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Sunday, September 27, 2020

All Parts of Simple English Learn by jarjis Kazi Sir

All Parts of Simple English Learn by jarjis Kazi Sir

"Learn to learn any language. The first thing I know is easy.

However, it is very important to know the letters of the alphabets. 

So today we will first identify the character.  Gujarati language has ABCD  letter or letter while Hindi language has BCD  letter or letter in the same way English EFGH language has 26 letter or letter which we call EFH in English as Kriji or Parhinj IJKL Now you just think that Gujarati and Hindi  MN o P letter or letter number in English language compared to IL language Gujarati or Hindi MNP. 

Half of the number of letters in the language is that the Q R S T is slightly higher in the competitive exam.  So why do we say questions related to ABCD are asked whether it is very difficult to learn RST or English.

  When it comes to answering simple questions.

V W X This means that learning English eats away and U V W X is not difficult with seemingly simple questions.  Nothing is harder if you lose the Marcus by giving the wrong fear or answer inside you and you can get rid of the  Z beak. 

Then regrets.  However, through this column YZ "I don't know English" or "I learned English, you have to be confident and the English script is Roman.  I can't do it in Roman style. ”I was scared.“ Why don't I lose English in the next exam? 

 Its style of writing and its rules will come.  Each character is going to start trying the same way.  To do.  Not written.  

Low in width English is a rich language.  The world's alphabet is growing.  That is a special suggestion.  Capital letters are used in almost all nations, a four-line notebook for good character. 

Using this language as our A B C D for a long time.  After completing the study, become a part of the government work of any country. Write E F G H there. The letter will be neat and well-crafted.  That is why even after the departure of the English, I 3 K (a) at the beginning of the sentence in English, this language has remained in our country forever.  It uses these N 0 P capital letters. 

Propagation Dissemination to cities and villages Q R S (b) Any city or individual, extending months.  The urge to learn English is found in the first person in every 0 V W day name i.e. pronoun.  The English alphabet uses the Roman Y Z (26) letter capital.

The script is called.  There are six small letters (c) in English language like in Hindi or Sanskrit.  In Gujarati, therefore, the above line does not join in writing Gn a b C Varna. 

 Till there are total (3) characters.  The same e f g h in Gujarati Now we have the number type writing style for the letters of ABCD, while in English we will remember to give i j k 1 as in the competitive exam 1) (Capital) and (2) Small.  n Questions related to ABCD First of all we are going to do a lot to memorize the letter S starting from ABCD.  If you look at it this way, every VV X is necessary. 

Easy English part 1

The student or person thinks that ABCD's z (26) (sequentially) AIJAEX U.EUS 0_M We have placed the letters of the English alphabet ABCD and so on, i.e., fe, hg, ji, Tk means the north () will be f, h, i k.  Example-2: Which option is correct for missing letters in the following character series?  ZY_WV_TS__QPO___ (a) XURN (6) NRUX (C) XRUN (D) XUXR Now typing the character series MNOPQRSTUVWXYZ Hence option (a) xURN Correct Answer ....

Easy English part 2

This letter sequence.  Is.  This character series is formed in different ways.  Example-2: A, B, D, G,?  Following a certain pattern (a) M (b) L (c) K (pattern).  By studying the given (1) H letter series, its type or answer: - A B D is to find a specific rule.  Based on this G K rule you have to find the missing letter o 1 .
Check out the example below.  Missing letter zero between A and B, B Example-1 Missing letter C (a) between the following letter series and D, D Which of the given options in the blanks is the missing letter (two) EF. 

Easy English part 3

Now give option wise letters?  Missing letter after G (three) H I] So a b d missing letter K is the correct answer, option (C) ugh Imn is the correct answer.  (a) acdim (b) cefik GELER91-4: AZ, CX, FU,?  (c) eefkj cefki (a) IR (b) IV (c) JQ livel a b cdefghijklm (d) If we write KP the underlined letters above cefik here,

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(1) the first letter series of the alphabet A is missing.  Hence the correct letter and 2 is the last letter. 

(2) The answer is option (b).  Alphabet already has a third letter while Example-2: The following letter X is the third letter from the end of the alphabet.  Which option for missing letters in such a series is correctly F already, while E is  1 from the end Is the sixth letter. 

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Now check the given option Short formula for memorizing letter numbers - badc _90_ (a), (b) and (0) This option is the rule vQLGB - ૫ 10 12 20 ૨૫ (a) fg ki (b) hikf (c) fh;  Not accordingly. 

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In option (C) J is already 10 character series (alphabet series): k (d) fhig mo while number ten from the end which is the correct first letter series (see Letter given letter series is north instead of ab.  

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