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Sunday, November 1, 2020

GK Round-up: This is very important for you to read if you are a student, read last week's headlines related General Knowledge

News From World Population to Islamophobia We are telling you to read, save and share 

last week's 10 Letest news.

With the news GK Divyabhaskar Padma Bhushan in 1991, former captain Kapil Dev, who led the Indian cricket team to its first World Cup in 1983, suffered a heart attack on Friday.  His health is currently stable.  We are telling you about Kapil Dev.  Kapil Dev remained intact in 1975.  Later, Wasim Akram started his cricketing career with the Haryana team against the former captain of Punjab Pakistan.  

The first tokyo.  Took 6 wickets in the match.  ને Kapil Dev took 12 wickets till the end of the season in 1979-80 Arjuna Award, Pashri in 1982, Wisden in 1983.  Cricketer of the Year, • Kapil Dev made his Test debut against Pakistan Cricketer of the Century on 16 October 1978 at Wisden Indian Fazlabad.1 Award.  Kapil Dev also made his debut for the country in ODIs against Pakistan in Quetta in October.  Kapil Dev made his Indian captaincy on 24 September 2008 against Sri Lanka in 1982-83 in recognition of his contributions.  He was given 434 wickets in the series as a final Test lieutenant colonel in the Indian Army.  Achieved historic Kapil Dev's achievement in 2010.  

ICC Cricket Hall of Famer Kapil Dev won the Fame of ODI Cricket and also Joel Garner's CK Naidu Lifetime Achievement Award in 2013, breaking the Lifetime Achievement Award with 253 wickets, which were honored till 1994.  

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GK Divyabhaskar 2 with news.  .  Defense Minister Rajnath Singh reached Nathu La Valley on Sunday morning and wished the troops a happy Dussehra.  We are talking about the North La Valley.  A mountain valley in the Nagu la Himalayas is determined by agreement.  It is the state of Sikkim in India and one of the four places that connect the Chumbi Valley in southern Tibet.  The people of both armies are inside this at an altitude of 14 thousand 200 feet.  The 1962 Indo-China war could be found to settle the ongoing dispute. 

 The valley was then closed and these were the four places located on the border.  Which was opened on 5 July 2006 for trade 2 Chushul (Ladakh), Nayu La.  Boom La Valley (Tawang District, Nathula is a branch of the Silk Route. Formerly Arunachal Pradesh) and 80% trade valley between India and China in the Lipulekh century (Uttarakhand).  This was just the way it was.  In the Chinese language Nayu La valley, lano in winter mandarin means valley.  Due to heavy snowfall in time, this valley is closed to the capital of Sikkim.  The nearest railway station is about 54 km east of Gangtop.  There is only Indian Wednesday, New Thursday, Saturday and Sunday Jalpaiguri station located 217 km away.  Can go.  For that too they have passed Jiangji the day before from the nearest village Gangtok from Tibet.  The Chinese government has to build Yarong.  Wanted to bring up the railway line.  J • This Indo-Chinese army is about 13 km away from Nagu Lathi.  .

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GK Divyabhaskar with News.  Weapons were worshiped at the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) headquarters in Nagpur on the occasion of Vijayadashami.  We are reporting Rss.  RSS Founded September 27, Sangh Prayer Namaste Sada Vatsale.  It has been sung since 1940 on the day of Vijayadashami in 1925.  Earlier, Keshavrao Baliram Hedgewar used to sing a folk Marathi and a verse in Hindi instead of Mohite's Bade.  Was.  Wherever the RSS's Pracharak Sangh works • This is to remain unmarried until the world's largest volunteer.  However there is organization.  Which can be an extended household in the name of Sangh or RSS.  More known.  The union's largest incumbent has only five union leaders in its first branch.  

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Hal who was involved.  Now with 56 thousand Sarsanghchalaks, they have millions of volunteers in their own branches.  Announces the name of the successor.  Seva Bharti, Vidya Bharti, Sanskar Current Sarsanghchalak Mohan Bhagwat Bharti, Bajrang Dal, was a veterinary doctor before the trade union.  During the Emergency in 1975 and during the Emergency, including the National Sikh Federation, they are the 55th affiliate of the RSS.  Joined the union.  Mohan Bhagwat's father Madhukarrao comes to call the class of RSS a branch.  Prabhat Branch, Sai Branch Bhagwat was the Milan Branch and Union President on weekends in addition to the Chandrapur region of Maharashtra.  They meet Sangh Mandali in the province month of Gujarat.  Preachers also stayed.

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With the news, the doors of Badrinath Dham, one of the four Divyabhaskar Dham, will be closed on November 19.  We are talking about Char Dham.  According to Hinduism, visiting Char Dham is considered very sacred in our lifetime.  These four dhams are Badrinath, Jagannath Puri, Rameshwaram and Dwarka.  These have been valid in pilgrimage rooms since ancient times, but the importance of this was preached by Adi Shankaracharya.  Badrinath is in Uttarakhand.  It is said that Narayana, the incarnation of Vishnu, performed penance.

  A large borehole was planted here to provide shade to God.  Bor is called Badri in Sanskrit.  That is why it is called Badrinath.  Rameshwaram is in Tamil Nadu.  This is dedicated to Lord Shiva.  Here Shivaji is worshiped in the form of linga.  This is one of the 12 Jyotirlingas.  It is believed that Lord Rama himself established the Shivling in Rameshwar. Puri is in Orissa.  This is a temple of Vaishnava sect.  This temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna.  The temple houses Lord Jagannath, his elder brother Balram and sister Subhadra.  The Tirtha Puranas say that this is one of the seven holy Puri.  Dwarka is in Gujarat.  This temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna.  It is said in the Tirtha Puranas that this is one of the seven puris that give salvation.  Dwarka is believed to have been inhabited by Lord Krishna.  The original Dwarka is said to have been absorbed in the sea.

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With the news, Pratap Sarangi, Minister in the Divyabhakar Modi Government, said, "Everyone in the country will get the vaccine free. We are telling how effective the vaccine is and how it is made.  Is completely over.  Which is in the body by the vaccine, but it takes about 200 years to be kept in a very small amount, so that it does not harm the body.  Vaccines were also developed for polio, tetanus, measles, mumps and tuberculosis while fighting the body's disease.  Many successful systems have been infected with this virus or bacterium, but even today the body is fighting against it if it recognizes these diseases.  Learns to fight.  The vaccine was discovered several times after the first five-stage trial for smallpox. 

 The vaccine used was developed by English doctor Edward Jenner in 1976 and has been in use for years.  Defects are found.  It is cured. Vaccines are made to eradicate any infectious disease.  Deficiencies in a single vaccine often lead to five to ten years of side effects.  Which leads to.  Even then there is no guarantee of success like neurological, paralysis.  The problem also comes. 

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GK Divyabhaskar with News The postcard was first used in America 150 years ago in 1870 on this very day.  We are talking about the Indian Postal Department.  શરૂઆત The number of postal services in India has increased to 1 lakh 56.  Made by Lord Clive in 1766.  Warren Hastings established the world's highest GPO in Kolkata in 1774 in the village of Hikkim in Himachal Pradesh.  Chennai has a post office in 1786.  GPO was started in this sea and Mumbai in 1793 from the foothills to 15 thousand 500 feet.  Located at an altitude.  In 1852, India's first postage stamp  The first Indian stamp was issued outside India.  Azad India's first post office has been set up at Post Office Antarctica.  There, the tiffit was first declared scientific in India on November 21, 1947.  The base of the tricolor was a picture of Dakshina Gangotri in 1983 and was written in Jayhind.  Came.  It is also the largest postal office in India in the world floating on Dal Lake in Srinagar.  Which is a boat network.  Made according to some reports.  Which was inaugurated in the country at the time of independence in 23 thousand August 2011.  There were 344 post offices.  In 2018-19 which is also open at night.

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GK Divyabhaskar with News.  e NASA claims to have found water molecules at the moon's south pole.  We are talking about the surface and atmosphere of the moon.  The maximum distance of the moon from the small earth on the surface of the moon is 4 pits.  It has a minimum distance of 6 lakh kilometers and the minimum distance caused by falling (meteorites) is 3 lakh 64 thousand.  The clay is brittle like powder.  Kilometers.  There is a high mountain on the moon, but the moon does not stand on its axis and their shield of the earth, so it is time to revolve around it, it is like a plate.  Its equal to (27 days 8 hours), the highest Mons Huygens so we are ever a mountain of the moon.  Its height 4700 cannot see the rear.  M.  Nine lunar nights are 15 times brighter on Earth than a full moon half moon.  Here is how long the day is.

  That is, when the temperature is minus 153 degrees when the temperature is 180 degrees and the night completes a month on Earth, the moon has one day full Celsius.  

GK related  last week's 10 news.

If two people on the moon want to talk day and night on earth, they do it slowly, but on the moon this will hear each other's voices. The process is very fast.  Not the moon, because there is no air even after sunrise.  Stars remain visible in the sky ahead without sound air.  Does not grow.  Happens.  9

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GK Divyabhaskar with news The second terrorist attack in France in 15 days.  The office of Charlie Hebdo, a Paris-based magazine that has been in the news for publishing cartoons of the Prophet, has been the target of frequent attacks by extremists.  Let us tell you about Charlie Hebdo, the capital of France.  Then there is Stair Magazine since 1992.  The magazine resumed publication. 

 • Amagazine began publishing in 1970.  Her name was Kira Abdo when the fire broke out in the magazine's Paris office in November 2011.  In French it means weekly.  Was imposed.  The office was attacked in 2015 in the name of the character Chal Brown because of the cartoon of the famous cartoon series' Prophet of Peyton. 

GK related  last week's 10 news.

 It killed 12 people and was named Charlie Abdo.  As early as 1970, Charlie de Gaulle also died in September 2020 after an attack on Hebdo's old office, in which seven people were detained.  Was performed.  .  Were gone.  6

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