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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

6 Yoga Mudras for Weight Loss

6 Yoga Mudras for Weight Loss 


Yoga has been rehearsed for centuries in Hindu and Buddhist societies. Yoga has come a symbol of peace, heartiness, and awareness moment, chancing new suckers every day across the globe. 

Yoga began from Yogis, who used their mind, body, and breath to discover certain postures and positions that could help the body remain healthy. Yogis also discovered yoga mudras to be incredibly successful and began to incorporate them in all yoga practices. 

Yoga Mudras for Weight Loss 


Yoga has traditionally been rehearsed as a way to keep the body and mind healthy. The breathing ways tutored by yoga helps to ameliorate attention and awareness. While yoga has evolved through the times, it remains true to Ayurveda at its core. 



1. Surya- Agni mudra 

The Surya Mudra or the Agni Mudra, as it's known traditionally, represents the fire element. Performing this mudra operate the fire energy in the body, and allows you to restore the fire balance. Doing the mudras allow the fritters to form connections and grease the inflow of energy in the body. 


In the weight loss process, several people find problem in reducing fat due to poor digestive health. The fire element present in the Surya mudra is known to ameliorate digestion by boosting the metabolism in the body. Regular practice can significantly prop in fat loss. 


2. Kapha- Nashak Mudra 


The three grains of the body are known as Vayu, Kapha, and Pitta. The Kapha and Pitta rudiments represent fire and earth, independently, whereas Vayu represents air. The Pitta element in the body constitute fire and is known to speed up the metabolism in the body. The Kapha element represents earth, too much of which could indicate redundant weight in the body. 

The Kapha- Nashak mudra aims to remove the excess of the Kapha element from the body and restore the balance amongst all other rudiments. The Kapha- Nashak mudra improves the functioning of the digestive system by boosting metabolic exertion through the generation of fire. 


3. Linga Mudra 

The Linga mudra is also frequently known as Lord Shiva’s mudra. Yoga is intertwined in Hindu and Buddhist persuasions in an immense manner, with numerous believing that the Gods rehearsed yoga and contemplation. The Linga mudra is an effective mudra that works to direct inner conflicts. 

The Linga mudra symbolizes the palm of positivity over negativity. rehearsing this mudra awakens the fire in the body, which in turn produces energy that can revitalize the organs. The digestive system is actuated, and energy flows through it in order to balance out any gut issues. Linga mudra helps in weight loss by perfecting the body’s metabolism. The heat generated with this mudra obstructs the growth of a poisonous substance called ‘ Ama, ’ which is known to accumulate fat in the body. 


4. Vaayan Mudra 


The Vaayan mudra is the mudra that's nearly associated with the element of air. The body is needed to amp itself with air parcels that help in perfecting the nervous system in the body. When rehearsed rightly, Vaayan mudra is known to help people come more tone- apprehensive and exercise a advanced range of knowledge. With the mind on board, it becomes easier to control weight and cut down on fat practically. 

5. Gyan Mudra 

The Gyan mudra, as the Sanskrit name indicate, is also known as the mudra of knowledge. The Gyan mudra is meant to be rehearsed alongside other yoga positions and breathing exercises. 


The Gyan mudra is known to ameliorate the attention of the mind and allows the fleshly and internal functions to flow better. The Gyan mudra is also known to help people suffering from irregular sleep, and grease a natural and healthy sleep cycle in the body. Lack of sleep is frequently considered to be a large cause of weight gain. The Gyan mudra looks after the rest demanded by the body, allowing you to boost metabolism and exfoliate off the redundant weight. 

6. Prana Mudra 


The word ‘ Prana ’ means ‘ life. ’ The Prana mudra primarily means the ‘ mudra of life ’. This mudra holds superiority as it's believed to represent life itself. The Prana mudra helps the individual to spark energy in the body and allow the organs to serve efficiently. With regular practice of the Prana mudra, the root chakras come actuated, which allows energy to flow throughout the body without any hassles. Prana mudra, when performed with Pranayama yields the stylish results. 

To perform the Prana mudra, sit on the bottom with your legs crossed. Keep the reverse straight and eyes closed in order to ameliorate attention. The mudra is supposed to be present with both hands. 

FlashBack to follow a nutritional, balanced diet. Try to eat home- cooked refections as much as possible. 

Avoid redundant consumption of sticky drinks and authorities. 

Maintain an active life and try to remain on your bases for a major portion of the day. 

Exercise regularly to grease the fat burning process. Introduce variations in the diurnal drill authority to keep the mind and body interested. 

Try to find a yoga group or indeed conclude to exercise yoga in the comfort of your home.

Just like the mind and body, the breath needs to be covered as well. Incorporate a many breathing exercises along with the mudras to ameliorate the breathing process.

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