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Sunday, April 11, 2021

This one is even more effective than medicine. It is agave for more than 50 diseases like indigestion, colds, dysentery.

This bone

 is indeed more effective than drug. It's agave for further than 50 conditions like indigestion, snap, dysentery. 

 The leaves of Nagarvel have numerous mending parcels and quick mending parcels. It restrain Vitamin C, Thiamine, Niacin, Carotene and is considered to be an excellent origin of Calcium. If your voice is coarse also you should surely eat this splint as it opens the voice. 

 Eating Nagarvel leaves increases the stashing of digestive tract in the esophagus and stomach and helps in digestion if veritably heavy food is eaten. The leaves of Nagarvel are digestive and grandiloquent, so as soon as the juice of the splint goes into the mouth, the air settles down and there's spewing of malnutrition and peace in the stomach 

 Sweet oil painting contained in the leaves of Nagarvel cures bronchitis and also cures numbness. 

 Collecting the ripe leaves of Nagarvel and the dinghy of Sargavani and rooting the juice and drinking it for three successive days helps to get relieve of gas in the large intestine. 


 Mixing honey in the juice of Nagarvel leaves and licking it relieves flatulence and indigestion and indigestion of youthful children vanish incontinently. Applying a many drops of warm juice of Nagarvel leaves in the observance relieves the pain in the observance due to cold wave. Drinking the juice of the root or splint of black nagarvel releases the toxic poisons. 

 Mixing Nagarvel leaves, Bhangra and Tulsi juice and scapegoat's milk and applying it each over the body and also taking a bath, if the body erupts mercury, it disappears. Slightly toast the castor oil painting leaves of Nagarvel leaves and place it on the casket of small children and shake it to loosen the numbness in the casket of the child. 


 occasionally a pregnant woman gets blown guts when she's breastfeeding and if she's in pain, also by tying a splint of Nagarvel on it, the accumulated milk is released and the swelling subsides. The roots of Nagarvel leaves are distributed in the request which is a spice, aphrodisiac and numbness way from the body. 

 Eating two to three leaves of Nagarvel eliminates snap, whooping cough, and whooping cough. Nagarvel leaves are clean, scrumptious, warm, cures bad breath, feces, air and labor. It's considered good to eat Nagarvel leaves after ameal.However, grain patches are filling the teeth or there are origins in the roots of the teeth, eating the splint destroys it and the mouth becomes clean and ambrosial, If there's grease in the mouth after a mess. 


 Nagarvel leaves keep the animation clean and the mouth clean. This is because of the dilute anti-invective constituent in the leaves. In addition, the chemicals in the leaves are absorbed into the bloodstream directly through the oral mucosa. Nagarvel leaves contain constituents that help reduce the goods of bacteria. This splint is salutary for people who have bad breath. 

 The position of ascorbic acid in the slaver of Nagarvel splint eaters becomes normal, which reduces the threat of bad breath related conditions. When making visage, both lime and katho are used in it. In addition, cardamom, coriander, anise, areca nut, clovesetc. are eaten. Lime cures flatulence and numbness while katho cures numbness and corrosiveness. thus, mixing lime and katho with leaves has the mending parcels of vatta- pitta- kapha. 

 Nagarvel leaves aren't mixed with lime so katho is mixed. Lime can not dissolve them in the blood but is absorbed by the katha in the visage and is digested snappily. It benefits the teeth and stimulates the digestive authorities. And it makes the mind happy. 


સંપૂર્ણ માહિતી ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો 

 Biting nagarvel leaves can help oral cancer. Absorbic acid and other oxidants present in its leaves destroy dangerous carcinogens in the mouth. Nagarvel leaves are therefore used as a mouth freshener. 


 Nagarvel leaves contain numerous composites that exclude bad breath. It's also a good mouth freshener as it contains colorful spices like cloves, anise, cardamom. make katho in Nagarvel leaves and eating it two to three times a day gives comfort in ulcers.

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