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Tuesday, December 22, 2020

WhatsApp's great feature is that once a photo or video is sent, this is how it can be automatically deleted, Learn Process

The instant messaging app WhatsApp has become popular all over the world. The use of this is constantly increasing day by day. Now with the increasing use of WhatsApp, some features are being added, which is very beneficial for the security and privacy of every user. One of these features is 'Expiring Media'.

Expiring Media Feature 

Any media file such as a photo, video, zick file will disappear from the phone after someone sends it or deletes it from the person's chat. Learn how ....

How this feature works 

1- If you want to send a photo or another file to someone chatting, and you want the file to be deleted once you see it, you have to click on the View Once button under the new feature. Media file sent with this feature can be accessed with dedicated timer button.

2- To attach a media file in your chat, you have to click on that button, after this your selected files will expire.

3- WhatsApp will highlight such files with the timer icon, which will let the user know that the shared file will disappear after deleting from the chat.

Notably, this feature is already available on Snapchat and Instagram in addition to WhatsApp.

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