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Monday, September 21, 2020

This is the new banking fraud: Money will be deducted from your bank account even without access to internet banking or paytm account, OTP will not come

This is the new banking fraud: Money will be deducted from your bank account even without access to internet banking or paytm account, OTP will not come

Rs 42368 was withdrawn from Yes Bank customer's account through Paytm in 6 days.
Rs 42,368 transferred through Yes Bank customer's Paytm, customer does not have internet banking or Paytm account
In 11 transactions the customer's money was transferred in 6 days, the bank says, this is the customer's fault and he is the one who leaked all this

આ પણ વાંચો:: મફત ગેસ સિલિન્ડર કનેક્શન મેળવવાની છેલ્લી તક 30 સપ્ટેમ્બર પહેલા કરી લો કામ

It may also be that you do not get OTP.  Money is often deducted from your bank account through Paytm.  If you take such a complaint to the bank, the bank will say that the mistake is yours.  The bank will also say that you yourself have asked someone for this and you have given them all the banking details.  The story of a Yes Bank account holder is similar.

Money deducted from salary account

Mumbai's Shahab Sheikh suddenly gets a call from Yes Bank at 3 am.  The caller says, you have transferred money from the bank account through Paytm.  Shahab Sheikh was shocked to hear this, as he does not even have a Paytm account.  Apart from this they also do not use internet banking.  How can money be transferred from bank account to Paytm in such circumstances?

આ પણ વાંચો::ટૂ-વ્હીલર ચાલકો માટે સરકારે નવા નિયમો બહાર પાડ્યા

No message, no OTP

Shahab Sheikh then checked the message in the phone but the OTP did not come.  Apart from this, no balance related message was received.  Money was sent from his account 11 times from July 11 to July 16 from Paytm's account.  A total of Rs 42,368 was sent.  11 transactions and no message in 6 days.  Shahab says that when the call came, the bank employee said that he suspected that someone was doing a fraudulent transaction.  Wanted to block the card for it, i.e. the bank realized that this is a fraud then how could the customer make a mistake?

આપણ  વાંચો .. હવે ATM માથી રુપિયા ઉપાડવા જતા પહેલા આ ન્યુજ જરુર વાંચી લેજો

When I went to update the passbook, I realized that the money was missing

Shahab came to know about this transaction when he went to the bank branch to update the passbook.  He approached the bank.  The money will be available in a few days, the bank said.  However, the bank later said that it was Shahab's fault, as he had given his full details to someone and the transaction was done through him.  Sheikh lodged a complaint on July 17 at the local police station.  The police wrote a letter to the bank asking for information.

The bank claims to be lying
The customer received an OTP for RTGS on July 17, he said.  Shahab Sheikh says that when he came to know about the fraud, he went to a bank branch, filled out a form and transferred all his money to another bank through RTGS.  There is no OTP on sending RTGS from the branch.  The bank is lying.
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