesty scheme called 'Prime Minister Garib Kalyan Yojana' was announced for those who hid the income tax. Only under the scheme, there was a hidden income of Rs. 5 crore and in Mumbai, Hyderabad and Kannada Lakdi Ahmedabad, there were cases where persons whose income was not even Rs.

In the name of digital case, the finance ministry announced a scheme called Operation Clean Money. The government has not given any update since May 1 in this scheme of Clean Money Campaign. Only Kennedy Lakie2 citizens have volunteered to join the scheme and what happened next? No announcement has been made on that.

However, it is not yet decided what will be the rate of Kinidai Lakia or Texas? Sources have indicated that the tax could remain at 5%. Which will be the first with the cess. According to one information, in the form of gold, Kanidai Lakhi is worth millions of crores of rupees. Aquila wants to get the government out of the system. After the blockade, the government launched the Prime Minister's Poor Welfare Scheme, Kannada Kaikeyi (PMGKY). Also known as Tzral. However, its success was limited. It is believed that the residual exercise that was Kanyidai Lakia could be completed with the Gold Amnesty Scheme.


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The Gold Amnesty Scheme will be for a specified time just like the Scheme Income Tax Amnesty Scheme. This is what Kennedy Lucky sees as a comprehensive gold policy. The work on which the policy commission was started two years ago. How much gold in the country? According to one estimate, the stock of gold held by Indians is about 4,000 acre tonnes by Kannidai Lakiy. However, if the imports of incorrectly imported gold are mixed, the volume may be around 1 thousand tons. According to the current rate of , the price of this gold will be $ 1.8 trillion respectively. This is the Aquila Challenge, an analyst on condition of anonymity said, "The idea is good, however difficult to apply effectively." People have long been sleeping

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