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Saturday, September 12, 2020

The simple future tense :: English Grammar Full video by Alpesh sir

The simple future tense :: English Grammar Full video by Alpesh sir

simple future tense full video

What is the simple future tense?

We use the simple future to talk about an action or condition that will begin and end in the future (means the action will happen in the future).

For example
Hirwa and Purwa will join Navyug on the next Monday.
Alpesh sir and poorvisha will publish their new book next month.
 Here in example the actions have not begun yet. But it will happen in future.
So it is very clear now what simple future tense is.

We may also use this tense to do forecast or to give promises.
For example,
I will help you to study English.
It will rain today or tomorrow.

Now let’s learn what are the keywords of the simple future tense?

Key words

  • Tomorrow 
  • The next day 
  • The next week 
  • The next month 
  • The next year 
  • The next Sunday 
  • In future 

Sentences structure of the simple future tense

Positive :- Sub + shall/will + v-1 + ob + other words.

Negative :- Sub + shall/will + not + v-1 + obJ. + other words

Interrogative : Shall/Will + sub + v-1 + obJ. + other words + ?

Nega. Inte    : Shall/Will + sub + not + v-1 + obJ. + other words + ?

Note : In general sense,  we use ‘shall’ as a helping verb with I and we. And with other nouns and pronouns we use “will”.
As per structure you may see all four kinds of sentences.

  • You will speak English.
  • You will not speak English.
  • Will you speak English? 
  • Will you not speak English? 


Now let’s learn with more examples 

Positive or affirmative sentences

(1) We shall write essays on different topics.
(2) Arth will read books.
(3) They will play football in that field.
(4) Hirwa will have coffee to tea.
(5) Students will go to the library tomorrow.
(6) We shall go shopping in that market next month.
(7) We shall watch the historical movie next Friday.
(8) You will shop at that market tomorrow.
(9) I will sing different kinds of poems.
(10) I will attend party on Monday.

Negative sentences

(1) They will not travel around the world.
(2) Indian team will not play match in that field on Thursday.
(3) My sister will not write an elegy.
(4) The lyricist will write a realistic song.
(5) He will not go to West Indies to play cricket match.
(6) I will not attend the program because of my busy schedule.
(7) Alpesh sir will not join the next meeting.
(8) I will not help him to do that task.
(9) We shall go to enjoy the musical party.
(10) I will arrange all the necessary materials for the program.

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Interrogative sentences 

(1)Will you celebrate your birthday?
(2)Shall we get first prize?
(3)Will they sell their old house?
(4)Will Mohil bring a new bat tomorrow?
(5)Will she eat Panipuri next week?
(6)Will Hirwa work in doctor house?
(7)Will he leave his job in 2035?
(8) Will she inform you tomorrow?
(9)Will they beg for food in future?
(10)Will Siya prove herself?

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