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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

primary education news and Online Learning Overview, Let's introduce some amazing features of Pariksha Note

Do you steel oneself against a Competitive exam? bring a web exam solution for you.Let's introduce some amazing features of Pariksha Notes.Pariksha Note is an application for the web study of competitive exams. we are adding useful information a day 

About primary education:

Personalized teaching materials, live lectures, assignments, exams and more.

TriZ-Gate Primary Education Line is an exciting learning platform, specially developed for students in grades 1 to 8. The purpose of the application is to educate primary school students.

On this application, the student can create a profile by selecting the standard and start learning online.

With extensive learning lessons and live classes by the best teachers, the app is dedicated to enriching students ’learning. Programs also conduct exams, periodic tests and assignments, etc., which constantly guide students with consistent solutions.

There is a rich learning material selected by the best educated about the learning methods of the students. This teaching is provided in various ways such as interactive lessons, animated video explanations, classroom activities, educational games, etc. The end of the program explains a special chapter to the students.

Selected topics will appear on the home screen according to the selected standard. The chapters for each subject are classified semester wise. There are two learning methods in each chapter which are ‘Online Learning Online’ (LO) and ‘Learning with Content’ (LM).

The lesson learning process includes many parts such as live lectures, periodic tests, assignments and homework and PDF materials. During the chapter study process, students are provided with their worksheets.

As the learning process completes, the student can self-assess through the ‘Q and A’ sections which have multiple choice questions based on specific chapters.

The app also analyzes students ’activities and performance in two different ways; The first weekly analysis shows the overall performance of a particular student and the second is a chapter wise analysis which shows the progress of the student according to the chapter.

Students can find instructions in the app that provide important alerts related to homework assigned to the student, quiz results and special informative updates about the field. Activity Tracker records student activities on specific weeks or days.

There is a menu for students titled 'Student Comments' in which they can make comments or special notes. As well as the event section shows current or upcoming events such as quizzes, tests, etc.

Teachers working in this standard when merging Std-6 or Std-6 and Std-7 from the school if they have the qualification of Std-1 to 5 then take classes from Std-1 to 5 without merging the school in which the classes are merged  Their consecutive seniority with the teachers working in Std-1 to 5 in the school should not be considered but they should be considered as slaughter. 

 But if there are teachers with Std-6 to 8 qualifications in this case, then as the classes of DHU-6 and 7 are closed, they will have to consider the junior teacher as the seniority in the merging school with the teachers of Std-6 to 8.  In addition, when merging the classes of Std-6 and Std-6 and 7 in a school where there are vacancies in Std-1 to 5 and the teachers of the school who have the qualification of Std-1 to 5 after merging the classes, the teachers in the same school.  Vacancies will be included above.  Quit.  (Dr. M. I. Joshi) Director of Primary Education. 

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