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Saturday, September 12, 2020

Simple Past Tense::English Grammar Full video by Alpesh sir

Simple Past Tense::English Grammar Full video by Alpesh sir

Watch Simple Past Tense Full Guidence video

Use : we use  simple past tense to talk about things that happened in the past. In Simple past tense we express about completed action in the time before now.

Key words of simple past tense

  • Yesterday 
  • Last time
  • Last night
  • Last week 
  • Last year
  • That day 
  • Two days ago 
  • Once 
  • Ago 
  • In the past 

Sentence Structure of simple past tense

▼Positive: Sub + past of form verb + obj. + other words.

▼Negative: Sub + did + not + base of form verb + obj. + other words.

▼Interrogative: Did + sub + base of form verb + obj. + other words + ?

The simple past tense is usually made by adding ‘ed’ to the verb.

(1) I opened the door and looked inside.
(2) We finished our work two minutes ago.
(3) My friends visited the Himalaya last week.
(4) We went to school yesterday.
(5) She laughed when I told her the joke.

Note : If a verb ends in ‘e’, just adding ‘d’ to make the simple past tense.

(1) Who closed all the windows of this hall?
(2) We lived in that house when I was a baby of seven years.
(3) Hirwa smiled when she saw me at her house.
(4) We raced each other on our bikes last week.

Note : With some short verbs that end in a consonant,
We must double the consonant before adding ‘ed’.

We climbed over the fence and ripped our shirts.
The thief grabbed my arm.
The dog wagged its tail when it saw the biscuits.
Aneri slammed the door and walked off angrily.

If a verb ends with ‘y’, change the ‘y’ to ‘i’ before adding ed.
He carried his  father’s shopping bag.
My brother cried when he fell off his bike.
We hurried to the station to catch the train.
My mother tried to help me with my homework.

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More examples

(1) She came on the stage before few moents.
(2) Anand left home saying goodbye to his life.
(3) jack entered the house shouting.
(4)They wrote a letter.
(5) she posted it immediately.
(6) The captain said that he had won the toss.

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(7) I thought that English is an easy language to learn.
(8) Arth asked me to bring chocolates.
(9) The children asked to the teacher.
(10) the man call me there.
(11) A man inquired at the counter.
(12) we published an Easy English book.

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