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Monday, October 26, 2020

Now your mobile will tell you if anything is fake or real - know how?  Download This App.

Now your mobile will tell you if anything is fake or real - know how?  Download This App.

App to verify a licence number/R- no. and register complaint

🔹BIS Care is the name of a mobile application

 The Bureau of Indian Standards has today launched a mobile application called BIS Care.  This application will help consumers differentiate between genuine and fake goods.  For example, if you go to the market to buy a fan or something, it has an ISI mark.  If you suspect that the fan is of a brand that has no name written on it, you can see the complete information about the brand and that company by writing the ISI mark number on this application called BIS Care.

 As soon as you enter the number, complete information about the company including that brand and owner will be revealed on your mobile app.

 The app will tell if the gold is correct

 The authenticity of gold can also be verified with this application.  It has been decided to make hallmarking of gold jewelery mandatory, which will come into effect from January 1 next year.  By placing a gold hallmarking number on this mobile app, it can be seen whether the gold is real or not.  Launching the application, Union Consumer Affairs Minister Ram Vilas Paswan said that the government has taken several steps to protect the interests of consumers and consumers should exercise their authority.

 Complaint can also be filed on application

 Another feature of the app is that if you find the goods fake, you can also file a complaint on this app at the same time.  The mobile app can be downloaded on any Android phone.  The app will now be available in Hindi and English and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Bureau of Indian Standards (Bhartiya Manak Bureau) provides an interface to consumers to lodge any complaint or grievance, through a complaint portal on our website or through e-mail. However considering the fact that mobile phones have become an easy mode to access internet and communicate, a mobile app based on Android platform has been developed, which would provide the same facilities accessible through mobile phone.

The Android based mobile application provides consumers the facility to access the complete Complaint Management System. Consumers can lodge their grievances, preferably with supporting evidence, against ISI marked / BIS certified products or services rendered to them by BIS.


Features of the App:

• The consumer can register himself with BIS through a simplified one time registration module. The user is required to enter his name and mobile number with an option to provide his email-id as well. The user can use the app after an initial email verification done through a One Time Password.  

• The app provides the consumer with facility to lodge complaints regarding any of the following issues:

Quality of Product (ISI Marked/Hallmarked/Registration Marked)

Misuse of ISI Mark/Hallmark/Registration Mark

Misleading Advertisements.

Others related to BIS

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