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Wednesday, March 24, 2021



First-Year (Freshman) Merit Awards

The Admissions Committee makes all merit-based scholarship decisions and notifies students at the time they're admitted or shortly thereafter. Your admissions application is your application for a merit-based scholarship. No separate application is required for the subsequent merit awards:

AU Presidential Scholarship

AU Deans' Scholarship

AU Leadership Scholarship

Frederick Douglass Scholarship

Scholarship Details of yank University

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AU Presidential Scholarship

AU Deans’ Scholarship

AU Leadership Scholarship

Frederick Douglass Scholarship

National Achievement and National Merit Scholarships

These five scholarships fall in same category. it's under Fresh-Merit Scholarship Scheme of University of America. These scholarships are awarded supported the merit list of undergraduate admission test. The scholarship selection committee is liable for selecting the scholars .

Amount of the Scholarship:

The amount of this scholarhsip depends on the necessity of the scholar . These scholarships are awarded supported merit, but the quantity of the scholarship depends on the economic condition and wish of the scholar .

The amount depend upon the necessity and economic condition of the scholar 

Am I Eligible:

These scholarships are for freshmen. meaning the new undergraduate students are eligible for this scholarhsip. And there are other eligibility too. They are:

Must be a newly enrolled undergraduate student

Must have an edge in Admission Merit List

These are the 2 requirements for a student to be considered as eligible for this scholarhsip

How to Apply:

There is no separate scholarhsip form for this scholarship. the appliance process is automatic. Once a student has applied for admission in American University, he/she has applied for these scholarships. If the scholar can manage an edge within the merit list, he/she are going to be notified shortly after getting admitted during this University

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