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Saturday, November 21, 2020

School sharu karva angeno nirnay sthagit rakhva babat

School sharu karva angeno nirnay sthagit rakhva babat

Online education is a medium of education through which teachers at home can teach children from any corner of the country or province through the Internet. In this, teachers and students get connected online by choosing the time according to their convenience. Teachers can easily teach children through Skype, Whatsapp, and Zoom video calls.

Today we are facing a lot of difficulties under the lockdown of Kovid 19. It is the first education of children. Online distance education has eased this problem going on in lockdown. Now as per the instructions of the school, teachers are teaching children online from home so that there is no hindrance in education. Online education is a different system where teachers make education easier by using different types of tools.

Advantages of online education:

More regular contact with the teacher

As our online students get in touch with their teacher through Skype, appearin and Google Classroom. Students often contact teachers all the time with the help of their phones. The advancement of communication benefits students because tuition can be more of continuous communication than just a weekly one-hour session. Teaching lessons online through online resources such as Google Maps, Google Earth, website images and videos is interesting It is done.

Better flexibility

Last Minto times may change with online tuition. The teacher can keep the class and postpone it whenever he wants. It does not have to travel and saves a lot of time. Using online screen sharing has made it easier to understand the topics. Online education is an example of excellent education.

Technology brought changes in teaching system

Most of the online tuition gives you teaching related options. Using online whiteboards, sending files, links and videos, the teacher can extend his creative learning to the students. In this, the teacher gets a lot of opportunity to teach children in different ways.

Effective education

One does not have to travel due to online tuition. This will save time. Internet accessibility has proved to be a boon for online education.

Education at any time

Lessons can be taught at any global location and at odd times online. All you need is a device such as a computer and an internet connection.

Disadvantages of online education:

Children go bad

Some children get spoiled by online tuition. Online tuition provides short-term education to children compared to offline tuition. Only one-way teacher teaches the children, in which the child is not able to do classwork for much time. The offline teacher imparts moral education to the child when this is not possible in online learning.

Good internet is essential

Online tuition requires a good network. It is difficult to conduct online education where there is no network. People do not have access to high-speed Internet, especially in rural areas. So online education is still not available there.

Lack of adequate plan for education

When the first children read with a private tutor, the child sat with books for a fixed period of time, according to a study list. This has been a tradition for years. No such special education list has been prepared under online education. Children can be as disciplined as possible in school. Online classes are not so serious.

Not understanding students properly

Normally a teacher can understand you directly in the classroom. You can understand how much you are able to understand the subject by seeing your speech and your reaction in the class. Can read your body language and explain it to you. On the other hand, online education does not provide an opportunity to talk directly face to face. Online education is difficult for students to understand and monitor progress.

Competitive environment does not arise properly

There is no visible team of students in online education. If a student along with the rest of the students also study with him. If read together, it generates interest in studying more. We have often seen that students are more alert when they study in groups. Children work hard to prove their ability and there is a competitive environment. This environment is not found in online education.

Lack of practical education

Practical experience is considered important from the point of view of education. Online education mostly lacks practical experience. Animated videos and practice videos are used in online education. In school, teachers teach students using material objects. This practical touch evokes special interest in deep understanding studies. There is an absence of behavioral knowledge in online education.

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