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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Ekam kasotina ayojan babat latest circular

ekam kasoti ayojan babat latest circular

Essay on discipline – Everyone knows that discipline is the key to success. In this article, we are providing some important information related to discipline. We hope that this article will help you in writing essays in your exams, and at the same time will also provide inspiration to you to remain disciplined.


ekam kasoti ayojan babat Discipline is most important in everyone’s life. No one can lead a happy life without discipline. Discipline is everything that we do correctly at the right time. It takes us to the right path. Discipline is highly valued in all the functions of life. We have to follow it all the time whether it is school, home, office, institute, factory, playground, battlefield or any other place. This is the biggest need to live a happy and peaceful life. Discipline is very important in today’s modern time because if we do not follow the routine of discipline in this busy time, our life will be disturbed.

Ekam kasotina ayojan babat latest circular

Ekam kasotina ayojan babat latest circular

Meaning of discipline
Discipline is made up of two words – Anu and Governance. Anu means observance and rule means rule. Discipline is very important in our life, it teaches us to follow the rules. Man is a social animal, who lives in society and it requires discipline to live in it. Research is the ladder to our success, with the help of which we can achieve any destination. There are two types of discipline – one that we get from outside society and the other which originates from inside ourselves. However, at times, we need inspiration from an influential person to improve our self-discipline habits.

Importance of discipline in life
Without discipline, life becomes dysfunctional and useless because nothing happens according to plan. If we have to implement our strategy correctly about completing any task, then we need to be in discipline first. Discipline makes things easy and brings success in our lives.

Discipline gives us lots of wonderful opportunities, the right way to move forward, learn new things in life, experience more within less time, etc. Whereas, lack of discipline causes a lot of confusion and disorder. There is no peace and progress in life due to indiscipline, instead a lot of problems arise. We need to follow rules, follow orders and behave in an orderly manner. We should give importance to discipline in our daily life. People who are not disciplined in their life, face a lot of problems and they get disappointment in life.

Discipline in daily life
After understanding the importance of discipline, we should always be in discipline and follow the orders of our parents and teachers to succeed in our lives. We should get up from bed in the morning and drink a glass of water and keep ourselves fresh. Teeth should be brushed daily, bathed and then eaten healthy. We should never go to school nor do any other work without taking food. We should do each of our tasks in a clean and hygienic manner at the right time.

We should never reject our parents, never insult them or make them unhappy and always obey their command. We should do all our work at the right time. Everyone should behave well and learn everything in the right way.

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