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Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Higher Salary Standard Proposal Word File

Life Education |  National Education Policy: 2020 Amrutkumbh Book of Education - Introduction - Kalpesh Patel In this article, well known educationist and educator Shri Motibhai M.  Mr. Kalpesh Patel has introduced the book 'National Education Policy-2020 Aquarius of Education' written by Patel.  

The new national education policy is discussed in detail in this book.  This book - Introduction can be useful to all dear friends and officials working in the field of education, (National Education Policy-2020: Amritkumbh of Education Author: Motibhai M. Patel) We have been there for the last few traditions about National Education Policy-2020.  

The new education policy has been a necessary dialogue since time immemorial.  In this book, the author discusses in detail about how much and how it is connected with the previous, as well as what is different from the education policy and why it is different.

how many new trends of the world are connected and how the essence of the new education policy is shown.  Scholars and practitioners keep arguing and can say.  Looking at the titles of the chapters of the book keeps giving us this opinion. 

We will also be clear in 'Jeevan-Shikshane' The chapters are as follows - 1, a national special issue highlighted the new education policy within the education policy 2. Was the national policy of education. Mr. Motibhai m. Patel for years in the field of education.

The documents of the national policy on education have been active, primary education has been the subject of his interest ૪, the new policy on education-12 is the next chapter.  He studied the new education policy thoroughly. 

ઉચ્ચતર પગાર ધોરણ દરખાસ્ત વર્ડ ફાઇલ

The Yashpal Committee has recently gifted a book titled Learning Without 12-14, which is named: Burden Report.  National Education Policy Akhe - 30 It) 'National Education Policy 2020: Amrut Kumbh of Education'  Observation of National Education Policy.

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