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Thursday, April 8, 2021

Gujarat Corona Virus Update 2021

Gujarat Corona Virus Update 2021

 Helpline: 108

 Satyamev wins

 COVID-19 Press Release

 Department of Health and Family Welfare,

 Gandhinagar 2.

 Phone oi.  07-20317


 The highest number of vaccinations in a single day so far in the state

 From today, all persons above 6 years of age

 Commencement of vaccination

 Today, a total of 2,6,7 people were vaccinated

410 cases of COVID19 were registered in the state today and 2016

 Patients recovered

 So far, 2,5,8 patients have given corona

 5.9% of the population in th

From today onwards, for all persons above the age of 5 years

રાજ્યમાં છેલ્લા 24 કલાકમાં 4021 કોરોના કેસ નોંધાયા, 08-04-2021

35 દર્દીઓનાં મોત, 2197 લોકો ડિસ્ચાર્જ થયા

અમદાવાદ - 976 કેસ
સુરત - 960 કેસ
રાજકોટ - 520
વડોદરા - 490
જામનગર - 203

આજે 2,71,550 લોકોને કોરોના રસી અપાઈ

#Gujarat #CoronaUpdate 



 Has been started.  So far, the first of a total of 13,8,008 persons

 The dose and the second dose of 2,5,20 persons were completed.  Thus total-


Doses of 90,2,3 ૨ C were given.  Today over 90 years of age as well

 Total of 5 to 20 years - first dose of 2,5,6 persons and 2,3 persons

 The second dose has so far vaccinated not a single person in the state

 No serious side effects have been reported due to C.


210 patients of Convid-12 have been registered in the state and in 2017 out of 5 cases.

 The patients are healed.  With this, the recovery rate of the state is 7.5 per cent.  In the state


Due to the intensive efforts of the health department so far 4,3,8 patients

 Koshona has been defeated.

 The total number of patients in the state at present is as follows.

 Ative Cannes








 A total of 8 tragic deaths have been reported in the state today due to Kovid-12.

 The details of which are as follows.

 District / Corporation


 Surat Corporation

 Ahmedabad Corporation

 Vadodara Corporation

 Bhavnag 2




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