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Friday, July 29, 2022

Beauty benefits of the seasonal fruit, Litchi

Beauty benefits of the seasonal fruit, Litchi 


The sun is blazing hot and only cool and sweet delectables can save us from this summer madness. One of the stylish effects about summer is the succulent and tasteful fruits that surely leave us wanting further, every season. 

The juicy and water- grounded fruits are salutary to our body in every way. They keep us doused , help us reach our diurnal water input, make our skin gleam, and are absolutely luscious. Litchi, the royal tropical fruit which was first cultivated in Vietnam, further than thousands of times ago has multitudinous surprising beauty benefits. 


Effective home remedies using litchi 


1. Anti-aging

- The vitamins and antioxidants present in litchi can help delay the signs of growing as you grow aged. As you grow aged, your body produces revolutionaries but litchi with its effective parcels can help these revolutionaries from damaging your skin. 

- Mash ¼ ripe banana together with 3- 4 hulled litchis so that they form a smooth paste which also can be applied as a face mask for 15 twinkles. work cold water to wash it off. 


2. Goodbye mars 

- We all aspire for clear glass skin with no papules or acne scars. Litchi juice is the result to achieve this indefectible skin. The vitamin C present in litchis helps in reducing hyperpigmentation. 

- Soak cotton balls in the mashed litchi paste and apply it on the affected areas for 15- 20 twinkles, also simply wash it off using a cold washcloth. 


3. No more sunburns 

- We can not hide from the blazing hot sun for too long which causes pocks and greenishness. Litchi is fueled with Vitamin E which helps in cooling and treating bothered skin. 

- Easy and quick mask of litchi juice and a vitamin E capsule mixed together and applied for 30 twinkles could help soothe the inflamed skin. 


4. Natural hair growth 

- Litchi is an amazing source of bobby

 which helps in nourishing the hair follicles and the crown and promoting tremendous hair growth. 

- 2 soupspoons of aloe vera gel combined with the litchi juice can do prodigies for your hair. blarney the admixture for 60 twinkles on your crown and also wash it off with a gentle soap. 

5. No more unctuous skin 

-unctuous skin can clog your pores which can lead to flights and acne but with the minerals present in litchis, you can have acne-free and smooth skin. 

- Mix equal quantities of litchi juice and rose water together for a balanced face pack and apply it with cotton balls for 20- 30 twinkles.

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