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Friday, September 4, 2020

LRD Mahila Training Related Notification

LRD Mahila Training Related Notification

Subject: - Basic training of unarmed public guard trainees.  
LRD Mahila Training Related Notification

Reference: Here letter number: Training-3 / BH, Lokarakshak Training / 1389/4060, Dt.  4/4/20. 

 Compliments regarding the above subject, stating that the direct training of the unarmed Lokarakshak trainees of the city / district of Aapshri as per the letter attached herewith from the reference letter has been asked to start for two months from 30/06/2010 to 15/06/2050.  This direct training dt.  

Will be completed on 15/06/2050.  After that the basic training of these unarmed public guard trainees has to be started.  3.  At present basic training of unarmed Lokarakshak trainees is going on in the training institutes so from the perspective of Covid-19 the above unarmed trainees are not in a position to be trained in the training institutes.  

Attached is a leaflet showing the basic training ground for unarmed Lokarakshak trainees as mentioned in the form (Form-A).  The Commissioner of Police, Vadodara City as well as all the Superintendents of Police will have to make arrangements for the training of these trainees and all other related arrangements at the divisional headquarters of their district.  Ta.  At the place mentioned to these unarmed trainees on completion of direct training on 19/09/2020.  To be sent by 30/02/2050.  In addition, the remaining unarmed male bodyguards in the basic training of the city / district of Aapshri should also be sent to the allotted center along with the above bodyguards for basic training.

  Basic training of the above unarmed public guard trainees Dat.  Must be started from 31/05/2050.  The trainees will be provided with the required number of lecturers for indoor classes, the details of which will be sent later.


2.  City / District / SRP for outdoor classes of the above unarmed public guard trainees.  D.I. present in group / training institute.  / Should be done from A.D.I.  A training booklet showing the basic training syllabus of non-armed public guard trainees has been sent earlier which is requested to be taken into consideration.  Ensure that training is given as per the syllabus outlined in this training manual. 

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