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Saturday, May 15, 2021

GCERT Std 11 Science Textbook pdf Download

GCERT Std 11 Science Textbook pdf Download 


 Prepare for JEE or NEET the smart way with the BYJU'S- 11th and 12th app, so you can make a dream career in engineering and drug. 

 The app has been designed taking into consideration a pupil’s unique literacy requirements while they prepare for the competitive examinations. It helps give an understanding and operation of generalities while offering a holistic literacy experience that will help scholars ace JEE/ NEET. It'll also prop in their medication for other competitive examinations like KVPY and Olympiads. 

 App Features 


 • Learn online from India’s stylish JEE/ NEET preceptors 

 • Clarify all your dubieties with our live mistrustfulness- working point 


 • Revise and readdress generalities through vids assignments 

 • Prepare better with All India Test Series( AITS) 


 • Practice every day with diurnal Practice Problems( DPPs) and Worksheets 

 • Get class notes after each session 


 • Study from scientifically designed comprehensive data.

 • mileage one- on- one guidance and comforting sessions 


 • Access complete performance analysis to know your strengths and crucial areas of enhancement 

 • Take unlimited tests 


 BIOLOGY  TEXTBOOK  PDF અહિંથી ડાઉનલોડ કરો

 About BYJU'S 


 BYJU ’S points at making scholars lifelong learners. With 80 million registered scholars and5.5 million paid subscribers, BYJU ’S is India’s largest ed- tech company. The in- house R&D platoon of 1000 Subject Matter Experts have used state- of- the- art technology and flawless content to design the app and program to insure that scholars fall in love with literacy and also achieve their asked results! 

Vedantu The LIVE Learning App for scholars. Learn from India’s Stylish preceptors from the comfort of your home. 

 Vedantu is the colonist of LIVE Online literacy in India and has readdressed online education since. In these delicate times, our end is to insure that literacy isn't intruded for scholars. You can now mileage Free Access to all LIVE Classes and Premium Content for Grades 1- 12, CBSE, ICSE, Boards, KVPY, NTSE, IIT JEE & NEET, for over to 30 Days. 


 Get Unlimited Access to all courses, Test series, Online study material, Assignments, LIVE In- Class mistrustfulness working & lots more, Absolutely FREE. 

 Now learn continued from the safety of your home on India’s stylish literacy App 


 What makes Vedantu unique? 

 Vedantu’s comprehensive & interactive LIVE Classes are especially designed for scholars to make their literacy fun, intriguing & individualized. The LIVE Learning App offers a one- of-a-kind interactive experience to scholars using a real- time literacy platform named WAVE, a technology erected in- house.

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