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Wednesday, May 19, 2021



Held By Vidhyaniketan Department 

Date:- 21/5/2021 to 25/5/2021

Time:- 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM 

The vision of the children’s university is threefold :

The children of today have to be prepared to become builders of the future, - the future which would be marked by of competitive individualism by the synthesis of individual liberty, collective egalitarianism and universal and spiritual fraternity;

The future will be liberated from disabling scepticism and from comforting arrestation of quest of knowledge, and progress will be accelerated by ardent aspirations to realise higher spiritual truths and their manifestation in physical life;

The new world of the future will cultivate material life so as to make it prosperous and rich and it will replace poverty wherever it exists by elimination of drudgery, exploitation and slavery and encourage nobility, dignity and continuous empowerment.

The children’s university will lead the children of today to build a new world of friendliness, mutuality and harmony that transcends all barriers of narrowness and blind conflicts resulting from exclusivism and burden of the past that strives to linger against the pressure of the future of uplifting light and prosperity.

Stay Safe and Be Creative During THE Corona Pendamic. 

* Presented by Children's University, Department of Vidyaniketan- *

 * A five-day online summer camp enjoying the fun of Corona .. *



Children studying in any standard will be able to join the summer camp.

  After completion of summer camp, you will be able to get the certificate of Children's University in soft copy.

 In the summer camp, the student will have to join the YouTube channel of the Children's University live.

 👉 Special notifications will be shared in the WhatsApp group.

 Let's give children a happy and loving childhood ..

Register to join the free summer camp via the following link:

 Bright Children 
               Brilliant India 
 Children's University,


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