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Monday, March 2, 2020

SBI RD Scheme 2019-20 You are get 17 lakh Rupees

SBI RD interest rate calculator – Check your city

Keep your KYC documents - PAN card, address proof and photo-ready.

To know more or apply, contact any of the branches of SBI in your city.

Frequently Asked Questions on RD Calculator SBI

1. What is the highest interest earned on SBI recurring deposit? You can earn a maximum interest of 6.10% on SBI recurring deposit.

2. Are there any extra benefits for senior citizens on a fixed deposit of SBI? Yes, senior citizens get the extra benefit of 0.5% interest rates on their RD in SBI.

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SBI RD Scheme 2019/20 Video Detail In Gujarati:


Learn More About SBI RD Scheme 2019/20 Detail On SBI's Official Website:


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