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Thursday, September 3, 2020

Download Gujarat Rozgaar Samachar (3-9-2020)

Download Gujarat Rozgaar Samachar (3-9-2020)

Gujarat Rozgaar Samachar

Employment News |  How to become an Inspector in Gujarat Police Force?  Why is the confusion that Prakash N, Marwadi or those who appeared in the paja of the year are posh, when Manila candidature?  NCC "C" m bf% k, t w .Shani, Maryam or Thayana Koi, or Paki Jam's result in minutes and 30 seconds from the university reduced to 1500 meters that the post graduate police plowed the most famous to the public.

 Yes, Van Na Ko Pass Diploma Paras is seen as a rule 2 Vimosh Marcus more and is the force of the car.  That is, after applying for the Western examination, my size is in the black no, the waist of the special position of J. Pauma where the government makes a piece like all the pearls.

 All male candidates, even if the mark of unfit candidates is out of the text, from the candidate to the male candidate of the tribe, friends are verbally tested, the end result is very poignant response snake bite.  Candidate, Scheduled Janani Manisha's head name and my party is now in the youth Misha is the only police inspector Potmam Inspector's examination.

 Mama Pani and more information for Tavata recruitment Gujarat Gujarat Police works also in proportion to the preliminary position of the post, Pan Janav Seva Thayog's website https: // Mati Prakiri Sampannath in Visap's eating exam etc. are measured only on gpsc  To begin with, it is fixed in the Preliminary Examination of Police Inspector, and Asaniji Upam is, 'Even for the post, Nismo Manumar's recruitment is Dham General whose full understanding the candidate wants Government Murti 1, even if it is class 1-2, Joy Namo falls out at night, pot dle  Guide G / Kherpi's Vekhmal e is a candidate of class V male or female, he is tested for the post of class by Seva Namog (GT'S ') for any competitive examination from Gujarat region.  What is most needed from Nakan is a strong material like Pan, Jamarm or Mapas Kshhitni's examination level and Khabhyasakram is a chain to go to Nanak, Irani and other fields of method Marmi Ki are also Nan * Kana Moy in the field.  The medium of examination Gujarati is then required.

 In all four Magnapabhas, from Gujarati to English, to the level of acceptance, to the woman who has the skills and her own instincts, the useful string HI, the physical ability is the general language of Sodi and the language of Janarath Rouz-3, above 50 years of female competitive examinations.  The phase comes, what happens when the male candidates consist of 3.  In order to prepare the answer to the script, the skin of the position of diligence and calm mind fixed lap is not to be given in 3 hours to complete the race of 50 meters in a semester minute, it is to be nurtured.

• Nursing after Std-12 general stream.  News posts are non-measurable. Candidates of the firm will be given guidance on career in more fields to get admission in Normang. Gujarat Proganal Nursing and Allied for details in making Akshan Merit List by the Admissions Committee.  Porson's Medical Education Courses for Viran Mata's candidate, Gujarat State, GMERS Vishal Arvindbhai Raval Raspaksha Thay, Mitikashasha and Vigyan Malikan Mesh Cage, Sector 12, Ban Gan  Jotana Dist.

  To provide information here, [Gujarat Roll Mass for Sishobhavapi and other study courses is prepared on merit basis, Metu Maam is to guide the candidates, this is to be done for the general information in measuring the candidates for the first time.  The following is the instruction to form an Emission Committee in the name of "Courses", then (NM me ANM even if the details of the admission process or not, the name of this Admissions Committee is common to the rest of the desert. 

For the publications published by Murray and their official website.B. Also for the open mother prom course, it is worth mentioning that there is a repo to see the English language in Por + 1 regularly.  Notice of admission in GNM is not available, for specific information of the last party in ANM which is also available for the candidate who is also eligible for general contact, which is also given along with the admission form of supplementary Parola Sava in that academic year.

Handout and Prava, Magtar Uttar Buniyadi Bawa, Bhavya Syalakshi Pratha without Mahay regardless of whether conceivable to get Num, to adhere to the guidelines alongside the structure, Joy Nano Ka GNM and ANN can get confirmation in the course than the washout with 2, Kamankhem is at present 3 years and ANM a There is disarray and direction in the two-year course, even up-and-comers who have gone in science have not done as such.

Gujarat Rozgar Samachar (GNM and ANM courses) has started a “Confusion and Guidance” column for Gujarat Weekly News (GNM and ANM courses) in order to provide vs. famil khono sadhyay. 

 The answer to the embarrassing people that the plane will play in the measurement, we should watch the movie, but for all the questions or information in the service of the ombudsman or the Panchayat service or embarrassing questions in career choice, your full name, address, your ANM FIN LIV as well as the FITS  There is no age limit for what GNM is supposed to do. There is no age limit for what GNM is supposed to do.

Regularly For Latest Updates Jobs, Study Materials and General Information Updates.

Gujarat Rojgar Samachar

Gujarat Information Department distributed week by week Employment News in Gujarati with name "Gujarat Rojgar Samachar" on each Wednesday. Download pdf record or read online current Edition from given beneath interface. must impart to all companions.

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Current Edition Date: 2-9-2020
Download Gujarat Rojgar Samachar 2020 E-Date : 02/9/2020

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