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Saturday, July 31, 2021

Such great news about the Binsachivalay clerk's examination

The Cow Service Selection Board also started a survey on conducting examinations in schools across the state

Hital Parekh / Gandhinagar: There have been major updates for the non-secretariat clerk's exam, which was canceled due to a paper leak. The information that the examination can be held by next November-December has been given by the Gujarat Secondary Service Selection Board. Preparations have been started by the Mandal for conducting the examination. The Cow Service Selection Board has also started a survey on conducting examinations in schools across the state. Preparations are being made to conduct binsachivalay clerk exam on a large scale between the Coronations.

The recruitment examination for non-secretariat clerk-3 conducted by Gujarat Secondary Service Selection Board on November 17 was canceled by the state government on December 16. However several people involved in the case were arrested. The students fought a long battle for the examination of the non-secretariat clerk, which was stuck after the paper leak. There were protests across the state to cancel the exam after reports of paper leaks. Protests were held in Gandhinagar for this. Students across the state protested. The students took a stand against the government. Many leaders were also involved in this movement.

The paper was circulating in WhatsApp 54 minutes before the exam

Such great news about the non-secretariat clerk's examination

Experts from the Forensic Science Laboratory examined the CCTV footage of the non-secretariat clerk's examination and came across shocking facts. The question paper for the recruitment of non-secretariat clerk was circulated in WhatsApp on November 17, 54 minutes before the examination started. In the mobile presented by the student leaders, it was clear that the paper came out of the class at 11.06 am.

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