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Friday, October 23, 2020

Don’t ignore bloodpressure: Even people who seem normal can suffer from high bloodpressure, this Silent High BP is dangerous for the heart

Don’t ignore bloodpressure: Even people who seem normal can suffer from high bloodpressure, this Silent High BP is dangerous for the heart;  Learn

 What are the causes?

According to research published in JAMA Cardiology, symptoms of high blood pressure often include normal blood pressure.

 Do you think your blood pressure is normal?  You think again.  An ideal blood pressure is 120mm of systolic pressure, which means that when our heart beats, it spreads blood to other parts of our body.

 This produces a temperature in the body.  At this temperature our bloodpressure should be 120mm.  In addition to the blood pressure we measure, there is a blood pressure called systolic pressure.

 There are symptoms of high blood pressure, but what if the blood pressure is normal?

 According to research published in the medical journal JAMA Cardiology, when systolic blood pressure rises to 90mm above normal, the risk of coronary artery damage increases when it reaches 120mm to 210mm.  The coronary arteries are the part of the heart that transports oxygenated blood to the heart muscles.

 Therefore, whenever there are symptoms of higher than normal blood pressure and the blood pressure appears to be normal in the reading, we should check the systolic pressure.  The results of the research show that systolic pressure needs to be taken seriously.

 According to research published in JAMA, the level of blood pressure that we normally consider normal can also be high.  It can cause many heart related problems.  Experts believe that people in non-industrial areas where pollution is low have a systolic blood pressure of 90 and a maximum of 120.

 Heart related risk factor increases with age

 The study was conducted by cardiologist expert Dr.  CMS and Professor p.  Was performed under the supervision of Welton.  It involved about 1,500 middle-aged women and men.  The study found that they did not have any heart-related problems.

 As people get older, their risk factors for heart disease also increase.  Therefore, experts believe that with increasing age, our blood pressure sometimes rises due to the side effects of taking all kinds of drugs.

 Growing up should focus on meditation, exercise and diet.  Experts believe that weight should not increase with age.  Obesity increases the chances of diabetes and hypertension which can lead to problems like high systolic blood pressure.

 Not just focusing on bloodpressure

 Heart Expert Dr.  P.  According to Welton, it is wrong to focus only on bloodpressure.  "People with high blood pressure also have many other problems," he said.  We should also focus on controlling other problems along with blood pressure.

ગુજરાતીમા વાંચો અહિયાથી

 Cholesterol and glucose levels can also be high in people with high blood pressure, which can lead to heart problems, he said, citing an example.  Dr.  P.  "The best thing is to look at other risk factors in addition to blood pressure," Welton said.

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