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Monday, May 9, 2022

best jobs in new zealand 2022

New Zealand's finest jobs in 2021

1. Manager of Information Technology

An IT manager ranks first on our ranking of best-paying jobs in New Zealand. This is a critical function in any organisation because it is responsible for coordinating, planning, and leading IT-related activities as well as integrating computer systems.

There are few qualifications, like with many in the IT business, although a degree can be tremendously advantageous. Information technology and project management are two examples.

NZ Salary Range

Annual salary: $107,000-$150,000

2. Construction and Building Manager

New Zealand's construction industry is always in high demand. This is arguably one of the most significant jobs in the construction business because they are in charge of the entire project. They also communicate often with the engineer. Workers with a proper degree and expertise in the construction business will be well compensated in this field.

NZ Salary Range

Annually, $95,000 to $170,000

3. Architect of Information Technology

Even if you are just starting out in the IT business, IT architects have some of the highest-paying occupations. This position keeps the technology and software up to date by creating, deploying, and managing security and business technologies. An IT architect typically needs a bachelor's degree in information systems and at least ten years of experience.

NZ Salary Range

Annual salary: $112,000-$155,000

4. Marketing Director

Those with a communication or marketing degree will be interested to learn that a marketing manager is one of New Zealand's highest-paying jobs. This position entails managing the promotional components of a company's brand. This position frequently comes with numerous perks, including housing transportation. Many people desire to be marketing directors.

Yearly salary range: NZ$80,000-$200,000

5. Purchasing Manager

While a degree in business management is not required to become a procurement manager, it is a valuable advantage. They play an important role in any business as the principal point of contact between the supplier and the company. Procurement is always in high demand in New Zealand, and it typically comes with a lot of advantages.

Yearly salary range: NZ$85,000-$200,000

6. Master of the Ship

Because the ocean transports so much of New Zealand's goods, ship captains are in high demand and paid well. This individual, also known as a ship's captain, is in charge of the boat, crew, passengers, and cargo. After gaining the requisite experience and skills, you must obtain a certificate of competency to become a ship's master.

NZ Salary Range

per year $42,000-$250,000

7. Eye specialist

As an ophthalmologist, you'll be doing eye surgery, diagnosing eye illnesses, and prescribing and fitting glasses on a daily basis. A Bachelor of Health Sciences or a Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences, as well as two years as a junior supervised doctor, are required for this position. Specialized testing and qualification, which might take up to five years, are also necessary. But it's all worthwhile when you consider the pay.

Mine Manager Salary Range: NZ$58,000-$240,000 per year 8 Mine Manager Mining is a highly profitable enterprise that requires no formal education. Instead, substantial industry experience is required to advance to this level. Mine managers are in charge of overseeing mine operations as well as planning and organising personnel and activities. In mining jobs, those with an engineering degree are also favoured.

Yearly Salary: NZ$100,000-210,000

9. Communications Specialist, Senior

Business, journalism, communications, and public relations degrees are quite useful in the communication field, especially if you want to advance to the position of senior communication specialist. Because you'll be running marketing campaigns, creating content, and gathering and disseminating data, you'll need to be incredibly adaptable. With the possibility to advance from account manager to CEO, this is an excellent method to get into a high-paying position.

Yearly salary range: NZ$70,000-$250,000

10. Financial Advisor

A financial advisor's everyday tasks include advising customers on how to best use and manage their money. Financial occupations are some of the best paid in the finance sector, despite being difficult to obtain. A appropriate degree in business, finance, or banking, as well as a Financial Advice Provider License, are required.

NZ Salary Range

Yearly salary: $72,000-$250,000

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