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Monday, September 28, 2020

Unit Test Book Screening Online Entry related Todays latest Paripatra Of SSA 28-09-2020

Unit Test Book Screening Online Entry affiliated moments rearmost Paripatra Of SSA28-09-2020 


 The District Project Co. fellow and District Primary Education Officer Shri District All Govt. Officers- Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Vadodara, Surat Subject State Primary seminaries Std. Regarding the entry through unit scanning from the unit test book for 6th to 8th, to state that in the last 3 times, with the ideal of perfecting the position of education in all the primary seminaries of the state and knowing thestudent-wise literacy outgrowth. Unit test is organize for 6th to 8th. Like the former time, this time also under PAT program, scholars of all subjects from Std. 

This can be done through the SaralData mobile operation at the academy position through the canning process with detailed guidelines. Monitoring of all matters pertaining to canning at academy position under Unit Test( PA) is done by CRC. The fellow has to do. 


 Under the Unit Test( PAT') the data of scholars of all the seminaries is taken from the base and the Blood Bones- Child Tracking System, which should be taken into consideration. At the quarter position, all the responsibility for troubleshooting of specialized problems, data monitoring and completion of the below work within the quested time limit is given to the quarter M, I,S. Co. Will be the fellow. 

 Important instructions to keep in mind to checkup Marcus under Unit Test 1 You'll be suitable to download the saralData operation from the Google play store. You can also download it by clicking on the link below.() 2 For online attendance of preceptors and scholars, the username and word used in the Online Attendance System Portal must be used to login to the operation using the same username and word.. 


 The last 7 integers of the pupil's UID should be written in the box handed in front of the unique ID of the scholars in the table given in the unit test folder. 

As well as the question mark and marks in the circle given below, the pupil will have to darken the circle of the number of marks attained in that question. keep the after points in brain while concentrating in the circle given in the unit test table. Make a complete circle in the circle of the number of marks attained in the below question. 


 ▼ View Letest  Paripatra 

▼ Suchano Jova Mate


 The right way to darken in a circle. incorrect way to darken in a circle. 

 Don't kneel further than one circle in a single question. 

 Don't kneel so that no circle remains deficient. 

 Don't leave a single circle blank..

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