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Monday, September 7, 2020

government selling 7 railway factories and firing 3.5 lakh employees? The investigation turned out to be false

Fake News Expose: Is Modi government selling 7 railway factories and firing 3.5 lakh employees?  The investigation turned out to be false

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What's Going Viral - A viral message on social media is claiming that seven railway factories are ready to be sold.  3.5 government employees working in these factories will be fired.  It is claimed that these workers will be replaced by contract laborers.

 And what is true?

 At the beginning of the investigation we tried to find out where the claim to sell the 7 factories of the railways first came from.  This has been claimed in an article on the Deshabhimani website.

 The article claims to have sold railway factories. It does not mention any official source.  No formula has been cited.  The reality of this news is in question.
 Despite searching for different keywords, no such news was found on any news website, confirming the claim of selling the factories.

Image source here

Read news source gujarati here

Divy Bhaskar has written a research story on the privatization of railways.  Accordingly, privatization of 5% stake in Railways has been approved.  Bhaskar's story does not mention the sale of 7 factories.

 The PIB fact check, a central government agency, has dismissed the claim as fake.  It is also clear that the claim of complete privatization of railways and loss of jobs to 3.5 people is also false.

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