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Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Home learning calendar babat letter

Home learning calendar babat letter

Subject: "Home Learning" Educational Materials Calendar / Table Matter. Reference: (1) Education Department Resolution No .: PRE / 11/2030/151 / K dated 8.2.3040 (2) Letter No. SSA / Makam / 1020 / 12-14 dated 19.2.2050 of this office Compliment above According to the subject and reference letter, with the help of all of you as well as SRG teacher friends, action is being taken under Covid-19 during lockdown and unlock under Home Learning from March 3, 2020. In the educational process, once the study-teaching process is done, continuous rehearsals, repetitions, etc. are important. Along with this, efforts have been made by the education department for the process of teaching-learning under home learning for Std-9 to 12 through different mediums, standard / subject / chapter wise. 

 It includes details of the availability of educational materials. E.g. Column no. Under the 9th Study Form Home, the next level of learning outcomes / capabilities required for learning this chapter are explained in detail and questions for practice are given. That material can be downloaded / viewed by going to the link in it. 4 episodes of the study-teaching process of this chapter in colon no. Were transmitted from Girnar. Their link is placed. From which link these 3 episodes can be watched. Column no. - The material available for this chapter can be viewed on DIKSHA Portal in 4.




Column no. - Under "Learn at Home" in 4, GCERT has been given the practice work related to this chapter. You can download it and watch it. It can be viewed as Exp \ wnload. The QR Code which is given in this chapter of this text book in column no. If the subject standard / chapter unit test has been taken then this unit test paper can be seen downloaded under DIKSHA Portal shown in column no. 3. Similarly for secondary and higher secondary schools The study material prepared by Gujarat Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education in Columns No. 2, 3 and 4 as well as Table No. 3 as mentioned above for Mathematics subject Chapter 1 of 3 has been posted on Google Drive. Literature viewed from the link can be downloaded, viewed Shay. Column no. - 2 and 3 will be as mentioned above. Column no. - Live online classes are run under Gujarat Virtual School (GVS) by the entire education in 10th. Their link is placed. It can be downloaded live or viewed at any time. Column no. - Exaroplares prepared by NCERT (Work boolk) related to this chapter are translated in 11 and a PDF file is placed. Which can be downloaded, viewed. This means that if a student still wants to do academic work related to this chapter, he / she can see, understand, rehearse, repeat this subject using the above educational materials. Please provide these details to the students. Please convey this information to the parents of the children through the principals of all the primary / secondary / higher secondary schools under your jurisdiction.

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