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Tuesday, November 17, 2020

White Hat Junior: Book Free Trial Class Nova

White Hat Junior: Book Free Trial Class Nova

White Hat Junior: Live Coding Class Booking App - Live Online Coding Classes for Kids 1-1 Grade 1: 1

White Hat Jr. is a top coding learning platform for young minds. We offer the world's first tech course for kids. Our sole goal is to transform children into the creators of technology forever. Kickstart your child's journey to create the next billion dollar idea of ​​tech world by booking free classes. We teach the idea of ​​logic, structure, sequence and algorithm - the fundamentals of coding, to enable children to produce creative results, e.g. Websites, animations and apps.

What makes Whitehatt Jr.? 

Today, in the computer age, less than 1% of schools teach coding in childhood. The result of a large gap between the new world and the skill requirements of our children.

White Hat Jr. introduces and prepares your child from the age of 6-14 for this new coding world. They learn the fundamentals of coding - the idea of ​​logic, structure, sequence and algorithms - to produce creative results like animations and applications.

White Hat Junior 1: 1 Live coding classes from our expert coding educators make classes more dynamic, ensuring effective concept teaching for all students. These teachers are conducted by Whitehanta through an industry-leading 5-step teacher selection process.

Through White Hat Jr.'s coding course, kids will learn how to:

Complement the coding requirements: logic, structure, sequence

Webs Create website, animations and applications

Programming Analyze data using programming languages

Think of sol as a problem solver

Technologies Understand the way technologies communicate with each other

Application Features:

Schedule a free trial class: Book a free 1: 1 live coding class for your child with one of our experienced coding teachers.

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Facebook: whitehatjr /

Create a personal website: Every child registering for a free trial test class can create a personal website in 30 seconds.

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