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Tuesday, April 27, 2021

In Corona's time, it is important to know: When to take Remedivivir? Does the fly spread the infection?

In Corona's time, it is important to know: When to take Remedivivir?  Does the fly spread the infection?  12 questions that arise in your mind and its answers

Bhopal 2 hours ago Author: Mansi Samadhiya

The second wave of Corona transition has frightened doctors as well as the general public.  Scientists have made it clear that the transition is now in the air, making it more difficult to defend oneself.

There are many questions about Corona in these circumstances, which people usually prefer to get information by asking friends, family and experts.  Today we have come up with 12 questions and their answers, which are currently appearing in the minds of common people.

1. Is corona a fatal and incurable disease?

In fact corona is not a dangerous disease, but the effects it has on the body are fatal.  It can be defeated if treated in time.  According to government figures, the cervical rate in India is 98.6 per cent.

2. Older people are more at risk than corona, is corona infection dangerous for younger people?

Fitness is more important in the corona than in age.  It can hurt people of any age if you are not fit or get timely treatment.  Patients with a higher risk of aging, diabetes, asthma, cancer or other illnesses that lower the body's immune system are at higher risk.

3. I had covid a month ago, how can I have corona again?  Will my body have antibodies for the next 3-4 months?

Absolutely can happen.  Such patients have been found in countries other than India, who have been re-infected within a month, and their blood tests have not found antibodies.  So wear a mask, wash your hands and follow social distance.

4. SPO2 i.e. what should be the oxygen level, under what conditions should the patient be taken to the hospital?

The average person's oxygen level is between 95-99.  Need to be careful if Spo2 95 comes down, can use emergency cylinder at home.  It is also advisable to consult a doctor immediately if Spo2 continues below 92, and admission is required.

5. Under what circumstances should remedivir be given to a corona patient?
Dr. Lokendra Dave, head of Hamidia Hospital and Kovid advisor to the state government, says that remedivir is given only to patients whose lung involvement is increased, or the fever does not subside.  It can be harmful if taken even when not needed, as it can cause swelling in the lungs and heart.

6. Which medicine is more suitable Hydroxychloroquine or Ivermectin?
Hydroxychloroquine or any drug cannot stop you from getting a covid infection.  In addition, misuse of hydroxychlorinequin can cause fatal side effects.  Dr. Dave says that both of these drugs have not been found to be more effective in covid patients.  Therefore WHO does not recommend the use of both of these drugs.  It is worth mentioning here that no medicine should be taken without a doctor's prescription.  Only your body's ability can help you.

7. Does drinking alcohol deplete the corona?
No.  Drinking alcohol does not provide any protection against covid 19 infection, it can be harmful.

8. Are Covid-19 transmitted by flies and mosquitoes?
So far there is no evidence that the Covid-19 virus is transmitted by flies or mosquitoes.  The Covid-19 virus is mainly spread by sneezing or breathing of an infected person or by touching your eyes, nose or mouth.

9. Standing in extreme heat and not corona at temperatures above 25 degrees?

You may have Covid-19, don't forget, India has just had two peak summers.  Along with this, cases of Kovid-19 have also come up from hot countries.  Your safety will not mask the weather.

10. Can I be said to be covid if I hold my breath for 10 seconds?

The most common symptoms of Covid-19 are dry cough, fatigue and fever, and the best way to confirm this is to have an RT-PCR test.  You can't hold your breath at all.

11. Am I completely safe with the vaccine?  Can't hurt me even if it's Corona now?

Corona is a new and complex disease.  Doctors and scientists are trying to control it by giving drugs and vaccines.  So fast this virus is also creating its own new strain.  The vaccine is an attempt, but it must be understood that the virus is now taking the lives of people around the world.  So you have to be safe in any case.

12. What is the general assumption attached to the corona?  The biggest assumption associated with corona is that I can't have corona, even after the symptom comes, people think it's seasonal viral fever, or coughs and colds are common.  Its effects can be fatal in the case of late treatment.  Get tested immediately if you have any of these symptoms.

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