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Saturday, October 17, 2020

Patients rushed to get Aayushman card due to rumors that Maa Amrutam card has been closed

There were long lines of patients with Maa Amrutam cards outside hospitals across the state after word spread that Maa Amrutam cards had been discontinued. Patients lined up to transfer the Maa card to the Ayushman card. Representations of the controversy that arose due to the misunderstanding that the card was being closed during the day reached Gandhinagar. Regarding which, it was informed by the health commissioner that Maa Amrutam card has not been closed.

The same facility will be available as before: Health Commissioner

After the misunderstanding, state health commissioner Jayaprakash Shivahar said that the Maa Amrittam card scheme will not be stopped. The message that 'Maa Amrutam Card' is closed through social media has gone viral. This message is completely different from the truth. That is why the citizens have been requested by the state government not to be misled regarding this message.

The patient was instructed not to delay treatment

He added that as the software upgradation of 'Maa Amrutam' / 'Maa Vatsalya' scheme is in progress, the beneficiaries of this scheme may face minor or major problems or delays for today. Is broken. As well as the team is working to resolve any difficulty or delay in getting the approval so that the citizens do not have to worry about it at all.

Due to misunderstanding, people rushed to get Ayushman card

After word spread about the closure of Maa Amrutam card and by calling patients from hospitals including dialysis, it was said that you will not get facilities including free dialysis in Maa Amrutam card as Maa Amrutam card is closed. Your data has to be transferred to Ayushman card. Due to which Ayushman rushed to take the card among the patients. The whole controversy was reported in Gandhinagar and it was alleged that the hospital had stopped the Maa card facility in the name of the government. So finally the health department of the state government has to clarify.

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