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Sunday, July 18, 2021

SSA Children UPDATE and TRACK at school / taluka level.

SSA Children UPDATE and TRACK at school / taluka level.

 Information on how to disapprove or declare a student request in your school and how to add a child with a sent request to the school

Information on what to do for SSA UPDATE and TRACK at school / taluka level.

The instructions of the government letter of SSA Gandhinagar are as follows 

The following instructions have to be followed from the school level under Aadhaar Dias.  . 

In the year 2061-6, the head teacher / principal / teacher of the school will have to track the entry of Std-1 and the information update of all the students of Std-9 to 1 from the login of the school. 

 In the year 2021-22, the head teacher / principal / teacher of the school will have to make the entry of Std-1 in English only.  

In order to make online entry of a student for Std-1 entry, according to the birth certificate, first of all the district, taluka and village / city where the child was born has to be selected. 

 Then the child's birth registration number (Regitration No) has to be entered.  Or for entry of Std-1, the student has to enter the birth certificate number.

  So that the data from the birth registration application cannot be found and corrected in such a way that the child's name, father's name, mother's name, gender, date of birth, birth registration number and birth certificate number will be automatically entered in the field of CTS.

  If this data is found to be correct then the online entry can be completed by correcting the field of CTS. 

 In the year 2021-72, to update the students one by one from Std-1 to Std-12 or to update in bulk, the information of the students can be updated online by clicking on the link provided by the school.  Displays the RED button if updating and GREEN button if not updated.

  All the information of the student will come by entering the "12 digit base unique code" of the students who have been transferred from another school of Std. 

1 to 12 in the year 2021-2 and press search  It will be the responsibility of the principal of the school to fill in the information of all the students of the school by filling in.

  If the students remain in the online entry and evaluation of the marks obtained in the subject as per the test (PAT), semester or other benefits, it will be the sole responsibility of the principal of the school. 

 The principal / headmaster has to get the signature / coins of the chairperson of the SMC certified and all the forms which are to be kept in the file in the sense of record at that school level  Hash. 

 Government / Granted Central / Ashram / Private / Railway Soldiers.  Schools have to login and complete the entry, update and tracking under Adhaar Enabled DISE - Child Tracking System (CTS) in time.  school should take note of this. 

pdf Only Aadhaar Dice will have to be operated from district / taluka level as per the following instructions.  

To carry out entry / updation tracking of students in all government schools of the state except Std. 1 to 12 with government subsidized non-subsidized as well as Gujarat Board. 

 District MISA will have to ensure that all government / granted / central ashram private schools of Std. 

1 to 12 of their district are ADDed online in Adhaar Enabled DISE - Child Tracking System (CTS)  ISA will have to update the school master base of its district online in the enabled dias. 

 From district level to district MISA taluka level, continuous monitoring of entry, updation and tracking performance in all schools will have to be done.  BRC / Block MISA Block MISA will have to continuously monitor whether all the schools in the taluka have started operations from the taluka level and the operation of entry, update and tracking. 

 Block MIS of Block / URC  And the data entry operator will have to verify 100% of the schools in his taluka.  . 

 • The BRC / CRC Coordinators will have to verify whether the Adhaar Enabled DISE - Child Tracking System (CTS) is consistent with the information of the students except for the entry in S schools only.

  The list of untracked students can be obtained from the login of the district / block which will have to find the untracked students of that standard and enroll them in the standard of that school. 

 Which can reduce the dropout.  Expenditure on Adhaar Enabled DISE - Child Tracking System (CTS) will be borne under the EMIS / MIS Activities Management Budget Head available at the district level.

  The District MIS Coordinator / Block MIS Coordinator Data Entry Operator and the staff of the District Operator's Office will be responsible for filling the online information from the school level.

સ્ટુડન્ટ ટ્રાન્સફર રીક્વેસ્ટ અપની શાળામાં આવેલ રીક્વેસ્ટ ને કેવી રીતે અપૃવ કે ડીકલાઈન કરવી તથા સેન્ટ કરેલ રીક્વેસ્ટ વાળા બાળકને કેવીરીતે શાળામાં એડ કરવું તેના સ્ટેપ જોવા માટે અહીં કરો

SSA Child Tracking Updation Related Paripatra And Website -SSA Gujarat Aadhar Dise Login

Child Tracking System

UID Information

students studying in Std. 1 to 12 under Aadhar Enabled DISE- Child Tracking System to work for 2021

Important Link:

Standard 1 New Entry Form:  Click Here


Aadhaar Enabled Dise Help For PDF File : Click Here

SSA Gujarat Aadhar Dise Student Entry Kem Karvi ? 

Updation for Standard 2 to 8 : Click Here

Aadhar Enabled DISED DownloadChild Tracking Circular Click Here 

Download Circular Date (03-07-2021):
ધોરણ 1 અને 9 માં પ્રવેશ નો પરિપત્ર Click here

To inform all the District MIS Coordinators that Aadhaar Enabled DISE-Child Tracking System (CTS) is in operation for the online entry of students who have got admission to Std-1 for the current year 2021-1. It is becoming difficult to find the district/taluka/panchayat/village as indicated in the birth certificate at the school level rather than entering the birth registration data. Therefore, the Excel file of LocationList Master is sent to you. Will have to provide guidance.
In addition, the "Other" option has been added in the Panchayat, Village dropdown. A special note has to be given to the school that the "Other" option has to be selected only if the school does not find the Panchayat in the village dropdown. The textBox will open next to select the “Other” option. In which the name of Panchayat, the village has to be written in English as shown in the birth registration certificate.

જો શાળાને પંચાયત, ગામ ના મળતા હોય તો, જીલ્લા એમ.આઈ.એસ કો ઓર્ડીનેટર અને બ્લોક એમ.આઈ.એસ કો ઓર્ડીનેટર અને ડેટા એન્ટ્રી ઓપરેટરે આ Excel ફાઈલમાંથી પંચાયત, ગામ શોધીને શાળાને માર્ગદર્શન આપવાનું રહશે.

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