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Monday, November 30, 2020

Useful circular dated  regarding student And teacher standard setup in by primary schools

Everyone knows that education is very important for our lives.  There are many things we can do with education. Nowadays education is a basic requirement for everything that we want to do. If we need to work, our employers will ask about our education.  When getting married, the bride or groom's family will also ask for our educational qualifications.  We need education to succeed in life and earn money.

 There are many reasons why people need education. The main reason is, we need to be alert and aware of the things that affect our daily lives.  It is the need of all human beings to know what is happening, so that they can plan for the future and take any steps to face immediate problems and situations.  Nowadays education is a huge option.  People can study to become engineers, doctors, accountants, computer specialists, government employees and many other professions.

 The importance of education can be understood by a fact that educated people live happier lives than those who are unskilled.  With good education we can make a great career and earn more money.  The importance of education can also be seen from the fact that less educated people do smaller jobs and earn lower wages.

 All the great leaders, scientists, doctors and engineers of this world are educated people.  Therefore, we can see that education has also helped in shaping the modern world, as we can see it today.  Without education, whatever happiness and luxury we enjoy today is not possible.  Education is very important in our lives because we need it everywhere — until we wake up to sleep.

 Imagine a world where everyone is illiterate. Maybe we will never get dressed or eat delicious food.  Possibly, we roamed the woods and climbed mountains, hunting for meat with leaves, roots and fruits of wild animals.

 As we can see, education is very important.  This is the most important thing in this world. Education is a continuous process as we call it.  What we learn during our childhood stays with us all life, even though we forget the complex lessons taught in schools and colleges.  Essay on the importance of education the skills we learn during our life can really help us to stay alive.  This can be somewhat easier than sewing a button on our dress or taking medicines for illness.

 Nowadays, many people say that education and money are closely linked.  It is not completely true.  Education does not just mean the good degree of some great university. Education really means what we see and understand. Besides, education means how we react or react to situations from schools and colleges.  Education is important because it helps us live in a civilized society and respect each other.  It shows us how to obey the laws of society and how we obey the laws of that country

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Education is very important because it helps us to become prosperous.  It teaches us how to identify and use our skills and use them for a job or business.  These skills can be used for the betterment of society, our country and the whole world.  In fact, every innovation, invention and discovery made by mankind was due to education.

 The essay on the importance of education can also be understood by the fact that education decides man's behavior towards animals.  In a civilized and well-educated society, all animals are treated humanely. They are cared for and fed. If necessary, educated people also provide medicines for animals.  Conversely, uncivilized societies sometimes regard animals with little regard.

 Nowadays, education is important because there are thousands of things around us that are made with modern technology.  We need education (essay on the importance of education) to use these modern tools and get the best of technology. Education also teaches us how to respect other human beings.  It is because of the essay on the importance of education that every country has laws that tell people what can be done and what should be avoided.

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