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Thursday, June 17, 2021


Class 4 ncert learning book and offline solutions for all student

Application to help students solve the problems given in the textbook for NCERT / CBSE Class 4 in India.

Application features:

- Resolve with detailed notes and images

- Students can easily understand solutions, self-specification

- Seek quick questions and see answers

- Reference to the actual page number in the NCERT book

- Fast user interface

- Chapter wise organized educational material

- Text zoom, sound will be read as an additional feature

Benefits for students and parents

Learning at any time: Students can improve lessons at home at their own pace and time with the help of audio dio-visual digital content.

Gujarati sem I View Download

Gujarati II View Download

Environment View|| Download

Maths View Download

Hindi sem II View Download

Repeat Exercises: Students can strengthen their study with self-study exercises.

Online quiz: Students can improve their understanding of the lesson by trying self-assessment quizzes and teacher-created tests

Automatic bookmarks: Automatic bookmarks for each lesson allow students to resume lessons from their previous session.

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