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Saturday, January 16, 2021

Madhda Ma Gayu Aa Navu Geet - Jignesh Barot | Sonaldham Madhda | Shree Sonalbij Mahotsav-2021

Madhda Ma Gayu Aa Navu Geet - Jignesh Barot | Sonaldham Madhda | Shree Sonalbij Mahotsav-2021

Many saints are seated on the dusty land of Sorath.  He has set an excellent example to the society with his steadfast devotion by doing excellent service to human religion through his service deeds.  Saurashtra is the land of saints. Virram Bapa in Virpur, Narasimha Mehta in Junagadh, Narasimha Mehta in Bilkha, Seth Shagalshah in Satadhar, Apagiga in Bagdana, Bapasitaram in Bhaguda, Mogul and I Nagbai in Moniya. Devotees experience liberation from birth-birth cycle.  Then we will visit the Param Dham of I Sonal Mataji ... Today this Dham known as Shakti Peeth of Charans is I Sonaldham at Madha in Junagadh ....

The Dham is located at Madha in Junagadh
Sonal Mataji with Madha ... Madha village is only 30 km away from Junagadh ... There is a temple of I Sonal Mataji in this village ... This village with a population of 700 people is the abode of faith of millions of devotees.  Whether it is day or night cold or heat and rain, why is it not raining?  Devotees endure these hardships with a smile and flock to Sonaldham to pay homage to Ai at this temple.

Param Dham is the faith of millions of devotees
Devotees flock to the temple every day to pay homage to the compassionate idol of Birajit I Sonal.  Spread over 20 branches, this temple is a paramatman in honor of the devotees.  Devotees come from all over the country to pay homage to Sonal Mataji.  Sonal Mataji was born in this village.  Mataji was born just like a normal human being and has benefited many people in the world.  Devotees of Sonal Mataji are spread all over the world.  All these devotees have upper faith in Mataji.  No one works without an order from Mataji.

Devotees are blessed by seeing Mataji
In the village of Madha, Hari Har has been heard here for the last several years.  I.e. Sadavrat is run.  No one goes hungry and no one has the misery of the world.  Aarti is performed in this temple in the morning and evening.  Devotees feel blessed by seeing Aarti.  The locals also come to this village every day to pay homage to Mataji's Aarti.  People of all castes come to see Mataji.

Aarti is performed in the morning and evening

Mataji's birthday is celebrated all over the world on the day of Posh Sud Beej.  Mataji's birthday is celebrated by people as Sonal Beej.  From Madha to Melbourne, Ahmedabad to England, Sonal Mataji's birthday is celebrated every year.  Whenever Sonal Beej comes his devotees come to Madha inevitably.

There are many such devotees of Mataji.  He bows his head in faith with body-mind and wealth.  Mataji's every teaching is exalted and life is blessed.

What is the glory of I Shri Sonal Dham sitting in Madha village?  What is the significance of this Madha Mukam connected with Charan Samaj?

Madhavali I Shri Sonal Dham ... This village with a population of only 653 people ... Where a divine primordial power was born which is known by the name of I Shri Sonal Mataji ... The real attendant lives in the shelter of I Shri Sonal.  Charan Samaj has unwavering faith in I Shri Sonal ... due to which I Shri Sonal Dham is throbbing in millions throughout the year.

Who was Mr. Sonal Mata ..?  How is a mother named Madhavali known?  And what is the glory of I Shri Sonal Dham called Shakti Peeth of Charans?
The divine greatness and achievements of the Charans are described in many places in the scriptures and the Charans are said to have lived in the primitive regions of India even in that era.  The patriotic duty of the shepherds, the devotion to the culture, the protection of the literature, the service, the heroism, the regularity and the service of teaching patriotism to the Kshatriyas are appreciated by all today.  Then I Shri Sonal Mataji also gave many pamphlets to the people of different societies.  Since every deed of the devotees is completed with the blessings of Mataji, the devotees also believed in I Shri Sonal Mataji .. I am the incarnation of Bhagwati ...

Khmerwanti people .. whose vowels and verses have given a new identity to our culture .. as well as the unparalleled glory of I Shri Sonal Mataji.

To whom did I Shri Sonal Mataji give the parchas?
I Shri Sonal Mataji in her life time only for the sake of manhood ... in her life truth, purity, simplicity and sattvicism were at the forefront.  The biggest campaign was to unite and free the bard society.  Even the bard society listened attentively to such a divine soul.  Deepening the lectures and lectures of I Shri Sonal Mataji in his life.  I Shri Sonal Mataji has given pamphlets to people of different societies.  Devotees who have appealed to Mataji with a sincere mind, of course, Mataji has removed the sorrows of the devotees by completing the parcha.

જીગ્નેશ કવિરાજે મઢળામા ગાયુ નવુ સોગ જોવા અહિ ક્લિક કરો

ચીલો વડ શક્તિ તણો ચારણ ચૂકી જાત 
જન્મહોત જગતમાં મઢડે સોનલ માત 

શ્રી સોનલ ધામનો અપરંપાર મહિમા 
ચારણ સમાજની અખંડ ઉર્જાનું પવિત્ર સ્થાનક 
અખંડ ભક્તિની જ્યાં છે ભભક 
જ્યાં બિરાજ્યા છે આઈ શ્રી સોનલ 

The unparalleled glory of Shri Sonal Dham
The sacred abode of the unbroken energy of the Charan Samaj
Where there is unbroken devotion
Where is Birajya I Shri Sonal

What is the history of Sonal Dham?  Who was I Shri Sonal Mataji?
Apart from the Mahabharata Valmiki Ramayana, the Jain scriptures also contain numerous descriptions of the shepherds possessing divine powers and attaining high achievements.  The poet Vice-Chancellor Kalidasa has also aptly mentioned about the shepherds in the Adina texts.

Allauddin Khilji, one of the forty-four incarnations and the first Lord-Prithu king who preceded Shri Ramchandra and Shri Krishna, has been honored and raised by the Mughal emperor Akbar and his descendants and hundreds of other emperors.

It is said that the shepherd ... is the true and pure shepherd.  He never lies.  Even in literature and folklore we often hear the verses of the shepherds.  Really .. Charans have a different identity in our Gujarat.  In which holiness, purity, self-respect, khumari are considered as symbols of fearlessness and heroism.

Along with Maharaj of Bhavnagar, Ravi Shankar Maharaj Thakkarbapa, the founder of Gujarat, and many others like Ratubhai Adani of independence were influenced by the ideology of I Shri Sonal Mataji.  I discussed with Shri Sonal Mataji.  When Junagadh became independent, Shri Sonal Mataji clearly believed that Junagadh was an integral part of India.

Any devotee who comes to visit this Dham of I Shri Sonal Mataji of Charan Samaj will definitely come here for the second time to visit his family.

ચારણ ગૃહે થયો આઈ શ્રી સોનલનો જન્મ 
મા ભગવતીરૂપે પૂજાયા આઈ શ્રી સોનલ 

Yes .. in the barn house where the divine soul of Shri Sonal Mataji incarnated at Madha.  At that time there was an atmosphere of joy and exhilaration in the whole village.  This daughter of the Charan clan was so radiant and divine that she seemed to have the abode of Maa Bhagwati in reality.  That is why a proverb is written today.

પોષ શુકલ બીજ સુખ દાઈ  
ચારણ ગૃહે અંબા આઈ 
શાયં સમયે ભૂમિ સુત બારા  
શીતલ સમીર શીત અપારા 

The history of Madha village of Charan clan has been such that Hamirbapu Mod, the father of saintly nature, was born there .. Shri Sonal Mataji, the fifth daughter was born.  It is natural for everyone in the family to have the hope of having a fifth son even after having four daughters.  But to Hamirbapu there .. the desire to have a fifth child was the same in the family.  As many as four daughters were born.  In this Sonbai that happened to Hamirbapu earlier .. Sarakadia Wala promised that your fifth daughter will have the incarnation of Bhagwati.  That daughter will liberate the entire Charan caste and Hindu culture along with the Mod clan.

If the form of Shri Sonal Mataji .. bhal bhalane anji de

Today, I Shri Sonal is being worshiped because Sonal Mataji was very intelligent and outspoken from a very young age.  He had never been to school in his life.  But I Shri Sonal Mataji's grip on Sanskrit in language was such that even those standing in front kept listening to her.  I Shri Sonal Mataji gave lectures in Sanskrit language many times.  Also circulated across the country.  Especially in holy places like Haridwar, Kashi Mathura, saints also performed satsang.  Being a Charan, Mataji Charani was also an ardent knower of literature.  Shri Sonal Mataji .. In spite of being the form of Bhagwati Shakti, he was also praising other gods and goddesses.  Really ... the form of Shri Sonal Mataji was like that.  Besides, Saraswati Mataji was also present in his speech.

Madha village today .. World famous in Charan society

Madha village of Sorath today .. Jag has become famous in the Charan society.  This is also because of I Shri Sonal Mataji .. In the form of Bhagwati, the Charan Samaj here always worships Shri Sonal Mataji.  I Shri Sonal Mataji's memory was also very good.  As well as they were arbitrary from birth.  That is, rather than assuming one's own.  But for the benefit of the society ...

કોણ હતા શ્રી સોનલ માતા..? કેવી રીતે ઓળખાયા મઢડાવાળી માતાના નામે ? અને શું છે ચારણોની શક્તિપીઠ કહેવાતા આઈ શ્રી સોનલ ધામનો મહિમા ?  

I used to sing songs and dohas of Hari Ras.  Everyone sitting there became mesmerized.  Mataji also used to recite the story of Ramayana with her melodious voice.  I was at the right age for Mr. Sonbai.  His mother obeys Ranabai's insistence and marries him.  But on the day of the wedding, Shri Sonal Mataji announced a lifelong vow of celibacy.  He spent his entire life liberating the entire Charan caste and Hindu culture.  In particular, we lived our whole lives with the aim of reaching out and honoring the true identity of our culture to the whole world.  I Shri Sonal Mataji ....

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