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Tuesday, February 1, 2022



 Particular consideration should be given to the element of safety and the position of compensation. Genuine agents should be the first and foremost watchful for the safety of their customer's investment. This means that the agent should also avoid the situation where the client's capital is jeopardized in the lure of giving the client a advanced return. 


 The description of fair return may vary. contend that your agent be clear about safety and returns when investing. Depending on your profile, the investment counsel- agent should be the bone

 who takes into account your profile i.e. your total income, charges, arrears, family situation, future charges, threat taking,etc. 

 Advise you in the same way. Bring the same investment tools or plan to you. It's main for the power to be concerned about his/ her commission, but also to make sure that your investment capital isn't washed down or the paperwork isn't done. 

 After trade Service Any product or service is also of consummate significance. The investor agent shouldn't be free to get his commission by making you invest. The agent should give you with the applicable service indeed after the investment, similar as in case you get confused about the investment latterly, the needed documents of the investment don't reach you, you lose it, you have to vend the investment,etc. 

 An agent should be available to help you. ‘ Now stay down from similar agents if they want to escape from this service thinking where to get the commission.E.g. The agent will take you to Mediclaim, but what's the point of an agent not helping you get your claim when you're admitted to the sanitarium? Draw attention to new investment openings 

 વૈભવે ઉભરાતી ગુજરાતી 


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 GOVT JOB test Medication APP 

 SSC 2021 test medication accoutrements for SSC CGL, CHSL, MTS, CPO, Steno, RRB NTPC, and SSC GD Constable. SSC Live Classes App with SSC CGL Online classes & Mock exam in English & Hindi 



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15 effective home remedies to get rid of acidity

15 effective home remedies to get relieve of acidity 



 Irregular living norms are the main cause of acidity. 


 ACDT can remove control of our diet. 

Consumption of radish is salutary in acidity. 


 Drinking bomb water also eliminates acidity. 

 Indeed if you take stomach acidity smoothly, did you know that this acid is so strong that it melts a razor blade? That's why many croakers

 consider it veritably terrible. He says that if this acid is so strong, suppose how important damage it'll do inside the body. 

 Stomach problems are getting more common due to moment's excited and erratic life. Acidity is generally caused by eating fried, shelled and racy foods. There's no set time for eating, which causes acidity. When further than normal acid is excreted in the stomach, it's called acidity. Then are some home remedies that you can use to get relieve of acidity. 

 વાત પિત્ત અને કફ વિશેની માહિતી અહીંથી વાંચો ગુજરાતીમા

 Home Remedies for Acidity 

When acidity occurs, it should be consumed by making jethi honey greasepaint or raab. This guide to an lead in acidity. 

 Neem dinghy greasepaint or steep dinghy water should be filtered and drunk at night. Doing so cures acidity or acidity. 

 Triphala greasepaint is salutary in case of acidity. Drinking Triphala with milk removes acidity. 

   પેટ ખરાબ થવાના કારણો પેટ ખરાબ થવાના કારણોની વાત કરીએ તો ખાનપાનનું અસંતુલન, વધારે પડતું બહારના જંક ફૂડ ખાવાથી, અને વધારે પડતું તીખું અને ચટપટો ખોરાક ખાવો, બેક્ટેરિયાથી દુષિત ખોરાક અથવા પાણીનું સેવન કરવાથી, ફૂડ પોઈઝ્નીંગ, લીવરમાં ખરાબી વગેરે જેવા કારણોથી પેટ ખરાબ થાય છે, આજના આર્ટીકલમાં અમે તમને વારંવાર પેટમાં થતો ગેસ, અપચો અને ગડબડી જેવી સમસ્યાને કાયમી દુર કરવાના ઘરેલું ઈલાજ વિષે અહીં જણાવવાના છીએ. 

 Dried grapes should be immerse in milk and boiled. Cooling the milk latterly is salutary and the acidity is cured. 

 Squeeze a many crushed black peppers and half a bomb in 1 glass of warm water and drink it regularly in the morning. 

 Making a greasepaint of fennel, amla and rose flower and taking half a tablespoon in the morning and evening is salutary in acidity. Radishes should be eaten as a salad due to acidity. It's salutary to cut the radish and dredge black pepper and black swab on it. 



 Mix nutmeg and gusto to make a greasepaint. Taking one pinch of this greasepaint removesacidity.However, raw fennel should be masticated, If acidity occurs. Biting anise removes acidity. 



 Mix gusto and prawns to make raab. Drinking this raab in the morning and evening separate the issue of acidity. 

 Drinking warm water on an empty stomach in the morning and evening is salutary in acidity. 

 Drinking coconut water relieves acidity. 


 Cloves are veritably salutary foracidity.However, cloves should be smelled , If acidity occurs. 

 Eating jaggery, bananas, nuts and failures cures acidity snappily. 

 Boil a many mint leaves in water. Drink this water daily after refection. There do be an advantage in ACDT. 

The issue of acidity is more correct to eating and drinking. So eating heavier refections should be avoided. regale should be taken three hours before bedtime at night during acidity, so that the food can be digested well. Indeed after espousing this tradition, if the acidity doesn't get better, you need to consult a croaker




 અહીંથી વાંચો ગુજરાતી રિપોર્ટ

These 4 mascot cures for acidity 1. Reduce the input of tea- coffee If you're facing utmost of the digestive related problems, consume lower tea and coffee. Because its input increases the problems associated with the stomach. inordinate input of it can beget you numerous kinds of problems. 2. Eat lower Carbohydrate particulars with further carbs can be dangerous to your stomach. However, it can make your condition worse and increase stomach affiliated problems, If you eat more adipose foods than you need. In order to keep the digestive system healthy, one should avoid eating fried foods and eat maximum quantum of vegetables and fruits. 3. Do not eat gas- producing effects There are some effects that can beget gas in your stomach. Broccoli, sap and cauliflower are the only vegetables that beget gas. In addition, inordinate consumption of garlic and onions can also be dangerous. thus, it's judicious to consume it in limited amounts. gusto can be a nostrum for digestion. 4. Eat further fiber-rich foods It may be salutary to include further fiber in your diet to avoid stomach problems. This not only better your digestion but also helps you to avoid problems like constipation. Increase the put in of green vegetables and fruits.

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