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Sunday, November 1, 2020

Three friends quit millions of jobs, start with zero investment, tracking company, one crore turnover

Three friends quit millions of jobs, start with zero investment, tracking company, one crore turnover

An investment banker, another IIT graduate and a third mountaineer, all quit their jobs to become track leaders in a company.

"In the service sector, money comes first, then we provide services, so our company started with zero investment," says Oshank.

Oshank, Harshit and Mohit ... Today we are talking about these three friends, who were bored with their good job and wanted to do something different in life.  Before 2014, the three did not even know each other.  One thing all three had in common was that if they got bored with their work, they would leave everything and go trekking for a few days.

Then refreshed and returned to his routine.  It was because of this passion for trekking that the three met in 2017, after which they became friends and together they started a startup 'TrekMunk'.  His company's turnover reached Rs 10 million in the last financial year.

Harshit and Mohit were on track with the groups at the time when we spoke to these friends and were handling management from their Delhi based office.  In this conversation Oshan shared with us the whole journey of how the trackman started.

All three friends;  One is an investment banker, another is an IIT graduate and a third is a mountaineer

Oshank, 32, was an investment banker by profession.  Tired of the workload in 2014, he packed his bags and left for Kolkata.  Mohit, 28, is an engineering graduate from IIT Kharagpur, but he always felt that he could not do what he wanted to do.  This was the reason why he changed three jobs within six months.

Oshank, Harshit and Mohit started TrekMunk together in 2016

Harshit, 28, started walking alone at the age of 19, breaking two bones in his leg in a bike accident in Kerala.  Years later the doctors said he could never walk like before but Harshit proved the doctors wrong against his will and trekked alone to Stock Kangdi in Ladakh.

The trio met in a job interview in Rushikesh

In 2016, the three came to Rushikesh to give an interview for a job as a track leader in a travel organization, during which they met.  During the job all three noticed that the company had many shortcomings that they could fix.  They also talked to the higher authority about this, but they ignored their words.

"When Harshit and I decided to quit, Mohit was in the company," says Oshank.  We were not happy with the company's work culture so we took our bikes and drove from Valsad to Kanyakumari to Harshit's hometown. '

In 2015, the trio came to Rushikesh to interview for a job as a track leader in a travel organization, during which the three friends met.

During this one month journey both of them also made a plan to fulfill their passion and earn money.  In the meantime, they came up with the idea of ​​'TrackMunk'.  During this journey he met a lot of people and started telling people that he was going to start a tracking company soon.  Which will organize offbeat tracks for all types of groups.  After returning to Delhi in November 2016, they registered their startup.  After which Mohit also quit his job at Rushikesh based tour agency and joined his friends.

Our trackman had zero investment

"In the beginning, we didn't get anything," says Oshank.  We were working free of cost.  We were just re-investing.  Our investment in starting TrackMunk was zero.  We took our first group on the sheet track on January 6, 2017.  There were 6 people in the first batch, 9 people in the second batch and 10 people in the third batch.  We started with one track and today we have over 100 offbeat tracks. '

સંપૂર્ણ ન્યુજ ગુજરાતીમા

"There is always a profit margin in the service sector," says Oshank.  Our track package has a margin of about 30 per cent and this money goes into our pockets.  We buy things like equipment, tents etc. with this money, invest this money in the preparations of the next batch.  We have never lost any track, just keep investing our profits in business. '  "We started trekking again in September after Kovid but now a lot has changed," he says.  Earlier we used to carry batches of 16 people, now we carry only batches of 10 people. '

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