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Sunday, May 30, 2021

Good news for facility / insurance policy customers, IRDAI has made a big announcement

Good news for facility: The Corona era has seen good days in the insurance sector, especially with the rise in health insurance. Insurance companies are also constantly increasing the facilities for their customers.

If we talk about the new facility, now the insurance policy can also be placed in the Digi Locker under the new facility. This information is provided by the insurance regulator IRDAI. “The decision to facilitate Digilocker has been taken with the objective of promoting digitization in the insurance sector,” he said.

કોવિડ ક્વરપ્લાન

The policyholder does not have to go round for a policy copy
There are several benefits to using Digilocker. The first advantage is that there is no need to keep a hard copy. Apart from this, the hassle of policy copy will also be eliminated. Many times the policyholder has to go round for a policy copy. This problem will be solved when it is available in digital form. Being online will also make claim processing faster and easier. Apart from this, the company will have less cases of any kind of dispute or fraud among more customers. Overall, the customer experience will be even better.Good news for facility.

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