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Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Shree KasthBhanjandev Hanumanji Mandir Salangpur LlVE Darshan

Shree KasthBhanjandev Hanumanji Mandir Salangpur LlVE Darshan

The temple administration has converted the guest house here into a ward with 100 beds and 50 rooms. It has 10 ICU beds, OPD, doctors room, staff room, oxygen supply, 5 ventilators and 45 isolation wards. Not only this, as per the name, Kishthanjan Hanuman ji, this temple has been working to provide food and drink to the needy for a long time at this time of crisis. Let’s know the history and beliefs of the temple…

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Shani Dev is here as a lady
There is a great recognition about the temple. It is said that in ancient times, when the wrath of Shani Dev had increased a lot, unhappy people approached Hanumanji. Hearing the prayers of the devotees, Hanumanji got very angry on Shani Dev and decided to punish him. When Shanidev came to know about this, he started thinking about protecting himself from the wrath of Hanumanji.

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Shani Dev installed this world
An idea came to Shanidev’s mind. Shanidev knew that Hanumanji is a child celibate and he does not stay away from women nor raise his hands on them. To avoid the wrath of Hanumanji, he took a female form and fell at the feet of Hanumanji. Seeing all this, Hanumanji forgave him.

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The statue is still located today
Even today, Shani Dev sits as a woman in the feet of the idol of Hanuman. They are worshiped in this form. Devotees from far and wide come to see this form of Shani Dev along with Hanumanji. Along with this it is also recognized that even here, the devotee takes his agitation in the court of Hanumanji, Bajrangbali removes all his agony. This is the reason why this temple is known as the temple of Kashthanjan Hanumanji.

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લાઈવ જોવા માટે અહી ક્લિક કરો

6/6 Suffering from Shani Dosha comes here
If there is Shani Dosh in someone’s horoscope, then such devotees come here to have darshan. Kushbhanjan Hanumanji removes all his troubles and also protects them from the wrath of Shani and the Saturn of the devotees is removed. There are long queues of devotees throughout the year.

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