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Friday, July 30, 2021

Do Not Make This Mistake by Waking Up in the Morning, Otherwise There Will Be a Big Loss to Health

Do Not Make This Mistake: How your whole day goes will depend on how your morning starts.

Sometimes when we wake up inadvertently in the morning we make a lot of mistakes that keep us in a bad mood throughout the day, but in the long run it also affects our health.

So if you change your habit a little with waking up in the morning, it will make your day better and also have a positive effect on health.

Snooze the alarm frequently

Most people have a habit of snoozing the alarm when they wake up in the morning instead of waking up immediately and they think that this 15-20 minutes of sleep will make them feel better and also get energy.

But your assumption is totally wrong. Frequent disturbances in natural sleep can seriously affect your body as well as mental health. So instead of repeatedly putting the alarm on the snooze in the morning, keep waking up with the alarm going off.

Getting out of bed with a jolt

Give your body and muscles some time instead of suddenly getting up from bed with a jerk. When you get out of bed, first turn to the right and then get down from the bed to maintain the balance of the body’s energy flow. Then breathe quietly for a while and drink water at room temperature and then come out of the room.

Check the phone as soon as you wake up in the morning

If you also open your eyes in the morning and check your mobile phone directly then this habit of yours is also bad for your physical and mental health. However the fact is, your morning energy should not be focused on your essential tasks to check e-mail and social media. So in the early morning, adopt the formula of 20 minutes of exercise, 20 minutes of meditation and 20 minutes of reading.

Start the day with tea-coffee

ગુજરાતીમા  મા વાંચો ઉપયોગી હેલ્થ ટીપ્સ

If you also have a habit of drinking tea or coffee in bed, correct it today. Because this habit of yours is not at all suitable for metabolism. So start your day with lemon juice and honey in warm water instead of drinking tea or coffee on the bat. Then you can drink green tea if you want. Do Not Make This

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