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Tuesday, November 10, 2020

When the Nawab of Junagadh said that not a single drop of blood of my people should fall

When the Nawab of Junagadh said that not a single drop of blood of my people should fall

History of junagadh

Going to Junala or Damukund Navu .. to show you Saurashtra now ...

Junagadhi scenes become fresh on the mind as soon as this song falls on the ears.  This day is very important for Junagadh and its people because, on this day, Junagadh was liberated.

Junagadh Independence Day celebrations

Worship of Victory Pillar at Bahauddin College

Learn the story connected with the liberation of Junagadh

It may be mentioned that on 15th August 1947, India was liberated from the British rule and enjoyed the first air of independence.  But this freedom was not just for the people of Junagadh.  Because, Junagadh State had learned to mix in India.  A total of 3 states in India, Hyderabad, Kashmir and Junagadh, were in favor of their annexation to Pakistan. However, 85 days after India's independence, Junagadh gained full independence.  With the establishment of the RG government for this freedom, the fighters of the RG government also had to pay a heavy price.

Nawab of Junagadh decided to join Pakistan

This work will be done in Ayodhya for the first time in the history of 5 years, it will create a grand atmosphere

Mistake or negligence, a one crore building was built but no door was left for exit

In the wake of the change of power in Bihar, the grand coalition won in most of the EXIT polls.

Mahabatkhanji Praja Vatsal was the last Nawab of Junagadh State with the independence of India on 15th August 1947 but for some reason he decided to join Pakistan instead of joining India.  The Government of India was also concerned that this was not possible geographically.

Establishment of RG government

Finally, on 24 September 1947, the RG government was established at Madhavbagh in Mumbai for the independence of Junagadh and a declaration was also prepared for the liberation of Junagadh.  The records "Chalo Junagadh Eksath" and "RG Hakumat Zindabad" were played by the RG government from a secret station called "Azad Junagadh Radio".  Time passed and by the evening of November 8, 1947, the army of the RG government had captured a total of 106 villages in Junagadh state.  By the time all this happened, the Nawab himself had fled to Pakistan with his begums, children, jewelery and their pet dogs.

The Nawab telegraphed and asked him to accept India's surrender

Finally, the Nawab of Junagadh sent a telegram from Pakistan to his Raj Diwan and appealed to him to accept asylum in India. The telegram sent by the Nawab is still preserved in the archives office in Delhi.  The surrender was accepted by the Diwan of Junagadh on 8 November 1947 and on the evening of 9 November 1947, the Indian Army entered Junagadh through the Majewadi Gate and hoisted the flag at the fort of Uparkot and Junagadh was liberated.

Voting took place for the first time

The people of Junagadh have to live in India that a poll was held for them in Pakistan.  Voting took place on February 20, 1948.  At that time, there was a red box for India's vote and a green box for Pakistan's vote.  In which 190779 votes went to India and only 91 votes went to Pakistan, this vote was also reported to UNO.  This was probably the first vote of independent India.

Sardar Patel thanked the people of Junagadh

On November 13, 1947, Sardar Patel, the country's first Deputy Prime Minister, held a massive public meeting on the grounds of Bahauddin College to thank the people of Junagadh and said that he had promised to give five rupees to those who wanted to go to Pakistan.

Today, remembering this day again, worship of Vijay Stambh was held at Bahauddin College

વાંચો સંપૂર્ણ લેખ ગુજરાતીમા

Victory pillar was worshiped at Junagadh Bahauddin College on this occasion.  Corporates including Junagadh Mayor Dhirubhai Gohel, Junagadh Congress MLA Bhikhubhai Joshi were present on the occasion of Vijay Stambh Pujan and wished the people of Junagadh a happy Independence Day.

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