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Thursday, May 6, 2021

Initiative of builders and industrialists in Rajkot, start of 200-bed Kovid Hospital, VIP treatment to Korona patient without taking a single rupee

Initiative of builders and industrialists in Rajkot, start of 200-bed Kovid Hospital, VIP treatment to Korona patient without taking a single rupee

If the administration gives 3 tons of oxygen, 500 beds can be started

 In Rajkot, industrialists and builders have come to the fore in view of the Corona situation.  SNK located in Akashwani Chowk of the city.  Kovid Hospital with 200 beds of oxygen has been started at the school.  However, if only 3 tonnes of oxygen is provided by the administration, a 500-bed hospital could be started.  In this initiative of builders and businessmen of Rajkot, VIP treatment is being given without taking a single rupee from the patient.

 A 500-bed hospital will be started periodically

 Entrepreneurs including Rajkot Builders Association, BAPS Swaminarayan Mandir, Rajkot Chamber of Commerce, Rajkot Engineering Association and Shapar Veraval Industrial Association have decided to start a 500-bed Kovid Hospital equipped with modern facilities.  However, the plant has been set up in the hospital for oxygen.  Paresh Gajera, president of Rajkot Builders Association, said there were complaints of not getting beds in hospitals.  Then with the approval of the district administration, HCG was started by the industrialists and builders.  The Kovid Center has been started in collaboration with the hospital.  Currently 50 beds have been commissioned.  While the 200-bed facility has been fully furnished.  While a 500-bed hospital will be started periodically.

સતત ડોક્ટર દ્વારા કોવિડ દર્દીઓનું ધ્યાન રાખવામાં આવે છે.

500 beds can be started if 3 tons of oxygen is given

 Industrialist Parakram Singh Jadeja said that an oxygen plant has also been set up in view of the shortage of oxygen.  If the administration allocates 3 tons of oxygen, all the 500 beds can be started.  Twelve operators have been placed on the helpline by the Kovid Center to admit patients.  So that patients can be easily admitted.  Critical patients are not being admitted as the hospital does not have ICU facility at present.  He further said that at present the hospital has adequate oxygen supply.  Consideration will be given to starting the facility with a ventilator in the coming days.

રાજકોટના નામી ઉદ્યોગપતિઓ આગળ આવ્યા.

Monitoring of patients with CCTV cameras

 The first half hour after the online registration of the patients undergoing treatment in the hospital, they are given outpatient first aid and admitted as per the need.  He is being monitored and treated by doctors at HCG Hospital.  CCTV cameras have also been installed to ensure that no waste remains in the treatment given to the patients.  With the help of which the treatment of patients is monitored.

પૂરતી એમ્બ્યુલન્સની સુવિધા.

In no way can the patient be admitted

વાંચો સંપૂર્ણ સમાચાર ગુજરાતીમા

 The Covid Care Center was started with 50 beds.  Currently 200 beds have been started.  The admitted patient cannot be brought directly to the center.  For that the patient or his family members have to call the center number 6358845684.  The phone line for admission will start at 8 am daily.  The person present on the phone at the center will attend the same number of calls as the bed capacity of the day.  If you hear the recording when you call, the patient or their relatives will assume that the bed is full.  For which they will have to try again the next day at 8 am when the admission phone line starts.

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