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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

These 11 home made Remedies are very useful

These 11 home made Remedies are truthfully useful 




 The swish home remedies for any disarray remain. Whether it's a headache or a high BP difficulty. Spices used in home cookery come in handy every time. There are truly numerous people presently who try homemade fashions. But Motro, if we talk about old times, our grandparents would expend their whole life counting on this. You can also try this homemade form we showed. Which is truly useful. But if you have any difficulty with this form, leave it straight. Because not everything suits everyone. So also are some useful home remedies. 






 Menstrual cramps- Squeeze 2- 3 defeat in a glass of cold water and drink it daily to get comfort. 




 Severe headache- 




 Peel an apple and grate it. Mix a little tar in it and eat it on an empty stomach in the morning. 




 Flatulence- Mix1/ 4 teaspoon of incinerating soda pop pop in water and drink 




 painful throat- papule 2- 3 basil leaves in water and wash with that water. 




 Mouth Ulcers- A amalgamation of ripe banana and honey gives immediate relief. It can too be made into a blend and applied to the mouth. 




 High BP 




 Take 3 grams note seed cream with water morning and evening. There are benefit to taking this for fifteen days. This is also salutary in diabetes. 








 half a teaspoon of cinnamon cream to a teaspoon of honey 




 Mix and eat at night in promote going to bed. 








 Apply camphor and coconut oil painting oil. It can also be applied  every one night before bed. 




 Hair Whitening 




 Cut dry amla in half, boil it in coconut oil painting oil and also butter it into the hair. 

 Dark Circles 




 Mix orange juice with glycerin and put in under eyes. 




 Taking medicine in every small and big health problem is truly dangerous to health. So it's better to take medicine for minor health problems like headaches, acidity etc. The home- made form of grandparents should be take up so that the problem can be answered snappily and no response can take place. 




 Home Remedies- These 10 control Can Be Cured Without drugs 




 1.  put in coconut milk to the hair follicles conduct to hair loss.  put in aloevera gel to the hair follicles also conduct to hair loss. 




 2. ginger juice and lemon juice in the right amount is salutary in headaches. Boil the basil leaves in water and drink it when it gets kind

 hot. The headache will be relieved directly. 




 3. still, apply a little lemon juice on the pustule area at night while sleeping, If you have papules on your face. Acne will stay till morning. 




 4. still, taking cold milk gives immediate relief, If there is a problem of acidity or inflammation in the stomach. This is because milk hold calcium which prevents the conformation of acid. 




 5. One drop of mint flake juice in the nose for cold and cough is salutary. Mixing black pepper, mint and tar and smelling it together gives quick relief in cold surge. 




 6. Mix the right amount of coconut oil painting oil and lemon juice and massage it into the hair follicles with the fingertips. 




 7. still, this observation pain is relieved, If you crush 5- 10 leaves of mint and prize the juice and put it in the observance. 




 8. Smelling ajma seeds with black tar is salutary in indigestion. 


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 આયુર્વેદ અને વિજ્ઞાન નો સમન્વય ગ્રંથ 








 9. still, grind the dried leaves of mint and make a cream of it and apply it on the teeth like manjan, If there is a complaint of bad breath in the mouth. Doing so separate bad breath and  build up the bonds. 




 10. still, wash with tar water, If there is pain in the teeth. 






Home Remedies PDF

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 There will be relief in pain. Applying clove oil painting oil also reduces toothache. 




 flaming on the body- flaming some where on the body. If the skin is burnt due to contrary heat. still, also put in  raw potato juice is healthy, If there are wrinkles on the skin or skin complaint.

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